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What are the worst animes/mangas out there!

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From User Message Body
Post #507322

5:21 pm, Nov 14 2011
Posts: 1041

i just cant understand how someone can put bleach on this kind of list
i mean...boobs,adventure,swords,fights...what more can you ask for
and I dont even like bleach

Toriko would be a better hate object
i mean the main theme is to beat exotic/endangered animals to death with their bare hands and eat them...just bcoz they can/love the taste
very tasteless and would not have been OKd in any other country

that is about a man that...rape woman
in most cases he is contacted in some way to perform the rape hurt the woman[usualy bcoz she have been sleeping around and her husband found out and wants to get back at her]
again...could only have come out of japan
i just dont see the fun in rape
i just dont get how a person can read a comic like this and laugh/find this hilarious[im sure its meant as comedy] but its just not fun
its like we make a fun comic book about A-Bombing the shit out of not only hiroshima and nagasaki but we kill off all the japs in one go and sit around and laugh when its shown another city being smashed
its not funny

these are truly horrible pieces of shit
Bleach is pure gold compared to these horrible comic books

Last edited by TaoPaiPai at 5:34 pm, Nov 14

Post #507324
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5:45 pm, Nov 14 2011
Posts: 79

not sure if it's been mentioned but oh well lol

but i have to say Dekiai Paradox
seriously? that story line is just stupid.
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
at school, the main character girl catches the "prince" of the school having sex then the girl was called to a room by the guy and he rapes her?!! she runs away, she goes out with the guy's friend and when they were about to have sex, the rapist guy comes in and "saves" her...

i mean what? what the hell? that doesn't make sense.

the girl's stupid, the boy's stupid, the manga is stupid!

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Post #507326 - Reply to (#356870) by voices-
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6:07 pm, Nov 14 2011
Posts: 16

Quote from voices-
Shugo chara doki doki (or was it doki toki? gah, i don't care.) This whole season isn't worth my time to watch. It just repeating again and again .. worse still, the 'used-to-be main' characters were like.. demoted? [because they HAD to rely on that small girl to know what's the X egg talking about. -_- wth?]

manga; Didn't remember any.... hmm..

You mean Shugo Chara Party? I REALLY HATED THAT part of Shugo Chara.
I really liked Saiunkoku, but I have to admit that the novel is better. I mean, more details. And finally, an ending.
Ouran's manga was rather annoying, but you could say that the art in the later chapters were taher good, and the plot was indeed good.
Worst manga: Quite a lot of manhwa. Read quite a lot of manhwa and the girls are all so...
Freezing isn't that good as well. I mean? Like the people are all crazy about being seniors or something?!
Dekiai paradox or something, really sucks.
Not only that, I hate how people rate an absolutely horrible manga because its done by his/her favourite author or something, and the art is good.

Last edited by yukinoluna at 12:00 pm, Nov 20

Post #507368
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Free Like A Bird

11:33 pm, Nov 14 2011
Posts: 196

To me, it's all the Harem out there........ I just hate those! none

I Love You
Post #566607
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An F to judge M!

6:01 am, Aug 19 2012
Posts: 382

Topic necromanticed due to blakraven-<arbitrarilypointlessnumber>'s intervention of a freshly make topic of relatively similar relation.

Quote from ponbiki
The Legend of Maian for certain events that transpired (10 volumes into the manga) and for doing one of the dumbest time skips in anything I have ever read. I still don't know why the author decided to do that right when the story was getting interesting. It was almost like those ten volumes were all for nothing.

...and of course Medaka Box for destroying a promising premise and deciding to go the shounen fighting route.

Quote from badkarma
Oooo... I hates me some series'... No, I won't name names, but I'd like to point out that I'm usually more infatuated with a series I hate, rather than a series I like. In fact, I go well out of my way to thoroughly read a something I absolutely abhor just so I can trash the series without worrying about whine-bag fan-boys claiming that I'm judging something without reading it.

This is why I run under the handle 'badkarma'.

Quote from Drakron
Yes but keep in mind its The Legend of Maian, not The Legend of someone that is not Maian.
Not expecting something that would push in into the front (and no, that power does not really count) would be foolish considering the title, besides the story was about done because she only need to finish collecting her Pokemons as everything else at that point had mostly been explained, only final battle remained.

I would agree with Medaka Box, except I never found it funny and the whole thing to me is just ... well for NisiOisiN to screw around it, the only thing that saves it is the artwork.

On my part I say Ga-Rei for pandering to the Anime viewers by bringing "her" back, add Shoujo-ai vibes and then try to cast "her" as some kind of victim forgetting that it already done that in the very first arc and also Mahou Tsukai Kurohime for not what it did to Zero on the freaking time travel arc (that I suspect killed it for good considering how long it lasted after that).

Just reiterating the posts that were "lost".

Post #566617
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7:08 am, Aug 19 2012
Posts: 529

I try to avoid series where the summary sounds really lame, so I might have missed some truly awful stuff, then again, some stuff people love I'm not really all that interested.
Anyway, here's the list I can remember:

(I'm gonna be hated, I know and I like CLAMP, I do, but this ended up being c*ap) Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles.
Inuyasha (It it had been 44 volumes less it would have been great.)
Kiss in the Blue no words to describe it.
Akuma na Eros

And I'm sure there are others I've read and I was like "WTF?"

Post #566886
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4:44 am, Aug 21 2012
Posts: 1977

Hana to Akuma. I hate that freaking manga.

Post #569529
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9:30 pm, Sep 10 2012
Posts: 53

Mars. The only manga I absolutely hate.
I also dislike long series. When I was in high school, I was a member of going-home club, so all I did was read manga - I read all of Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, Faity Tail, D.Gray-Man, Berserk, Claymore, Reborn, Liar Game and countless other series. Now I'm a bit more picky and I can say this - long, slow series are really not my thing. Especially One Piece - not interesting, at all. I wouldn't say it's trash, but it's just not for me.

In terms of anime, all I can think of is Elfen Lied. I read the manga, which was good, but

Post #569533
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Noblesse Forever!

9:45 pm, Sep 10 2012
Posts: 1066

Kimi no Iru Machi The worst manga I have ever seen.

Fairy Tail Too annoying both in terms of story and art...gave up after reading around 100 chapters. I cant find a single reason to like it or read it.
Death Notewas good at the start but later half ruined the whole story.

Exact thoughts, author made it worst from the best.
Anime: Code Geass -->Sorry, but it sucks.

Last edited by strixflash at 7:13 pm, Oct 9

User Posted Image
Post #569553

2:55 am, Sep 11 2012
Posts: 121

Shakugan no Shana
Kimi No Iru Machi
some of the worst things

and i for the life of me can not get into bloody monday

Post #569560

4:02 am, Sep 11 2012
Posts: 183

wow all the hate for kimi no iru machi I don't understand. Best romance story right now, far better than Good Ending.

Anyway Mediocre things tend to fade from my mind, and my memory for the bad manga doesn't stretch that far.

The World God Only Knows
Karakasa no Saien
Arigatou - Nonsense trying to pass off as intelligent is how this one comes off to me

Post #569570 - Reply to (#569560) by Hell_Clues
user avatar
Mome Basher

5:58 am, Sep 11 2012
Posts: 3380

Quote from Hell_Clues
wow all the hate for kimi no iru machi I don't understand. Best romance story right now, far better than Good Ending.

Anyway Mediocre things tend to fade from my mind, and my memory for the bad manga doesn't stretch that far.

The World God Only Knows

Sir, I think you have your worst and "best" list mixed up.

User Posted Image
Everyday I'm tumblin'
Post #569571
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6:15 am, Sep 11 2012
Posts: 40

Kodomo no Kodomo, I couldn't finish the first chapter.
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
The art was just... so terrible and the idea that the girl having her hymen torn and getting impregnated could be passed off as 'fun' simply made me stop right then and there.

Post #569705 - Reply to (#569570) by Scyfon

10:55 am, Sep 12 2012
Posts: 183

Quote from Scyfon
Sir, I think you have your worst and "best" list mixed up.

I wasn't saying Kimi is one of the best manga or best romance overall(just making that clear). But in the sense that I don't get the hate for it, and I don't get the love for The World God only knows, I'm totally mixed, and inverted in that. I don't consider them in the same genre though. Which is why I used GE, and I could write a bit on why one is better than the other currently but I won't do that here aside from saying that GE is becoming or is unfocused and perhaps even ridiculous.

Post #569708 - Reply to (#569560) by Hell_Clues

12:03 pm, Sep 12 2012
Posts: 3


Last edited by shouj at 3:21 pm, Mar 13

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