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😈Midnight Madness Scans is Recruiting~😈

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1:57 pm, Nov 22 2021
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Our Scan needs:

1. Experienced Japanese to English Translator (Urgent)

2. Experienced Korean to English Translator (Urgent)

3. Experienced Typesetter

Of course, there are people that have little experience may apply to and we can work something out

Additionally, other roles in the form are open too.

All roles are subjected to availability and small tests for us to know which teams to place you in~

We are currently working on Korean, Chinese, and Japanese manga/manhua/manhwa and we would like to invite you on this journey with us! Thank you

Link for applying:

Here’s the link to our Readers Scan group:

For any questions, feel free to message me on Discord (wander#6679) or reply to the thread

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