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What are the worst animes/mangas out there!

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6:01 am, Feb 3 2010
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as for anime: Air gear (that's just pathetic), Getbackers (really boring), D.gray-man (i like this manga, and i think that anime is worse), Devil may cry (game is much more better) etc (i just can't remember it right now)
as for manga: Shinjo Mayu (almost all her manga is not worth reading, imho)

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3:47 pm, Feb 12 2010
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Bleach (because "characters can never die + unlimited blood in their body = boring story")

OH! I almost forgot..
Shugo chara doki doki (or was it doki toki? gah, i don't care.) This whole season isn't worth my time to watch. It just repeating again and again .. worse still, the 'used-to-be main' characters were like.. demoted? [because they HAD to rely on that small girl to know what's the X egg talking about. -_- wth?]

manga; Didn't remember any.... hmm..

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3:54 pm, Feb 12 2010
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manga: No Bra T_T
was just horrible

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1:37 am, Oct 11 2010
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Jigoku Shoujo - It was so repetitive and boring, I couldn't get past the third episode.
Saiunoku Monogatari - Couldn't get past the first episode, clearly didn't interest me in the least.
Okamisan - Couldn't. Get. Through. The. First. Episode. It. Was. That. Terrible. AUGH.


Boku wa Kiss de Uso wo Tsuku - Bad, predictable rubbish.
Code Geass: Hankou no Suzaku - Confusing as hell. When I read through both volumes at one time, it was at one point, and then at another, and I'm just looking at it: "Did they cut out a whole chapter?" So yeah, bad pacing. Art was pretty, though.
Random Walk - Do I even need to explain myself on this one? Just looking at the synopsis is proof enough.
Most of Arina Tanemura's works - Yes, she has pretty artwork (which I've gotten addicted to), but they are so predictable, with lame plot twists, and confusing arcs at times. Especially her short stories. Example: Vampire Rose, let's just say, with the exception of the art, it was a waste of paper. As was Umi no Sakyuugi Nocturne. I hope her I*O*N oneshot coming out soon doesn't turn out like them.
Hana to Akuma - Hana is the worst character ever. She's a selfish, spoiled brat, who looks like she's practically nine years old (when she's fourteen). I feel bad for Vivi who has to deal with her all the time :/. The story wasn't all that good, either.

I'll add more later when I remember more.

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1:55 am, Oct 11 2010
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they might not be that horrible to some but i read them after reading so manga typical shoujos so im gonna say everything by Kumagai Kyoko
and also high school musical manga. cant tell which is worse, manga or movie. but the art was good...

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7:00 am, Oct 2 2011
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Bloody Monday has go to be the worst, just complete utter waste of time. The story line was interesting until you realize it's the same storyline all three seasons.. no wait I mean every chapter is the same freakin thing.

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chasing oblivion

7:18 am, Oct 2 2011
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Eight more days and it wouldn have been a whole year since anyone posted in this thread. This may be as good a time as any what with a whole year of new anime having come out.
First: Needless. Watched one and a half episodes and that was it.
Aria: The Scarlet Ammo. Nothing wrong with it in particular, it just gets boring and stale enough to not want to finish.
Tenchi Muyo GXP: Only recently watched it. God this is terrible. It shits all over the entire tenchi franchise. Why did they make this garbage. mad

Sarcasm just doesn't work over the internet.
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7:56 am, Oct 2 2011
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I don't know if anyone's mentioned this but...

Please save my earth
I didn't know she'd end up with who she DID, it didn't realise it said SHOTACON!! I mean it was interesting, but the plot went no where!! ABSOLUTELY NO WHERE, i don't even get why it was that well liked.

Mirai Nikki
This creeped me out so much and left me feeling like i was gonna throw up...

Midnight Secretary it down and BURN

Tail of the moon
The main character annoyed the sh*t out of me

Akane-chan no overdrive
Enough said.

Pita Ten
Ending online was OK but the whole thing was boring!

Chocolate Cosmos
Wrapped up too quickly, felt like she liked the teacher becoz she was desperate.

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7:45 pm, Oct 2 2011
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Yuutai Nova, first time I have ever cringed at a main character

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8:03 pm, Oct 2 2011
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almost every shounen manga and anime o.O
idk why though. i just can't finish a shounen manga o.o confused

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10:16 pm, Oct 2 2011
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Quote from marthy13
almost every shounen manga and anime o.O
idk why though. i just can't finish a shounen manga o.o confused

Maybe... you just don't like shounen? That doesn't mean they ALL qualify as some of the "worst manga/anime out there"...

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3:35 am, Oct 3 2011
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Anime: Code Geass, Apocalypse Zero
Manga: Junjou Romantica

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6:42 am, Nov 9 2011
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Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt~ lazy animation, 2-d characters, no plot, not funny and boring when not trying to be funny.

Other terrible anime: Air, Clanned, Kanon, Tsubasa (excluding ovas), Naruto, Nausicaa, X movie, Origins, .hack//roots, .hack//sign, & Junjou Romantica.


Hot Gimmick, DMC, Ai Ore, Naruto, & Code Geass: Hankou no Suzaku

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4:40 pm, Nov 14 2011
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for manga
the sad part here that bleach was my No1 fav manga of all time but after thy start make him into super saian shy and gave one fight over 10 chapters i start heating it ...

there worst mangas but these one do the worst thing start great thin go down i still love the first few books

for anime
[m]dragon out[/m]
worst TV anime ever

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5:14 pm, Nov 14 2011
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No such thing as worst or best series out there since it's all a matter of opinion. But in my opinion...

Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt

Still haven't found a worst manga yet.

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