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Admins please fix the listed name of the series

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8:24 pm, Nov 13 2021
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"Recording Hall" is not the intended translation here, and I have removed as well as brought this to attention along with appropriate explanation with why that was the case under a Request Change submission, but somehow it was reverted.

There should be no ambiguity around this issue, not sure if this is a bug therefore started the topic here.

It is as if someone popped the Korean name into google translator and took the first result, while the words should be interpreted differently under the context which is implied by the author.

Once again, the most convincing interpretation currently offered should be between: "Crown of the Deep Green" or "The Viridescent Tiara/Crown", nothing to do with Recording or Hall. This is mirrored by the fact that the official English translation is using "The Viridescent Tiara" as the title on their website.


Edit: To append my concern, it is most disconcerting that the new translators of the series manages to get the title "wrong", perhaps fixing it here will in turn bring the issue to attention for the new translators.

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