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Analyzing Takumi

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From User Message Body
Post #326785

9:09 am, Oct 10 2009
Posts: 29

I wanted to discuss with all the other Takumi fans out there. Thanks for taking the time and indulging in a discussion with mesmile

Takumi is a very complex and mysterious character. I think Ai Yazawa's brilliance is shown in her creation of this character. He is a multi-dimentional character. We know a little about his past. We know his habits and yet some of his choices and actions surprise us. He is smart, sexy, talented and yet he makes mistakes and we see clear flaws in his personality. On top of that he is unpredictable and there a lot of unanswered questions about him.

With the series being on hiatus, and many fans, like me, wanting to know what the ending will be, I think it will be fun to break down Takumi's character and predict what ending will Ai Yazawa choose for him.

I will break it down in three parts.
(i) Which woman does he truly love?Is is Hachi or Reira?
(ii) Will Ai Yazawa give him & Hachi a happy ending? Will he ever stop cheating on his wife?
(iii) Now that he has a family and two kids, will the "Unchangable heirarchy of important things" in his life change and will we see this playboy end being a true family man and putting family before work and everything else?

My Answers:
(i) I think he loves Hachi. He doesnt lie to Hachi in their intimate moments. He does not say the worlds I love casually but he said them to Hachi while making love to her. Also he told her, "I think about other women but you are the one I truly love".

(ii) I am a Hachi x Takumi fan. Even though their marraige is not perfect, I believe when they are together they are happy and harmonious. But there are many things which cause their bond to weaken. But if they are both committed, (which at some point requires Takumi to stop cheating on her), they should be happiuest together.

(iii) I do believe Takumi has never had a sense of a real family. I think he will be a good father to his kids and in the end learn to be a better husband as well.

Please share your thoughts on Takumi and your answers to my three questions. Also, if you have any questions about Takumi, I would like you to bring them up here.

Thanks a lot. eyes

Post #330000

2:26 am, Oct 24 2009
Posts: 4

(i) I believe the girl he truly loves is Reira. To start my reasoning for my answer, in some chapter Ren teases Reira saying that "No matter who you love you'll never be able to break away from your position." Or something like that taunting her about being beside Takumi all her life. There is no way that the bond between Reira and Takumi is one way. In the back story we see how much Takumi really cares for Reira and that he really does love her but he doesn't see himself as worthy of her. He is after all a cheating scumbag =D and he believes Reira deserves more than a cheating scumbag. I think to him Reira is this beautiful, innocent thing he has to protect from everyone and especially himself. Which is why he's cold to her as well.

I'm not saying he doesn't love Hachi he obviously does, if he didn't he wouldn't go picking her up and dropping her off but his love for Hachi is something he doesn't really care about. He doesn't feel pain when he sees Hachi in tears, he doesn't care about calling her when he's away from her and rarely thinks of her. If he really loved Hachi I think he would at least respond to her texts or something T.T Otherwise that's evil love >.<

ii) I actually think this might be likely. It may not be a happy ending with love but I think the two of them will come to realize that the love they have for their family together is more important to them than the love they may have for other individuals (Hachi cannot decide between Takumi and Nobu, Takumi cannot decide between Hachi and the rest of the population of women in the world). So they will choose to stay together and love and care for their family. Which I think is a very happy ending but I don't think Takumi will end up with Reira and there is only a slightly higher chance of Hachi ending up with Nobu.

(iii) I think Takumi is like that as proven by my previous answer =D I believe he really does value family over everything else because of his bad childhood. He wants his children to grow up in a healthy environment with both father and mother present.[spoiler]because as much as he might be in love with Reira (which I think he is), he will end up with Hachi. Because his love and obligation to his family extends beyond this.

I'm not sure if Hachi feels the way Takumi does though because I think she's just had enough of his cheating ways and in future chapters you can see her being way to comfortable with Nobu for just a friend. Where as previously if she'd done this Nobu would have gotten angry with her for confusing him, he's all complacent now. Which means he's not so confused eyes Which I don't mind at all cause I'm a NobuxHachi shipper. So please ignore any biases here if you see them T.T I tried to be unbiased. btw...just out of curiousity what the hell happened to Yuri Kosaka in the future?

Hope this proved entertaining =D eyes

Post #332603

1:55 am, Nov 5 2009
Posts: 4

Alright, here we go!
1. Takumi loves Reira. Always has, always will. End of story. What puzzles me, however, is his past. He had a girlfriend back in high school he got pregnant, but they had an abortion. Why did he marry Hachi and have the baby if he didn't ant a baby before? It may be because he matured, he kinda sorta cares for Hachi, or he wanted a clean break from Reira to set her free. But he loves Reira now and forever. ( I actually like their pairing )
2. Number two, Ai Yazawa has proved to have a more realistic, worldly way of telling her stories even to the point of being harsh, so I don't believe she will give Hachi her perfect family. I also don't think Hachi will forgive his adultery, as we saw with Shoji. She will, however, let her daughter have her father in her life. If Hachi gets a happy ending, it will be with Nobu. There is no happy ending possible with Takumi. ( I smell a divorce. And I hope for it!)
3. And number three, I think Takumi will love his kids and even try to mend it with Hachi, but I believe it is to late for him to make it up to her. I do think he will love and care for his kids though.(He's not that heartles, is he?) I believe Hachi is done with him and his cheating ways. Make way for Nobu! +trumpets blare+ I was as unbiased as I could be, considering I hate Takumi's guts! biggrin Tell me what you thought of it! Those were excellent questions! It made me think! biggrin

Post #347274

5:28 pm, Jan 8 2010
Posts: 29

Thankyou LillithEvans for sharing your point of view.
What Happened to Yuri? Well I did get the feeling her & Nobu wont last. So I am guessing they went their seperate ways at some point and we wont be seeing her in the future.

I can entertain Nobu x Hachi, even though I am a Hachi x Takumi fan. I just have the feeling that Hachi's No.1 is Takumi and Takumi's #1 woman is Hachi. My read on the manga could be wrong, which is why I hope Ai Yazawa does get to finish her masterpiece and I can find out for sure.

Thanks for pointing out that Nobu x Hachi do seem very comfortable around each other in the future. That is a good observation. However, I find them still distant and reluctant.

Thanks Riko52 for your response.
I also thought about why Ai Yazawa would tell us he had a made a girl pregnant before. I think to show that with Hachi it is different. He cares more for Hachi.

If Hachi x Takumi were to divorce, they would have done so already. Why stay apart and keep the marraige in tact. They both dont want to let go of each other.

I have a question for Riko and Lillith, If Takumi really loves Reira why doesnt he just have her. She is there for his taking. It is actually eating her inside that Takumi wont look her way and Takumi is aware of that. Is it because he doesn't think he is worthy of her, as you suggested. But can he not change his ways for the woman he loves?
I also find Takumi's image of Reira unrealistic. He think she is this angel and is untainted. But that is not the case. Reira is not this pure angel Takumi has in his mind.
I also find this difficult to believe because Takumi is essentially a selfish man. So giving up the woman he loves, who is also dying to be with him, in order to protect her or thinking he is not worthy of her? I find that contradictory.
but that is just my opinion. Hearing your views makes me rethink many things so thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Post #348884

12:31 am, Jan 13 2010
Posts: 4

Good riddance to Yuri honestly T.T that girl had been damn annoying. Just cause she looked like a Nana K. rip off to help Nobu get over her. I would have much preferred Mui (but of course now I like her with Yasu =D) but this is about Takumi so shush everyone else =D

Well for Takumi I have a feel he really admires and cares for Hachi for sure. There's no other reason for him to keep coming back to her. I mean I remember the first time he came back to her after all the concerts was to piss all of Black Stones' off but after that for sure it became something more. I seriously can't wait for the hiatus to be over.

I can see the reluctance your talking about =D.

I see what both of you are saying about the marriage between Takumi and Hachi. I'm honestly torn between both opinions. I think Hachi is staying with Takumi for her children more than herself though. I can't imagine her staying and fighting for someone who cheated on her (esp. cause we know she dumped Shoji cause of that)

I really think its this answer. In the manga it's said to be because he doesn't want to 'corrupt' her. I think he's just scared of what he feels for Reira and he doesn't want to be that guy. The guy who actually makes a girl happy for once, or doesn't want to cheat on her, or doesn't play mind games with her. Takumi is actually pretty harsh towards basically everyone if you think about it and if I was involved with him I'd cry myself to sleep every night. With Reira I think he feels that special childhood bond and the fact he truly loves her scares him into staying away. Hachi is a much safer option considering he cares for her and has kids with her. He could change his ways of being an asshole but I think that scares him too.

I think the angel image of Reira is just a front he puts up to make sure she doesn't bug him too much about why he won't be with her.

I hope this wasn't too confusing =D you guys got me thinking again!

Post #355737

1:52 am, Feb 8 2010
Posts: 7

i. I think he loves both Hachi and Reira but in different ways. Reira to him will always be number one priority, since she is the important key to his business which is number one in his priority list. I also think he loves her very much - but as a sister. He cares about her deeply, since he was a little kid, and she has been there for him much like a family member, and we all know how much Takumi loves and cherishes family. Also his need to keep her innocent, and not corrupt her actually seems more of a father/brotherly love kind of way - where your little sister is the purest thing ever, and no man is good enough. So at the moment, if its a fight between Reira and Hachi, Hachi will obviously lose, because Reira is pretty much family to Takumi.

But i think in a wife/lover way, Hachi is the only one Takumi can love in that way, well the number one person on his list at leastbigrazz. Takumi, seems very honest to Hachi, and everytime he tells her he loves her and she is number one on his list of number two priority (although it just shows what kind of person he is *rolls eyes*) I believe it. And i think after she is his wife, and mother of his child. I think he will love her even more.

ii. I think Ai Yazawa will give them a realistic ending. I think as Takumi matures, he is trying to stop the cheating...But there is still alot of bad blood between them, due to Nana, Nobu, Reira and just the whole load of other women in Takumi's life. However, I think they are both very realistic people, and as Hachi mentioned once, Love isn't something that is perfect. Therefore it seems quite normal for them to end up as two flawed inidividuals, in love, who may just be able to strive for the rest of their lives for some sense of that perfection but never quite reaching it.

In all honesty, I don't think Hachi would have stayed with Nobu forever and have that happily ever after. I think she will at one point get annoyed, or bored of him. She is pretty fickle, and Takumi i think accepts her flaws, just as she accepts his.

iii.I think Takumi is changing due to his kids, and maybe even Hachi's presence. In the flashforwards, lookinig at the kids ages Takumi may only be in his like early mid 30s?. But you can see that unlike before where he is completely occupied by work, and he may just miss Hachi as an after thought, but now he is seriously debating about coming home and trying to patch up his marriage. He is even willing to accept that he made mistakes, it isn't as simple as a "I warned you already, what I'm like, so accept it or leave me" attitude he used to have.

Post #357810

8:56 am, Feb 15 2010
Posts: 29

Thanks for sharing your thoughts chen2yuen.

I have to say I agree with everything you have said. I am glad there are more people out there that share my point of view on the Hachi x Takumi relationship.

Thanks for your sharing your insight LillithEvans.

I found it interesting that you say that the only reason he went back to Hachi after the concerts was to piss off Black Stones. I had thought about that too. I am not sure if that was the only reason though. Perhaps an additional reason was that he simply forgot about and was reminded only after the exchange with Nobu. Plus he wanted to take out his frustration by sleeping with someone as he had called it a night and Hachi was convenient.

I know Hachi did not forgive Shoji for cheating but IF she does end up forgiving Takumi it means that she loves Takumi more. Could it also mean that Hachi x Shoji were never meant for each other. But we could see that coming, because even when she was in a relationship with Shoji she was still flirting with the furniture salesman. So compared to Shoji,her relationship with Takumi is on a higher and more serious level.

Another thing I thought about while reading your response was Takumi's attitude. I mean you are so right about Takumi being mean with everyone. I think the only person he is nice to is Hachi. He manipulates her and understands she can be played around with and does not hesitate to do that (the dude does NOT have a conscience!) but he also indulges in her childishness/foolishness as well, when he can. When Naoki came to visit Hachi & Takum,i in their new apartment after they got married, he was surprised to see how different Takumi behaved with Hachi than how he is with others.
It could imply that Takumi takes life & work seriously and doesnt take Hachi seriously but then at several times during the manga he has taken care of Hachi and gone out of his way for her. He also speaks to her seriously at times.
But I agree Hachi is not his No.1 priority, that is clear to me in the manga.

Post #361968

7:12 am, Mar 7 2010
Posts: 1

1.) I agree with chen2yuen, Takumi loves both Reira and Hachi. Obviously he shares some special connection with Reira as to be so protective of her, but I think it's probably some brother-sister bond. He and Reira shared a childhood together, both broken in different ways, their families are sort of dysfunctional and I guess this similarity brought them together. They cared for each other, like brother and sister would. As for why Takumi is so protective of Reira, I don't think it has to do with his self-deprecation and viewing himself as a dirtbag. He IS a dirtbag, but if he truly loves Reira, he'd want to change himself for her. Yet to this point, he still hasn't changed his capricious ways with women. I believe his #1 is women, not A woman. LillithEvans's points were totally legit, and they stumped me. I still think he doesn't love Reira in that way. Takumi is so criminally honest with everything (at the wrong times, though... God, I wish he'd stop being such a man slut) and I'm sure he's honest with himself. Sometimes I found him sort of annoyed at Reira adhering herself to him, and he doesn't want that love. He doesn't stay away from her, in fact in England it's just Ren and him and Reira, Hachi all alone in Japan. Maybe he's scared of being the unfulfilling, debauched asshole to Reira, but true love means being with someone, not staying away. He knows well that Reira loves him even as a dirtbag. In an aspect, he sees Reira as a product as well; a commodity... HIS product. He made her famous, he sees her as something precious, similar to his job. It's something he excels at, and thus his love for Reira is similar to his love for his job. I think that's why he views her as perfect in that way, because it's something he created. I doubt creating fake illusions of her in his head means love, or that is proof of his love. Again, Takumi's brutally honest. However, that still doesn't explain why he wouldn't make her fully happy (hoping to keep her by his side as a "product") by staying by her side. Maybe he sees that as too icky being "big brother" and all. Takumi and Hachi share chemistry, and maybe that's what makes their relationship so worthy. However, it's so flawed it's sad. Takumi gets so much play from women and Hachi reluctantly watches from the sidelines. I doubt Takumi could ever "settle" with Hachi. It's just not in his book. If I could imagine Hachi and Takumi in a happy, healthy, all-around awesome relationship, I'd find that contrived and absurd. Sure love doesn't mean perfection, but when flaws get in the way of love then love can't find itself anymore. Takumi and Reira I could picture, but they have no ending together because Takumi just doesn't love Reira in that way. I believe Takumi is selfish, he wouldn't sacrifice himself to stay with Hachi. Even if they're connected on paper, they aren't in actuality. They're far apart, each with one children. He isn't staying with his family all that much. He can easily splinter with Hachi and stay with Reira, but he doesn't. His love for family means love for children and Hachi, but that doesn't mean they have to BE a family. He'll still love his children like he does. That's still fulfilling his obligations. I doubt Ai Yazawa will end Nana by torturing Takumi in his "yearning-for-his-love" miseries...yearning for Reira, I mean.

2.) Hachi's "happy ending" will probably involve life with Nana O. Perhaps she and Takumi will try reparing their marriage but ultimately their love for each other doesn't compare as strongly to their flaws that sort of crash when they're together. Their love has always been based around obligations, and maybe they'll realize it's too much. Nana itself entertains the idea of friendship outlasting relationship, and on all the covers of Nana it's basically Hachi and Nana O. over and over again. Ai Yazawa is too much of a tell-it-like-it-is author to give in to the whole happy ending route. I think she put Takumi and Hachi together to prove how much they're incompatible, and in the end they won't be together. And no, I don't think Takumi will ever stop cheating.

3.) I believe at some point, Takumi will stop his "work manifesto" and finally prove himself once and for all to be a family's man. Or, an ex-family's man. I think he will be there for his kids but by then Hachi and Takumi will probably be divorced. It's true they've maintained the married status thus far, but it's only the beginning... kids are still young. In a way, they're basically divorced already. Takumi's in England or something and Hachi's back in Japan. Then again, Hachi's willing to fight for Takumi and have him stay by her side (proving love... perhaps she's fighting for her kids' love of their Dad). I seriously can't see him with Reira either, because their love would be painful. Takumi rarely shows any true love for Reira, any emotion at all for her except admiration, and that's not what love is. Admiration can develop into love but not in this case when Takumi doesn't even see Reira as a potential lover but as a product.

Honestly, I don't enjoy Takumi's character (he cheats awfully lot), but I believe he's better than Ren at least... he was just a (hot) commodity hopped up on drugs. Takumi's multi-faceted and inexplicable, which makes him one of the most interesting characters in Nana. He's a character I hate to love and love to hate. It's a total bonus that he's also bad ass sexy. However, his stable-unstable nature makes him unreliable in a relationship, and ultimately what Hachi needs is emotional stability. This Nobu can offer, but Takumi can't afford. It's just not in his disposition.

Sorry this is extremely long.

Last edited by Dolce at 7:24 am, Mar 7

Post #363587

4:58 am, Mar 14 2010
Posts: 29

Hey Dolce. Thanks for sharing your perspective. I really enjoyed reading it. i won't say your response was too long, I found it short smile You broke it down realistically rather than ideally, which I think is more accurate/close to Ai Yazawa's style.

1) I found it refreshing when you said Takumi's #1 is women and not a woman.
perhaps it would be wrong to see him in the light of eventually picking a woman. Thats not how Ai Yazawa portrayed him, so that might mean she will maintain that trait in Takumi's character, even in the future version of Takumi.

2) Some of the really good points you made that just got me thinking again:
>>Ai Yazawa is too much of a tell-it-like-it-is author to give in to the whole happy ending route.

-If Ai Yazawa wanted to show that despite their differences they found a way to be together and their love outweighed the differences, she would have gradually shown some change in Takumi (his priorities and cheating habits) from day 1 of marraige to now but she hasn't. Based on that why should we assume that she does plan to take that route.....{makes sense!!!}

>>I think she put Takumi and Hachi together to prove how much they're incompatible, and in the end they won't be together.

-You are right. Looking at it unbiased I see that the reason Takumi x Hachi got married were the wrong reasons. Their differences and flaws have been clearly shown. And perhaps the point Ai Yazawa wanted to make was highlight their incompatibility. Two wrongs don't make a right.

>>And no, I don't think Takumi will ever stop cheating.

- Again since he got married not once did we see any signs of Takumi hesitating or feeling guilty or cheating less than he did before. Based on that we can also assume that Ai Yazawa does not plan to show that in the future he does stop cheating.

>>Quote: I seriously can't see him with Reira either, because their love would be painful. Takumi rarely shows any true love for Reira, any emotion at all for her except admiration, and that's not what love is. Admiration can develop into love but not in this case when Takumi doesn't even see Reira as a potential lover but as a product.


One thing I want to bring up. You know one event unfolding that I am sooo curious about is the consequences of Takumi sleeping with Reira. We all know it will be a reason/catalyst in the plot with Hachi x Takumi x Reira.
I wonder how did Ai Yazawa intend to use that incident in her plot and/or what point was she making with it?

Of course we cannot answer that, only speculate. Was it to:

(i) Explain why Hachi x Takumi are where they are now and then show that in the present/future flashes Takumi is not with Reira, therefore proving for once and for all to Hachi that NO he doesnt see Reira that way, only Hachi as the woman he will have as his wife/ by his side

-(ii) Was to answer the doubts in our minds as to how he really views Reira ( Sister vs the woman he really wants/loves as a woman/lover)

(iii) use it as a reason/catalyst that marks Takumi changing from his cheating ways

You know, all that also depends on how far we are in the real plot of the story in Nana. This series is unmatched in the shoujo/josei genre. It will truly be a shame if AI Yazawa doesn't get to finish her masterpiece.

I pay tribute to the series and the mangaka. And I wish her a speedy recovery and good health. And I hope we get to see the series finished off in the right way.

Last edited by goal at 8:53 pm, Mar 19

Post #364828

8:04 pm, Mar 19 2010
Posts: 5

I won't bother answering the three questions since I won't be putting a fresh point out. It will be enough to know I'm a Takumi x Hachi shipper.

Of all the things I've watched/read, Takumi was the only character that sparked fiery anger within me that lasted for weeks. He really /is/ a character you'd love to hate, but hate to love. He's handsome, sexy as heck, and intelligent. He's well-grounded, responsible (when it counts) and committed to what he thinks is right. When he says something, you'd know he believes in what he says. On the flip side, he's a dangerously manipulative person who always wants to get the better deal out of things--even his wife (remember the jealousy fits?).

On his womanizing ways, I think he does it for the quick stress relief it offers with no strings attached. And remember, even before his relationship with Hachi, this has been a habit for him, and you know what they say--old habits die hard.

He's said it himself... he's a workaholic. He takes care of /all/ his band members, their music production, and the non-music related-tasks as well. Imagine the stress yet? We could say that since he's married to Hachi, he should stick his stress-relieving habit with his wife. With men though, I find that they have a separate notion of sex with your loved one and sex with a non-important person. Sex with a non-important person offers quick stress relief and still stay emotionally detached. Sex with your loved one will need more involvement physically and emotionally.

I kind of understood and believed him when he said he really does love Hachi even if he's such a manslut. But I'm not saying I'm okay with his actions, this is just my point of view on why he persists with cheating on his wife.

Post #366753

12:31 pm, Mar 27 2010
Posts: 29

>>he's a dangerously manipulative person who always wants to get the better deal out of things--even his wife (remember the jealousy fits?

You are so right. I think Takumi is so fascinating because he really seems like a very 'real' character. I mean I can imagine him. He is somebody you know you'll get hurt by but still want to get involved with. Well that is the sort of appeal he carries for me.

Thanks for the sharing your views arethusa. You have tried to explain the psyche of a guy like Takumi and it makes a lot of sense. I also get the impression that sex is not something he cares about much and when he has to think about it, thats when the problem comes. He uses it to relieve himself. And when he has to care about the women then it gets complicated for him.

Btw i think it is hinted that Hachi is good in bed, am i right?

Anyway, yes he likes Hachi in that way and she does give him sex when he wants it. But he still wants other women because he cares for Hachi? Stupid Takumi lol. I would love to see him grow up in that sense. That's why I want to see a change in him after many years have passed (That's the fangirl in me speaking).

Post #388593
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11:46 pm, Jun 27 2010
Posts: 3

i. Takumi loves Reira, but he obviously can't be with her (because he got himself married and feels that romantic love between them would ruin their business relationships). His feelings for Hachi are mainly out of a sense of duty and protecting Trapnest.

ii.Hachi dug her own grave. There is no such thing as a happy ending. She will most likely raise her family with Takumi, but true happiness? She lost it once she chose Takumi over Nobu.

iii. Takumi will be a dutiful father, and I am sure he will love his children as much as any father could, albeit in a different way than how Nobu would raise his kids. Takumi is very responsible and despite being seemingly cold, he does deeply care for his loved ones. I'm sure he'd be a great dad.

User Posted Image
Post #394993
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6:08 pm, Jul 27 2010
Posts: 2

(i) I believe Takumi loves Reira. She is his princess and as that, he tries to protect her from himself. He knows that she can't handle the kind of life he would give her, she is to soft, to fragile. That's why he run's away. Hachi is different, more strong, more grounded. She knows and accepts Takumi as he is, and, in a way, he loves her too, but in a more rational way. And she doesn't ask as much, just what he wants to give, and Reira would never do that. She would want him all for herself. And he is afraid of that.

(ii)No and No. I believe they will go their separate ways. She still loves Nobu, and he is the real deal for her. If she is going to end up with him(Nobu), I don't know. And Takumi loves Reira, so he will always be incomplete. Since I don't believe they will end up together.

(iii)What I really feel is that Takumi will never change. And he will end up alone, only with his son. And obsessed in work as always, since is the only thing he thinks he can control.

Well, that's all I think. But Ai Yazawa is unpredictable as ever, and that is one of the many reasons I love all her work.

Thanks for this post. Takumi is one of my favorite characters in this story, and I never found a post for him. Thank you

Post #402267

10:33 pm, Aug 26 2010
Posts: 2

i mostly agree with chen2yuen openions.
takumi likes reira as only a sister that's why he said that she has a brother complex when he was younger.. i think that he only slept with her cuz he felt responsible 4 her loneliness for dragging her all the way just for his dreams
i'm really puzzled at why he loves nana, he mentioned wanting some pure place 2 return to but i don't really consider hacchi pure

on contrary to what every1 said i think that hacchi won't give up on takumi (because) she gave up on shouji.. i rmmbr her regretting not fighting enough 4 him..she knows that he is fooling around but as long as she is #1 it's alright
i think that they will stay together but little ren messed the situation real hard since i don't think he is hacchi's (my feeling anywaybigrazz)

i think takumi realised how his dreams crushed every1 on his side so his priorities shifted ( i think ever since ren's death) .. plus trapnest doesn't exist anymore and he seemed more like an office employee to me now
and i don't doubt the fact that he is a great father

from what it seemed 2 me it looks like takumi did something that hurt hacchi so bad that every1 is expecting a divorce .. that's why nobu is trying all over again 2 win her back, hacchi realizes that but she won't exactly push him yelling cuz it seems like they restroed their frienship over the years

i think takumi made his girlfriend abort his child cuz it wasn't exactly his dream to b a teenage father working struggling 2 provide a living . he wanted 2 b successful anything but that would b losing 2 him specially towards a person he doesn't even love.. with hacchi he felt possissive not love (at first atleast) didn't want to lose her over to nobu

Post #408558

11:20 pm, Sep 21 2010
Posts: 710


Takumi loves Reira as a sister. It's so obvious-if he wanted her as a woman he could have had her a long time ago. he's not interested.

because he's not interested in her as a woman, though, she becomes a very important person in his life. though not someone he could ever want, and certainly not someone he could ever marry.

i think he does love hachi, and not just because i like that particular couple. when she gets mad at him, he gets upset, and he likes it when shes happy. he doesn't really care about the other women in his life that way.

plus he married her, even though she told him he didn't have to, and supported her decision to keep their baby. Trust me, he did not do that out of the goodness of his heart. he's not that kind of guy. if he didn't care about Hachi, he probably would have just left her to raise their baby by herself.


Normally I'd say that Takumi and Hachi would have no chance at a good relationship, however i think in this case they might. they both obviously love each other, which is important. Takumi is a really bad husband to her, but she's realized this and she's considering a divorce.

that alone makes it about 50% more possible for them to have a happy life together. relationships don't work out if you just forget and forgive when someone (takumi) has hurt and cheated on you. relationships work out when a couple addresses the problems in their relationship and acknowledges them as problems. only then can they start moving towards having a good relationship.

However, even though I'm a fan of this couple and I think they have a chance, realistically I have to say they probably shouldn't be together. Hachi needs to leave him, date other people for awhile, and MAYBE come back when he's shaped up a bit. But that's a big maybe. I say this not as a fan, but as a woman. No girl should take the crap Hachi's been taking, baby or no.


Takumi loves his children. It's as simple as that. And because he was abused/neglected, or whatever, he'll just want to protect them even more. in fact, with his relationship with hachi, that's the one thing he's got going for him. That he loves their children.

maybe that'll be enough to keep them together, but i doubt it. he's really gonna have to change if he wants to have a chance with her. and if i were him, i'd do it fast. i mean, she's still seeing nobu, and the worse he treats her, the more she's going to turn to nobu for . . . well, I'm not sure what for. For takumi's sake, hopefully nothing more than friendship.

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