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Worst SHOUNEN Cliche

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Post #110812 - Reply to (#110331) by natkoden
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7:52 am, Jan 11 2008
Posts: 217

I hate it when a character is in a life or death situation and insted of shooting/attacking the enemy straight away they have a little chat to that person... How many of you, if your life/the world is in your hands would have a chat to the person try to kill you?

Quote from natkoden
Ichigo 100% is one BIG cliche

That is the thing that makes it so special smile.

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Post #110895 - Reply to (#110811) by cheesestix
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3:34 pm, Jan 11 2008
Posts: 9027

Quote from cheesestix
I do not like weak, pathetic, pervy, loser protagonists. I dislike it even more if they never really improve, but end up getting the girls anyway. I do not see why any girl would want guys like that, and yet the girls that fall for them are almost always the pretty and nice ones. I wonder why they have so many of those? dead

I also don't like it when there are too many power-ups. It's like, "Oh look, a strong enemy! I must make myself 10 times as strong as I am now to defeat him/her." *Character gets stronger and beats enemy.* *Enemy gets a sudden surge of power and beats character again.* *Repeat cycle some number of times or something like that.* I like something like Full Metal Alchemist where Ed relies on his skills and brain to get out of situations rather than simply becoming more powerful than his opponents.

The first one I agree. dead I don't like those. >.<

And the second one is just a guy's thing. xD Generally.

source: animenewsnetwork

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Post #110988
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8:40 pm, Jan 11 2008
Posts: 71

Characters getting sexually excited over inanimate objects.

Rozen Maiden, Chobits, you get the idea.

Also, the stereotype that only total bitches can be strong females. Bah.

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Post #114850
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Streamyx SUCK ASS

1:26 pm, Jan 23 2008
Posts: 476

Hero always win if the bad guys is soo fucking strong.
Most hero that has secret identity hide it using glass.
When hero about to die, he always kill the bad guy when he was explaining something.
Hero sometimes has weird hair color like green.
Hero always come last to save the day.
Hero always lose first eventhough the bad guy is weaker than him.
Eventhough hero is soo damn powerful always got beaten by heroien when he accidently see her naked.
Whenever detective hero go, there always a case that need to be solve.

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Post #114888

6:53 pm, Jan 23 2008
Posts: 8

I want to be the best X in the world.

And yes, Ichigo100% is one huge cliche.

Post #114926

8:57 pm, Jan 23 2008
Posts: 1650

hero is always a major underdog, runs in anyways, and wins. can't manga be a little realistic sometimes?

Post #116140 - Reply to (#110988) by CapnSamwise
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forum bunny

6:48 am, Jan 28 2008
Posts: 510

Quote from CapnSamwise
Also, the stereotype that only total bitches can be strong females.

*nods* Unless they're pathetic scheming idiots-usually found in harems. Gotta make the heroine look good after all.

Why do love interests/female sidekicks only come in two flavors? Sugary sweet and meek and wouldn't ever hurt a fly, but with a tragic past (of course-everyone's gotta have a tragic past in manga) or strong and smart with a wicked temper. I'll give points for playing with the cliches, 'cause the good manga do, but so many of 'em just throw out the same generic personalities. Yeah, I can throw in tomboy, but she's almost always a sub-species of the angry type-I'd love to see a sweet tomboy once in a while.

Rozen Maiden, Chobits, you get the idea.

Well, with Chobits that's kind of the point (love and humanity and all that shiny philosophy played out in the manga within a manga)

Post #116175
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7:59 am, Jan 28 2008
Posts: 2009

Howzabout the ability to blow up the world with ur pinky finger, and you only got there by punching the air a few million times (DBZ). Also, even tho now you are pretty much almost omnipotent, there are STILL badguys out there stronger than you (sigh looks like i gotta go back to punching the air).

Post #139516 - Reply to (#38736) by Frostea

2:09 am, Mar 13 2008
Posts: 5

Quote from Frostea
When the mangaka takes something from real life and makes it so incredible that I don't know if I should laugh at the stupidity or just cry. Especially things that I've experienced myself before. Which is the reason why I don't read sports related mangas...

I hate that. They try to do it in Air Gear. Trying to explain how some kid just shot a blade of frekin wind out of his roller blades. It doesn't matter what kind of messed up physics you use, roller blades don't make wind blades, unless they are magiked.

Post #139536
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Smooth Operator
Super Mod

2:21 am, Mar 13 2008
Posts: 5329

Shounen anime is one big cliche all the time

Listen here
Livin just to keep from dyin
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Post #139540

2:22 am, Mar 13 2008
Posts: 5

Ah i thought of a couple
1. guys who won't hurt/kill people. They are assaulted on the street, manage to win, then just leave. Even the bad guy is like "confused huh confused he should have killed me, 'cause i'm gonna come back to kick his but"
I can understand if its a cute girl because the cliche for that moment is that she will fall in love with him.

2. guys who need a reason to fight. They stand there and take a beating because they don't have a reason to fight. Then the guy who beat them up goes and messes with the ML's friend, or kidnaps his girlfriend. The ML then comes, kicks his ass, end of story.
would haved saved your girlfriend a lot of trauma if you had kicked his ass earlier.

3. Girls who are able to beat the crap out of any guy that sees them naked, yet can't fight back when they get kidnapped.

4. final one is the guys who are frekin shy. I understand that modesty is a big thing in Japanese culture, but there is a limit. ex. Nagasete Airantou, the ML lives in the same house as the LG for months, yet still blushes when she gets close to him and gets a nose bleed when he sees her panties. Its like he has no desire for sex whatsoever. If i was in his situation, I wouldn't have enough blood for a nosebleed, because it would all be rushing somewhere else.

Sorry about this rant, I just couldn't stop myself

Post #139555 - Reply to (#114850) by mashqi

2:34 am, Mar 13 2008
Posts: 5

Quote from mashqi
Whenever detective hero go, there always a case that need to be solve.

I found that to be so funny in Meitante Conan. Does Conan actually ever save anyone besides his girlfriend? No, he gets there, murder happens, gets clues, another person dies, more clues, someone else dies, more clues, then case is solved. By that time the case is easy because there are only two or three people left alive.

Post #151594
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3:27 am, Apr 8 2008
Posts: 3120

The protaganist is on the edge of defeat
then he yells something extremely retarded
becomes 20000000000 times more powerful and beats the bad guy

Post #151862
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9:32 pm, Apr 8 2008
Posts: 16

1.the usual shonen stereotype= no backbone,weak,short,stupid,stupidly kind,pacifist,has the resolve of protecting something,uses the "catch phrase" i will never forgive,shy....etc. why has nearly every manga have this same stereotype is what i dont get. Why do the authors force this unlikable stereotype onto the readers? On top of being a stereotype its unpopular. so this is something that really puzzles me.

2.characters who beat guys over the stupidest things.for example just saying something stupid or someone tripping and falling on them. now what i hear this is meant for comedic purposes. but the thing is its simply not funny

3.the shyness.... ridicilous. guys who blush over simple physical contact or a cute look and have no sexual desire is a joke... there is no such thing. this stereotype/cliche must go....its a disgrace


Post #151865 - Reply to (#151862) by Fenrir
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9:37 pm, Apr 8 2008
Posts: 2506

Quote from Fenrir
3.the shyness.... ridicilous. guys who blush over simple physical contact or a cute look and have no sexual desire is a joke... there is no such thing. this stereotype/cliche must go....its a disgrace


This is a characteristic prevalent in Romance heroes. Not heroes of the romance genre, but of the Romantic period of literature. It is not just a shounen cliche, and because the Romance hero was revived by movies, it's not suprising he also appears in Shounen.

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