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about dreams

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Post #354135
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8:10 pm, Feb 1 2010
Posts: 560

My dreams are weird, as they should be. Of course, I'm old enough to not be so naive as to think my dreams "mean something". My favorite types are the ones I can actually remember. I had some pretty weird ones the other involving partly, a teacher I befriended whom I used to be paranoid about last year because he touched me a little too much. Yeah...he ended up in my dreams, touching me like a nurse would to a patient *shivers*

I have more I can touch upon. The sad part about dreams is that they are just so easily forgotten. If only I can get a camcorder & just record my dreams...they'd be all more entertaining than some of the crap I watch on TV lately.

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Post #355034
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4:27 am, Feb 5 2010
Posts: 1610

Dreams are interesting. Sometimes, I feel like they tell me something.
Today's dream was freakishly realistic.

My sister was trying to drive me somewhere. She was speeding because I really had to reach a destination as quickly as possible! (I don't know where, but I had to get there!) Anyways, all of a sudden, we had to make a quick left turn, but we couldn't turn in time, and she crashed. I blacked out. I woke up (in the dream) suddenly, and I see a flipped over car, and my sister no where in sight. We crashed near a graveyard.. Which exists in real life! It's the graveyard near UCLA.

I woke up in pain (in real life now) and my whole body felt like it went through a car crash. My body was aching! and I didn't even do anything excessive the day prior.

I just hope it ain't prophetic or anything~

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Post #366612
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Site Admin

10:51 pm, Mar 26 2010
Posts: 2275

I had some interesting dreams when I was a kid... mostly about the streets having large chunks missing from it. Underneath the street and the rest of the surface world there was absolutely nothing. So, when my family would go somewhere in the car, it would fall down into the black nothingness. Sometimes the car would stop about 20-45 feet from the surface on some invisible platform, which could also have large sections missing from it... other times we just kept on falling.

This might mean that I felt there was no structure to my family, or the world was baseless metaphysically and all that there is, is what we see and nothing else.

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Post #366648
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Lowly Member

1:48 am, Mar 27 2010
Posts: 3891

I never remember my dreams so I wouldn't know. laugh

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Post #391830
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1:51 pm, Jul 15 2010
Posts: 560

Okay, I know this is going to sound really weird, but I had a dream last night that Mams died(not that I want him dead).

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Post #391835
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2:47 pm, Jul 15 2010
Posts: 748

Lately I have been constantly dreaming about driving a car and I am trying to apply the brakes but it doesn't work. Funnily enough the dream doesn't end with me crashing, its just me trying to avoid crashing and then I wake up.

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Post #393772 - Reply to (#22917) by vinceasuma
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Slumbering Remnant

11:50 pm, Jul 23 2010
Posts: 657

Quote from vinceasuma
Does anybody ever get sleep paralysis?

I get is sometimes and I feel like I can't move and someone is in my room and they gonna get me. When I sleep with my bedroom door open it happens every time. I'm usually dreaming and then suddenly snap awake, but then I can't move, and I can see someone standing there out of the corner of my eye. It's really scary, and I can't usually go back to sleep for a while after it happens. It happens to a lot of differnt people but no one knows why. eek

Not sure if it's a dream or reality, but it bugs me none the less.

yes!! I have it a lot (I had one today again)
and to me they are soo painful.

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I hear you say "Why?" Always "Why?" You see things; and you say "Why?" But I dream things that never were; and I say "Why not?"
Post #393818
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3:36 am, Jul 24 2010
Posts: 1036

My dreams the past few months are pointless mashed up parodies relating to recent events/activites in my life. Last night's was solely based on Beauty and the Beast, since I was reading a book retelling of the story. I was playing a bishoujo game a few days ago and my dreams were based off that, too. xD

I used to have only bad dreams or nightmares if I were to ever dream at all, but lately they've only been fun or nonsensical. Yay happy stuff. smile

Post #397081
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11:00 am, Aug 5 2010
Posts: 560

I just had a zombie apocalypse romance dream set in movie formation. Too afraid to go back to sleep.....

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Post #397269
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2:06 am, Aug 6 2010
Posts: 370

I get a lot of different dreams that amuse me. I don't have nightmares often.

If I ever get nightmares and am on the brink of death, I wake up. I don't I'd like to see myself die even if it was reality.

Sometime last year I had one dream when I used to like this guy, and he kissed me in my dream. I got all excited, and woke up realizing it wasn't real. What a bummer that was, however I've moved on. Now I see the new guy I like in my dreams quite often lately, although he's there like an extra in the background of a film and we hardly interact.

Last edited by Chocoroll at 2:53 am, Aug 6

Post #397271
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2:29 am, Aug 6 2010
Posts: 2037

Once in a while I have really sad dreams and I would wake up crying...
I also have a lot of gore/horror dreams...


What I posted in the Strangest Dream thread:

I love my dreams. They're so strange yet interesting.

Some good ones I remember:

1. When I was in elementary school, I had the creepiest dream. It's really short, actually. It goes like this: Everything was red, basically like wearing red-lensed sunglasses. I was outside, and I walked to this park. There was this awning over some table benches. I walked over to one of the tables, and my guy friend was sitting down, and next to him was a black body bag. I have no idea why, but when I walked over to him, I took the body bag and started walking away. The body bag was leaving a trail of blood. I kept walking and walking and ended up in front of this elevator. I entered the elevator with the body bag. There were a couple adults in the elevator and they were staring at me. Once the elevator door closed, I woke up.

2. I had this odd dream a few years ago where some random people and a couple people I knew were shooting each other. I don't know why. I was caught in the whole mess and was trying to run away. Out of nowhere, this guy I saw picks me up princess style and takes me away. What's weird was his face was shadowed/blackened, so I couldn't see who he was. It was a deadly but sweet dream. I've had a few others like this where a guy has "saved" me but his face is darkened and can't be seen.

3. Recently, I had a dream where my dog had gashes across her back and everywhere on her body. It was extremely scary because she has never been injured before. I was so scared and I wanted to take her to the vet immediately, but my mom brushed it off and told me I had to go to school (but in real life it's summer break). There's more to the dream, but it's uninteresting, so I'll just stop it here.

4. OH! My goodness, I forgot about my most fantabulous dream! Okay, I absolutely adore cats, but my parents despise cats, so I rarely get to see one. Well, I had this one dream where there were multiple Persian kittens in my backyard. They were all suuuuuuper adorable! And homeless. So, I took care of them! I even bought cat litter for them and food! And they stayed inside my house. I'm so disappointed that this dream wasn't real. They were just..... so cute..... ;_;

I have had numerous strange dreams, but I cannot recall anymore.

Last edited by Pikapu at 6:08 pm, Aug 13

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Post #489279
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3:00 pm, Aug 13 2011
Posts: 846

These are old dreams since I don't recall any of my dreams anymore, from like 6 to 10 over years ago.

I was being chopped and sliced into pieces of food... maybe sushi, sashimi, by one of my parents.

In another of my dream, I was being chased by a giant crab which wanted to eat me. Somehow, I'd a feeling the crab was one of my parents.

In another dream, I'm in a car and it's moving down the hill. And suddenly, a hole appears and the car falls into it and keeps falling and falling... there's no bottom to the hole.

In another dream, I'm flying in the air and suddenly turned into a car.

And in another, I'm stuck in a room full of mirrors. There's no entrance and no exit and I eventually and slowly turn into a mirror as well.

Last edited by VampireBanana at 3:07 pm, Aug 13

Post #489280
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jail bait

3:15 pm, Aug 13 2011
Posts: 1444

ok so.. i just noticed that this is one of those really old threads.. which reminds me of the dream that o probably had around 2007 between 2006. so back then Lindsay Lohan was my childhood idol <which is really not valid now> so i dreamt that she was in a prison and i helped her break out, which kindda.. yeah.. it was really weird considering the fact that she got into prison.. my memory about it is not really vivid, but it was from a first person point of view, unlike all my other dreams thats from a third person point of view.. and there are also zombies and firearms.. eek

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Post #541677
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3:28 am, Mar 24 2012
Posts: 764

Well, since Lamb-chan deleted my post i'm feeling the need of making this one live again, since i dream a lot i can go on for a wile, but lets just start with 3 of them...

This was a really old dream, from when i still dreamed with me as the main character, well in this dream i was a horse, and i was all like "fuck this, i'm not a horse, this must be a dream", so i start thinking "maybe if i open my eyes in the dream my eyes would open in Real life"... only problem was my eyes were open in the dream, so if you could had see me in this dream you would had seen a creepy horse opening and closing his eyes again and again.. until finally i waked up and every thing was fine... or so i tough, Suddenly a creepy old woman come out from under my bed screaming like hell! then i open my eyes again to see my room... or so i tough, before i could even move i fell in the ground and the floor started sucking me into it, i struggle with all my might but nothing could be done... then i waked up (for real this time)

Another quite vivid dream was this one in which the world has come to it's early grave, all the people who survived the Apocalipsis had gone crazy, but following a strange pattern, they all got obsessed with something, with this they tried to ignore the true of this terrible world, for example this one girl would get a lot of robotics parts (getting a cybor arm it's pretty much the same as getting a tattoo in this word), another one got obsessed on saving food, and there was this sex addict guy and the girl who collected furniture that was still in good state, ect... In this setting we meet a guy who they all recognize as they leader, cos he had foreseen the end and acted in such a way that at least a lot of people got saved (this character looked just like keima from TwgoK, except he wore a cape and was taller), the problems comes when this girl falls for the mc, this girl had an estrange power with which she could make other people believe what she wanted them to believe, and so she use her power to made the Leader fall for her, but he breaks the control and get really pissed at her so he.. well he kills her for trying to manipulate him and taking advantage of others, no pity.

The third one is one of my old dreams too, i was sitting in the middle of a white land, there was nothing there, only white as far as my the eyes could see, when suddenly a crow comes and start searching for food on the floor, while looking at him i got jealous of his power to fly and grave his leg, he them fly off, carrying me all over the world, again and again, i would look down and see the world spinning as he went faster and faster, i had to use my legs to made sudden turns by steeping on buildings, but i was happy, i loved this travel. Finally the crow goes down in the garden of a beautiful white house, the house was so incredible that it felt as it was hot and cold at the same time and that it shine with it's own light, after looking at the house for a long time i started looking around to see the crow, but it had tuned into a dove holding a branch, i sat next to the dove in this white grass land an that was it, the dream ends there.

Post #584002
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A daydreamer

12:56 am, Jan 15 2013
Posts: 53

(Before you read any further, if you have never played any pokemon rp games on gba, ds, etc, or even not be familiar with pokemon in general, don't bother reading this because it would probably make little sense to you.)

I had the strangest dream last night...
I don't remember the details too clearly anymore but, I dreamt I was in a DS pokemon fight right off the bat, I was in the water area, fighting against a red gyarados, and I was using a Oshawott (A water starter in the generation V games)...So I clicked the fight button in the middle, and it showed me the four moves I could choose from, I don't remember what the other three said, but there was one called "Imagination"...It was labled a normal type move, and it had 5 pp...
I clicked it, and I don't remember what the animation was but in the comment bar, it said "It's super effective!", but the gyarados didn't faint, It was still there, and it didn't do anything either...So I pressed the "Imagination" move again said, "It's super effective!" and nothing happened, so I pressed it once more...and...well it goes black after that...I don't know, nor remember if anything happened after that...

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