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Anitation Arts is looking for Korean TL and other positions

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1:44 pm, Nov 18 2021
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Hello Everyone,

Anitation Arts is Now Recruiting NEW Staff Members for our community. This time we are in desperate need for Experienced __**CLRD**__, __**Typesetter, KTL**__.

We are also recruiting staff members for other positions

↦**__Chinese Translator__** (please no MTL) *x2*
↳ Need One for Speedrun

↦__**Japanese Translator__** (please no MTL) *x2*

↦**__Korean Translator__** (please no MTL) *x3*

😛 Editors:
↦**`Proofreader`** *x3*
↳Must have atleast some experience in the position
↳ Must be fluent in English

↦**`Cleaner & Redrawer`** *x5*
↳Actually to tell you the truth I'm the only CLRD in the group so please help me out
↳Must have a PC
↳Must know how to fully utilize photoshop

↦**`Typesetters`** *x2*
↳Must have Knowledge in fonts & photoshop

↦**`Raw Provider`** *x3*
↳Must know how to stich and denoise panels
↳Must use a **PC**
↳Should be able to do speedruns
↳The websites we get our raws are bilibili, Comic Walker, mkzhan etc.. so you should know how to rip from there

↦**`Graphic Designer`**
↳For creating credit pages
↳Announcement pages, recruitment pages etc...
↳For making series titles

DM @Dreqion#4161 For Applying.

Good Luck and Thank You.

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**link to Discord** -
**link to Our Website** -
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3:05 pm, Nov 18 2021
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Hello! I really would like to join your crew.

I have an experience in Redraw and Clean, and also Typeset. As long as it is not a translating job, I can do it.

Hope to hear from you soon!

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