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Questions about the anime and manga.

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6:47 am, Oct 8 2009
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So as I understand it the anime is labeled shounen-ai but the manga isn't? O_o...

Is the manga one of those pure subtext series where the feelings between the two male characters are only hinted at but not necessarily recognized? O_O I have yet to read or watch the series, but the manga is still ongoing so does that mean it will become shounen-ai eventually? (Or at least hinted at?)

And by definition is the anime really shounen-ai? By real shounen-ai I mean that it's not just hints. ~.^

I just find this odd because there aren't any shounen-ai/BL series from this mangaka, so kind of weird that his manga isn't shounen-ai but the anime adaption is...

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12:28 pm, Oct 29 2009
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The manga has no more shounen-ai hints than a popular Shounen Jump action series does. So I wouldn't think it should be labeled shounen-ai. The anime, on the other hand, has a completely different plot and the characters behave very differently from in the manga.

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