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2:13 am, Oct 23 2009
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Hi I don't know if this thread has been done before if it has been then go ahead and lock it

What do you think is the treasure of One Piece?

I think the treasure of One Piece Gol D. Roger buried are the tablets of truth that he discovered.

Remember in chapter 301 when Robin finds the tablet and starts decoding it she finds Gol D. Roger's message that they came and followed the guidance of the tablet and then Robin goes on to explain how there are two types of tablets - one is tablets of the clues, and the other are the tablets of truth - that means that the Pirate King found the clue from the tablet and went and recovered the tablet of the truth.

The theory is that the lost civilization made the tablet of clues and wrote down on them where the weapons of great power can be found and when they follow the clues to it they will find the tablet of truth there in stead of the weapons. This way they ensured that the civilization that came after them won't destroy them because they will want the weapons.

So I think when Luffy or someone else get to the One Piece they will find the tablets of truth that the Pirate King collected instead of any gold there.

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3:19 am, Oct 23 2009
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