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New Poll - Fights

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2:27 pm, Dec 4 2021
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This week's poll was a modified version of something jacob66 suggested. What are your violent tendencies?

You can submit poll ideas here

Previous Poll Results:
Question: What's your favorite poll?
MangaUpdates polls - votes: 1009 (35.8%)
Poland - votes: 292 (10.3%)
Pole dancing - votes: 583 (20.7%)
Election polls - votes: 69 (2.4%)
Electric pole - votes: 128 (4.5%)
Pole arms - votes: 301 (10.7%)
The North Pole - votes: 440 (15.6%)
There were 2822 total votes.
The poll ended: December 4th 2021

Sorry, forgot fishing pole. And South Pole isn't an option because the North is objectively better since that's where Santa lives

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3:16 pm, Dec 4 2021
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Who hasn't been in at least a few fights, during early childhood?

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4:05 pm, Dec 4 2021
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I have been in one fight, but like, it wasn't like an ACTUAL fight. I low key wish that I was in more fights as a kid, cause like... what else would I have used my elementary school level karate for. It would have been the perfect time, because now I'm an adult and am worried about losing teeth. And idk getting arrested I guess

Post #793982 - Reply to (#793980) by zarlan

4:59 pm, Dec 4 2021
Posts: 346

I mean, that's what I voted ( "been involved in a few scrapes" ) for that exact reason (childhood), but thinking back to elementary school, uh... I would say a good 95% of the girls and 20% of the guys ended up never getting physical with anyone for any reason

so this poll result doesn't surprise me.

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7:04 pm, Dec 4 2021
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I've never been in a real fight. I did learn martial arts though and fought during lessons — however nowhere near a professional level. Now I'm clueless what to pick. Error 404 Answer not found xD

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7:27 pm, Dec 4 2021
Posts: 577

I said ‘absolutely none’ but am actually in a category of ‘hit someone but didn’t get hit back’ since I once instinctively punched a drunk guy who tried to kiss me.

Post #793985 - Reply to (#793982) by HikaruYami

7:52 pm, Dec 4 2021
Posts: 154

I voted been involved in a few scrapes, but none of them were during school hours. I would think that more people would fight, just not all of them fought in school.

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10:23 pm, Dec 4 2021
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"I've been in a lot of fights" - iunno the number, 50-80+ mostly as a kid, it tapered off later on.
I trained in boxing, kick boxing, and judo, but I would recommend people walk/run away (if possible) from most physical altercations cause it is not worth being arrested or stabbed. Some people that start fights are on drugs (pharmaceutical or natural) and won't have much concern for your wellbeing or their own.

I was about to say I can't recall the last time, but I remember the last few times, one a few years ago some crazy belligerent Chinese guy in another country attacked me, I just blocked with my forearm while deciding if I should attack him and risk being arrested(higher chance since a foreigner). He backed off and left quickly when realized I was not going to tolerate him much longer. Funnily it was at a mall at the town centre right by 2-3 security guards.

I am curious about the people that picked they fight professionally cause that should normally be much rarer. Like I'd not count sparring at a gym or dojo as fighting professionally, professionally suggests you get paid for it.

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12:18 am, Dec 5 2021
Posts: 14

I know fights with my siblings doesn't count so I voted none.

Post #793993 - Reply to (#793992) by kousora

1:42 am, Dec 5 2021
Posts: 225

Same. We probably had a fight when we were so small that I can't recall it.

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1:54 am, Dec 5 2021
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Been involved in a few scrapes. None in the last 10 years.

I also read EU/US comics and am a librarian.
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5:35 am, Dec 5 2021
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Picked "Been in a lot of fights", but mainly because of sparring during taekwondo classes, which maybe should not count. But last option is fighting professionally and that should only be possible in sports. And second and third options seem to point out to actual fights. The choices try to imply a scale from 0 to 4, but the answers don't feel like that to me.
I'm not sure if playing fighting videogames count towards fighting experience too. 😁


10:29 pm, Dec 5 2021
Posts: 126

I let my friends beat up everyone in the bar
and then I stood over people and said 'Yeah!'
I'm probably ready for a professional debut

Post #794021 - Reply to (#793992) by kousora
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4:14 am, Dec 6 2021
Posts: 563

Quote from kousora
I know fights with my siblings doesn't count so I voted none.

I think fights with siblings should count. Any fight were you weren't just playing around or sparring but actually were seriously trying to hurt the other person.

I answered been in a few scrapes because of fights I had with my older sister and a couple of incidents in middle school. I'm not particularly good at fighting and I've never learned how to throw a punch. It was mostly slapping, biting, and scratching people with my nails.

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7:48 am, Dec 6 2021
Posts: 60

"I got hit but never really hit back"?

When I was in junior high, there was this guy who often bullied me. In frustration, I tried to throw him my shoe. It turns out my shoe hit his face and broke his eyeglasses. I was called to the principal office, my mother got called too, and I have to pay back his broken glasses.

I think we didn't really fight, and I don't think I really hit him.. I only threw my shoe on his face.

Still remember his face, but I forgot his name.

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