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Looking for Netori and Netori-gaeshi

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5:54 pm, Nov 15 2021
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For those that don't know, "netori" is the inverse of "netorare", meaning it's not centered on a guy whose wife/girlfriend/general love interest is taken from him, but rather a guy who's actually taking a girl from someone else. Netori-gaeshi means that the girl had been taken from the guy and the guy took her back (or if you stretch it could mean she came back of her own volition and he accepted). My one caveat is that the guy legitimately love the girl and by the end gain a consensual relationship that's not pure mind-break or sex addiction. I definitely prefer netori-gaeshi, but simply a guy who loves a girl and steals her from her boyfriend will be enough as long as I'm able to legitimately see it from his point of view first and foremost.

I've seen a few netori-gaeshi out there, though not with much frequency. Most obvious is "When you Let Go My Hand", where the hero has a childhood friend that's always with him. One day she gets herself a boyfriend, stating it in a way that sounds almost like she's doing the hero a favor. Said boyfriend basically makes a toy of her and pimps her out to anyone who'll pay, until eventually the hero barges in and saves her (with her help). There's also basically one in Waisetsu Missile, where the heroine catches a bunch of bullies beating her crush. After she stops them they threaten to hurt him even more unless she does whatever they say, and she becomes pretty much a slave to them until her crush one day discovers it and uses his grandfather's influence (he runs a big conglomerate) to put the bullies in a position where disobeying him would put their families in the poorhouse. I also found one in a volume called "Ijimerarekko" by Fujisaki Hikari, where a young girl is "dating" an older guy when one day a "friend" of his threatens to expose their relationship unless she does what he wants. Her boyfriend hears it, and is later forced to listen through a phone call. When she gets home she finds a message from him, simply saying she can always come home to him, as he'll always believe and wait for her, at which point she messages the other guy telling him she's not going to see him again.

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