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Looking for Yaoi where a guy pretends to be innocent and cute but is secretly the opposite

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8:23 am, Jan 9 2022
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I don't remember the names, but I read a few yaoi like this. If you know any that's like it please share it.
I particularly want to find one in which the guy claims to be a virgin, but is actually pretty experienced.

For that matter. Any yaoi in which one of the characters pretends to be someone else entirely, but is just acting and they're actually pretty different. I love that shocking revelation that they're not who you think they were.
The more surprising the reveal the more exciting. Also the greater the difference from who you thought they were to who they really are. I love it!

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11:46 pm, Jan 12 2022
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You may want to check out some of MISHIMA Kazuhiko's work, though there's quite a lot of problematic aspects to her manga (dubious consent/rape, student/teacher, etc) but they are mostly in line with your request.

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6:53 am, Jan 15 2022
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I've read a lot of works of MISHIMA Kazuhiko. They're... meh. And not quite what I'm looking for. Thanks for mentioning them though. I admit one of those mangas has what I mentioned. But is not good so...

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