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Circus Scans is RECRUITING~

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12:31 am, Jan 15 2022
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Group Name: Circus Scans


About Us: We are a newly made scan team.
We are in dire need of Staffs and will be thankful if you could join and help out! We do quality over quantity so our deadlines will be quite lenient. If we assign you any work,you can always extend the deadline or just pass it someone else~ Free lancers are welcomed too! If you're looking for a group that's relaxed and friendly,please join us!

On going projects:
-18 unlimited(Manhua)
-Hojin Seonsaengnim{BL/18+}(Manhwa)
-Toshishita No Otokonoko{BL/18+}(Manga)
-Blood Lovers{BG}(Manhua)
-Legend of Sword and Fairy{Action}(Manhua)

Positions[All are open and urgent]:

Raw provider ->{Must know how to stitch and get the best quality as possible}

Translator ->{KTL,JTL,CTL,MTL and Others.}[DO NOT use Machines to translate unless you apply as a MTL}

Proofreader ->{Must be fluent in English and have good Grammer and vocab}

Cleaner/Redrawer->{Cleans sfx,small speech and speech as if they were never there in the beginning}
[You may apply separately or together~]

Typsetter ->{Type the proofread script out speech,small texts and sfx on the cleaned pages}
(Must have some experienced)

QC ->{Checks the inal products and fixes mistakes made by TS,CLRD and PR}
(Must have some experience)

Steps on how to apply:
1. Join the discord server
2. Go to #recruitment and check if you meet the requirements or #about-us if you wish to get more reasonings to join us 😉

3. DM any one of the admins[Ringleaders] and ask to apply for the position(s). Please be patient as we are not free 24/7~
4. If you have no to little experience,we will ask you to take a small test! If you have past works, feel free to show it to us.
5. Fill out the form that will be given to you.
6. DM the admin to let them know you've completed the test and form.
7. We'll get back to you as soon as possible

Have a nice day/night everybody!
Please join us to help us with our projects to save our souls or just join to have a look around~

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