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Webtoon, Romance, Bartender Girl, Arranged Marriage

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11:30 pm, Jan 6 2022
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Like the search title says:

1. I'm ISO a Webtoon, pretty recent (last 2 yrs) where the distant acquaintances/relatives (?) need to marry to change the ML bad luck. FL is cute and younger than ML and works as a bartender. ML is some corporate dude. I can't recall the name or scanalator if you know both, please share!!

2. ISO Webtoon Answers: I really want to read Honey Honey Wedding. The current English translation has stalled (more than likely due to school). Any suggestions? Any Scan site translating it in English? It's on every language/Country on Webtoons except in the USA. I've sent requests but nothing so far - what else to do? I'm willing to work on it in fan translations if the Indonesian version is use (I dont speak it but it translates best) but I need Webtoon to get it there. 😲

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