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Manga Magazines next week

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5:51 pm, Dec 8 2021
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Hello, I was just wondering if any magazine will go on break next week (12/12/2021) and why ?

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A tanuki
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8:19 pm, Dec 8 2021
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Hard to say, manga magazines are huge in number. There are lots of them to catch up. For one, I'm--definitely most of us, except you are part of scans team/buy it themselves--not really up to date with its release and such so I can't say anything. Just let you know. The nearest release, for popular magazines, such as Hana to Yume (a magazine for teenage girls) will still release the next issue on Dec 12, 2021.

It could be that next week is the week as usual before they are busy with the end/beginning of the year or holiday. I'll tell you if I find something useful.

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12:35 am, Dec 9 2021
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Thank you ! I appreciate it

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