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Need Help to find this Historical Yaoi Manga It would mean alot to me!

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9:54 pm, Jan 14 2022
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Basic synopsis is, it's a historical yaoi manga where the boys are forced into hosting at a young age in the red light district of japan. Both of them have long hair one blond one black hair (purely manga and kind of old with the classic elongated faces) My profile for reference but without the mask. The one on my profile would be the uke. If i remember correctly the blonde was the top (number 1) host before the black haired uke overthrew him. for personality types the black haired one was spunky not fully accustomed to the host lifestyle while the blonde one was suave and used to the life. The blonde was taller. please help me reunite with this manga i've been looking for a while now and it would really fill the void in my heart to find it again :'D

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8:39 am, Jan 15 2022
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Mede Shireru Yoru no Junjou?

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I S I M P A E T H E R ❤️
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