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Releases removed?

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10:12 pm, Sep 13 2009
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Almost all of the releases listed for Viewfinder prior to vol 5 have been removed. Is the data still around somewhere and could be restored? Because it's 30-some releases that would be a pain to re-enter.

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Mad With a Hat

10:16 pm, Sep 13 2009
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Someone could have changed the "Associated Names".

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12:19 am, Sep 14 2009
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Oh, someone did go in and change them. But I tried to add a name back in and it tells me in a message from 5/15/09 that the site is offline for 10 minutes for installation of an enhancement. It's been doing that for a while. Is that real or a bug?

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12:48 am, Sep 14 2009
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This is when you call in an admin

Fixed btw

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