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What are the worst animes/mangas out there!

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From User Message Body
Post #570384
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9:05 pm, Sep 17 2012
Posts: 76

I usually stay away from the mainstream (hipster kitty ha ha) so I don't know about too many popular ones. Anime/Manga that disgust me are ones where women are completely victimized or going to be or are raped, Gantz, Ubel blatt and Berserk come to mind (though I have to admit up to the eclipse it was a good anime)

Post #570390
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10:19 pm, Sep 17 2012
Posts: 10

Anything by Shinjo Mayu
Aihara Miki
Ukyou Ayane
Watanabe Ayu
[a]Nana Haruta[/a]
Miyagi Riko

Basically typical shoujo.
School Days
Air Gear

Hardcore shoujo-fan. I don't read anything under a rating of 8 though ;D

I also like k-pop.
Ailee and Dara <3

You should read The Friendly Winter
(It's underrated!)
Post #570585
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12:28 pm, Sep 19 2012
Posts: 471

Aki-Sora i pick this for the incest, but it is treated very lightly here. wheres the angst? wheres the depression? wheres the feeling of 'forbidden love'? the protagonist is just a fuck machine sad

Akumetsu this is not 'the worst', it was great in a way, but i get tired with the lunatic raving and political rambling by the main guy. i know you hate corruption, but terrorism is never a good thing.

Medaka Box the beginning is super cool, i really love 'solving students problem' schtick, but then it get to boring battle manga out of nowhere. i love battle manga, but it cannot come out of the left field like that!

Wolf Guy - Ookami no Monshou the protagonist is a god-mod gary-stu. i really really love the art, but this is just an adolescent wet dream. i dont even get to the rape part, it's so boring.

Kindan - Himitsu no Hanazono i love lolicon/shotacon, i love incest, i love rape. but, BUT this manga leave a very bad taste in my mouth. i think its the 'romance' angle, i just hate people doing deplorable thing portrayed in positive light, and hate it even more when other chracters in the manga think nothing about it!

Boku wa Imouto ni Koiwosuru bad incest. the girl accept it just like that, a really unbelievable character.

Houkago Hokenshitsu the shittiest ending in the world. the mangaka paint herself into a corner and use a bulldozer to get out of it

Baby Bitch! there's plot in my porn! -_- i want to masturbate reading porn, and yes the sex is great, but the underlying plot is too sad. well, it dont make it 'worst manga' but it really is the worst one for a quick rub.

Usogui it try too hard to be edgy but failed miserably. fail even more trying to be 'mind games' with genius protagonist when this is straight out gambling.

theres boat load more manga that is in my unfinished/on hold list, but that will be too long. here is the one that sticks to my mind, whether its because of the character, the plot, the ending or all of them. naruto, one piece and bleach sucks? you guys don't read the enough manga, man.

Post #571248

5:05 pm, Sep 24 2012
Posts: 127

ANYTHING that dragging the fuck a long without any REAL progress at all
the perfect example is
Minamoto-kun monogatari AND kimi no iru machi
GOD i hope the editor AXE the DAMN series

Post #571252
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5:29 pm, Sep 24 2012
Posts: 425

worst bl: fish in the trap, Our Road of No Return, Koi wa Itsumo Arashi no Youni, Wild Rock, Sex Therapist, Otona to Kodomo no Kyoukaisen, Loveholic - Renai Chuudoku, Katsubou no Manazashi, Yukemuri Biyori Koi Meguri, under grand hotel

worst seinen/shounen: Meister, Testarotho, Metropolis, kana, Kagome Kagome, D-ASH, Blue Dragon: Ral Ω Grado

worst shoujo/josei: Kiss in the Blue, Seiten Taisei, Meine Liebe, Hime 100%, Gekka no Kimi, Aquadom, 38°C, Mucha Kucha Daisuki, Marmalade Boy, Kare First Love, Honey na Koto, Grand Sun, Fushigi Yuugi, Akuma na Eros

I'm such a hater....

if there is an option between "to do" and "not to do", I will always choose the latter.

"what kind of crazy, twisted conclusion is that...?" - banana bread no puding
Post #571256 - Reply to (#571248) by Findy
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6:17 pm, Sep 24 2012
Posts: 920

Well thats rude hoping for an axed series, they put a lot of work into those you know, Kimi no iru machi is dragged on i admit but there are a lot more dragged out manga lol, and minamoto is actually progressing seeing each chapter is only 10 pages, so i respect your opinion but i deny it with my own.
And since im on this topic, hmm worst manga/anime o_O, don't really have any i think, just have manga's i dislike and/or think its bad, which are essentially just shoujo/josei (with some rare exception), bl and guro the thing those guro genre artists can draw creeps me out. Haven't really read any that deserves my worst anime/manga in my opinion.

But i got to say people in this topic really are mixing the word worst and bad/dislike here. For example people are posting series here because they have end up going mainstream shounen route/dragged on/etc, etc. Dislike/bad and worst are not the same, you may dislike a manga going full blown battle style but i think its going to far calling it the worst manga you've read, since i read some people saying they liked it before it went that way, that kinda is contradicting.

Last edited by Kaitentsuki at 6:23 pm, Sep 24

Post #571271
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7:58 pm, Sep 24 2012
Posts: 64

maybe 'Kamisama no Memochou' ?? I just didn't like/or hate(maybe) the protagonist. The girl one, the detective. Her character somehow annoy me. I truly love detective story or mysteri one. I even already download coz I think that one will interest me. but after I watch episode 1 till 3 or 5, I found it annoying! The other main characters annoy me too! except the protagonist boy one. He just fine. but I still didn't like the protagonist girl one.

"Even though it is scary to know yourself, to stay ignorant of yourself is much, much more scary." - by XXXHolic

"Let's go home." - by Tokyo Ghoul
Post #571353 - Reply to (#571256) by Kaitentsuki

5:42 pm, Sep 25 2012
Posts: 127 write in this thread about people mixing word worst and bad/dislike etc
but DO you realize you the only ONE that reply OOT
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
the topic is the worst anime/manga out there and IF you dont have any opinion what are the worst manga/anime out there just STFU

Post #571517 - Reply to (#571353) by Findy
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9:23 pm, Sep 26 2012
Posts: 920

If you find the time you should really learn to read properly, i said i don't really have any worst anime/manga which is on topic and qualifies under discussion and stated my reason why i don't really have any and since dislike is really used here i posted a few genre i hate/dislike which some people actually did in this topic, so get off your high horse plz.

silent killer
Post #571533
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chasing oblivion

1:50 am, Sep 27 2012
Posts: 1366

Tenchi Muyo GXP - saw seven episodes of this. it was the worst anime I've ever seen.
School Rumble
Linebarrels of Iron - the protagonist is so whiny, he makes Shinji look like fucking Rambo. Atleast that's how I saw it.
Air Gear - the only thing the manga had going for it was the Godly art, and it sadly does not transfer over to the anime.
E's Otherwise 25? episodes and yet no resolution. I could understand if it was a 13 episode series, but a whole season and yet no conclusion. waste of time.
Maken-Ki - Piece of shit.
Last Exile fam of the silver wing - they turned one of the greatest anime in this decade into another crap moe-fest. I know GONZO needed money but why at the expense of a great franchise. confused

as for manga
Initial D - has no real story to speak of. Many chapters are nothing but cars going around corners. Despite how long it's been running the art has not changed since page 1.

Last edited by silent killer at 2:16 am, Sep 27

Sarcasm just doesn't work over the internet.
Post #571535
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2:14 am, Sep 27 2012
Posts: 6

Garzey's Wing, is the worst anime you will EVER, EVER see! It's an ova so there's 3 episodes, and its dubbed by the worst voice actors of all time. I mean, the kids are all voiced by adults, and everyone talks disconnectedly or in monotone. There is no introduction so you don't know what is happening, and they don't explain it at all, so you're still having moments of why is he doing this? or why aren't they doing that? or should i get this reference? throughout the entire anime. There is a little bit of plot structure... as in you can sort of see where it's going, but most of the time they add new ideas in spontaneously which doesn't apply to the overall story. There is no conclusion what so ever... nothing is resolved, the quest never ends, he doesn't save the world, he doesn't get together with the girl, he doesn't return home. It just ends like bam.

The one thing that ticked me off was the fact that no one trusted the fairy, and they didn't explain why. It was don't trust the fairy cuz she's a fairy. Honestly whats wrong with fairies? Nothing, there is no reason, we just don't trust fairies.

Post #571536
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~Just a Dream~

2:24 am, Sep 27 2012
Posts: 160

Sailor Moon embarrassed

D.N.Angel - tried it twice and always ended up dropping it after 1st episode.

User Posted Image
Post #571541
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3:38 am, Sep 27 2012
Posts: 27

Blitz Royale, supposedly "Battle Royale 2" but... that's more like something I'd draw for an April's fool.

MÄR Omega is the sequel of MÄR which is a big waste. Past the numerous clichés, the beginning of the original series was very catchy and I was hoping a big fantasy adventure in an immersive world. What we got ? A stupid chess game. Total scenario failure. Not only its world have been useless because unseen, but at that pace it looked like a rush to the expected end. Now, an assistant took the story on... and made that.

Dragon Ball GT is exactly the fail counterpart of Dragon Ball. In the beginning, in both Goku is a little boy wandering in the world in search of adventure and some cristal dragon balls (mine are diamonds... ok, that joke was bad). Then, he fights monster again and again (and androids mid-way) and after the finale, Goku departs.
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
For a more evident comparison, let's take a look at the final fight : the enemy has yet to have its final form by absorbing, it's growing, at max it is against Goku but Bejita comes and fusion! Bejito/Gogeta takes it down one step from ultimate form, but they part away before landing the finishing blow. And then, desperate fight ending the same way.

But there's a big hole. While Dragon Ball until Piccolo was quite a funny story, and then some mainstream shonen (like it or not, I personally find it at least readable), Dragon Ball GT is the DB + DBZ plots shameful remake........... in my opinion.

Fairy Tail... what have you done, Hiro Mashima ? With Rave, the characters and the world at least a little interesting together with some deaths made it to help enduring that. But there, in some selected bleak areas with idiots out of nowhere, I can't read that again. I mean... STUPID "FRIENDS-JUSTIFIED" POWER UPS ! Where are logic and suspence ?

Post #571546

5:44 am, Sep 27 2012
Posts: 10

While I don't hate this Manga it is by far the most frustrating for me.

Gin Tama.

Primarily its a gag manga. I've read through volumes 1 - 13.
And when this manga does a serious storyline it's freaking brilliant, there was a really good arc about a cursed sword and I think it also involved terrorism but then it can follow up a serious arc with something completely ridiculous. been a while since I read it so my memory is hazy.

If memory serves correctly I believe I gave up when a woman asked the group to find her missing son and it involved cross dressing, hostess bars, gangs and sum stupid stuff about them imagining the missing person and creating drawing of what they thought he looked like or whatnot, if anyone is interested the arc is in volume 13 but I finally gave up after that.

such a disappointing manga for me case it really did do serious arcs well but the gag arcs are just beyond stupid that they're not funny.

Post #571549
user avatar

6:20 am, Sep 27 2012
Posts: 99

Yu Gi Oh Zexal. Plot gets redundant and ignored, character traits lasts a single episode, premises are as gaudy as possible. It's hard to define it as something else than an extended commercial. (just in case, YuGiOh happens to be the card game product that Zexal anime advertises)

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