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Space Brothers' Creator Plans to Start Final Arc This Year

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3:47 pm, Jan 4 2022
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Space Brothers
Manga creator Chūya Koyama revealed on Twitter on Saturday that he plans to start the final arc of his Space Brothers manga this year.

Koyama had stated in December 2017 that the manga was headed towards its "last spurt."
"I don't know how many years [the manga] will continue," he had said, "but the last spurt is coming." He added, "It might be a pretty long last spurt, but I appreciate the support from here on." others-manga-creator-plans-to-start-final-arc-this-year/. 181190

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6:12 pm, Jan 4 2022
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I'm sad whenever my long time favorite will end. *sigh* But the good news is that I can pick it up again to read!

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