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New Poll - Fights

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3:49 pm, Dec 6 2021
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I've been involved in exactly one physical confrontation in my life.

It was in middle school, and I was going through a phase where I didn't want to be seen as the "nice guy" anymore, and thought that I should probably get into a fight to show that I could be tough, and maybe impress some of the girls in my class. I was only 13 or 14 at the time, so excuse the shallow thought process I had back then.

In any case, one of my classmates was making fun of my new haircut during lunch, and I used that as an excuse to challenge him to a fight. I told him to meet me in the 7-Eleven parking lot after school, which was pretty much across the street from it.
Word got around, and so there was a bit of a crowd gathered around us.
We shook hands, and he used that as a chance to sucker punch me, getting the first hit, I tried to throw a return punch but missed, and he hit me again, sending me down to one knee. At that point, I gave up without actually getting to hit him back. It was kind of embarrassing. 🤣

For this reason, I voted "I got hit but never really hit back"

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Post #794054 - Reply to (#793985) by kurotaito

7:51 pm, Dec 7 2021
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Quote from kurotaito
I voted been involved in a few scrapes, but none of them were during school hours. I would think that more people would fight, just not all of them fought in school.

Most fights I got into in school, where during breaks. I.e. not during school hours.

Post #794055 - Reply to (#793992) by kousora

7:53 pm, Dec 7 2021
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Quote from kousora
I know fights with my siblings doesn't count

Why wouldn't they count? The poll asked about whether you've been in fights. Period.
Martial arts sparring clearly doesn't count (they're not fights. They're training), but fighting with siblings should obviously count.

Post #794056 - Reply to (#793996) by ebisu

8:00 pm, Dec 7 2021
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Quote from ebisu
Picked "Been in a lot of fights", but mainly because of sparring during taekwondo classes, which maybe should not count.

Definitely shouldn't. Those aren't fights, after all.
But last option is fighting professionally and that should only be possible in sports.

Yeah that seems a bit weird, now you mention it.
A soldier in war, is a professional fighter, but still…
The choices try to imply a scale from 0 to 4, but the answers don't feel like that to me.

Mm, the choices are very weird.
The "I got hit but never really hit back" option is completely unrelated to ones frequency of fighting…

Post #794057 - Reply to (#794025) by mallika23

8:09 pm, Dec 7 2021
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Quote from mallika23
I think we didn't really fight, and I don't think I really hit him..

Yes you did. You hit him with the shoe.
…which is a thing I did a lot, in my early school days, in response to my bullies. I had a rather short fuse, back then. (by the time I got into our equivalent of junior high, though, I had gotten fairly calm, with a rather "long fuse". Not that it stopped the bullies… in our equivalent of high school, however… Ah, those were good times)

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5:02 am, Dec 11 2021
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I chose "Absolutely none", but that's not entirely true. I was the bystander of a fight. What happened was I was coming home from an anime convention and my friends were talking about how that Italian Chef from JoJo's Part 4 could theoretically cure cancer. Then this lanky jackass started spouting "U TALKIN' CANCER BRO?" and dropping n-bombs (they weren't Hard Rs, but very inappropriate for a white kid to be shouting on the subway) like they were going out of style. He claimed his father, then uncle, then brother died "right there" (pointing in an indiscrete direction inside a moving subway train), but he was most likely looking for a fight. When one of my friends (who we'll call Arthur for the sake of maintaining anonymity) actually stood up for himself and told him to knock it off, he asked "Are you playin'?". Arthur, who was admittedly confused with said "...Yes?" and then got punched by the douchebag. My other friend who we'll call "Mad Mod" (because he was cosplaying as that character from Teen Titans) then decides to defend Arthur from this anus that assaulted him and whacks him repeatedly with his cane he used as a cosplay prop. Going by Arthur's and Mad Mod's testimonials, the lanky jackasses punches were incredibly weak. Long of the short of it was that the douchebag and his posse where kicked out of the train as soon as we arrived at the next stop with the help of a bearded bystander whose name I can't remember but was of great help nonetheless.

While this could've qualified for the "Been involved in a few scraps" option, I ultimately went with "Absolutely none" because I froze up the minute the douchebag and my friend Mad Mod started throwing hands. So while I bore witness to a street fight in my local city's subway, I did not get involved in said fight because my fight, flight or freeze response told me to freeze. Not the most pleasant experience, but the lanky douchebag will forever live with the shame of being bested by a short guy dressed in a Union Jack shirt.

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12:54 am, Dec 12 2021
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Some fun stories here, thanks for sharing 😀

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