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bl manga where his crush and him got assigned to watch over the library

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4:09 pm, Nov 18 2021
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im looking for a bl manga i read a while ago. The uke is blond and the seme is brunette with glasses. The uke is a delinquent who always somehow gets himself into trouble bcs of how he looks at people. The seme got assigned to the library the uke is working on as a school punishment (?). They became close friends and the uke would always kiss the seme,,, and the seme thought that the kissing is normal bcs the uke might be a foreigner. The story shows both their highschool and college life, it was on going the last time i read it, which was like a year ago

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7:25 am, Nov 19 2021
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Sounds like Blue Sky Complex.

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6:39 pm, Nov 20 2021
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it is!! omg thank you!

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