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I'm looking for a comic where the mc is transported or reincarnated as someone who is hated/despised/ has a really bad reputation or is looked down on

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12:18 pm, Dec 5 2021
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Examples:Monochrome Rumor and Kill the Lights (Yaoi)

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7:20 am, Dec 7 2021
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Leave out the transported and reincarnated part... Is there any other manga without that two

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7:56 am, Dec 7 2021
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Sorry I didn't see your comment please explain are you asking for recommendations where the mc is hated/bullied


4:30 am, Dec 8 2021
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Meccha Shoukan Sareta Ken the Comic
Has a transported mc who is looked down upon, but it only has 10 chapter, since it updates really slow

Onani Master Kurosawa
Mc gets bullied halfway through

Kindan Shitei de Breakthrough - Yuusha no Musuko ga Maou no Deshi de Nani ga Warui
Mc gains bad reputation for knowing the demon kings techniques, its good but manga ended at chapter 18, so for continuation you have to read novel

Rooftop Swordmaster
Mc gets a bad reputation world wide, as a dangerous killer

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