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Is the manga really that much superior than the anime?

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10:58 am, Jan 9 2022
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The OP manga, according to everyone on this sub, is far superior to the anime. Personally, I've never been a fan of manga because it lacks music and thrilling animations, but do you guys think it's better than anime? I just don't think it will elicit the same feelings.

Someone advised me to change after the time skip (I am at Skypiea right now)

Edit: Following the advice of a few people, I began reading the manga shortly before Sky Island and WOW. This is actually quite cool. It makes perfect sense for a fast reader; I read a 20-minute episode in roughly 5 minutes.

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3:22 pm, Jan 10 2022
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I prefer the anime, the manga has better pacing plus a lot of other advantages over the adaptation, but when I tried reading the manga I didn't get that same feeling I had while watching the anime, but its mainly because I started watching the adaptation years ago, so it maybe a different story if i read the manga first instead.

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2:09 am, Jan 13 2022
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They're two different ways to experience it imo.

The anime is pretty faithful to the manga so you're not missing out on much. It does suffer from pacing issues but this is more pronounced to the ones who know the story from the manga. The fanbase is kinda annoying with this. If you're an anime-only watcher, you'll seldomly notice it.

But the main difference is, the manga is a 1:1 Oda's vision of One Piece while the anime has to adapt the material in a way to not overtake it. Oda's storytelling through his manga is absolutely brilliant and sometimes the anime fails to capture that because it's trying to balance a lot of things (mostly on the production side).

Also One Piece has a colored version of the manga which is pretty awesome if you think the normal black and white version is bland. You could be like me, I enjoy both versions (anime and manga).

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