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So... Hwang Mi Ri...

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6:23 pm, Apr 22 2010
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i have to say some of her work draws on, boarding house, irritated teh hell outta me, but i still read it. But i pick up anything by her really, haha i gotta say its a mix of love hate relationship

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7:21 pm, Apr 22 2010
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I've learned my lesson after boarding house of hunks. I have a habit of reading until the end because I don't like unfinished stories, so I think since I learned my lesson and didn't like the experience, I will simply nip it in the bud before I get pulled into the story. No more hwang mi ri for me.

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7:42 pm, Apr 22 2010
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And even if she did have some series in backlog, then we'd obviously be able to tell the difference, I noticed a change in artstyle. Although, recently, it's pretty much the same thing.
I got 965+ (The plus is there because one series is ongoing, and another has a question mark).
Because I SUCK at math, I may have miscalculated, I wouldn't be surprised. Looking at other's who've also calculated it (and they say it's 925) I think I definitely miscalculated, darnit >__<. Oh well >.>...

Anyways, I've also noticed that a lot of people scanlate her series, especially Loyal Kiss (they did drop 9 of them, though, because another group was scanlating them, I think), but after I read Cutie Boy (my first ever by her), I decided to never read anything by her ever again XD.

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10:34 pm, May 17 2010
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I'm guessing there's an assembly line involved. A long one.

Actually, it that were true, it would be physically feasible. I know that oil colour paintings can be replicated within a hour, almost stroke by stroke, if one is used to it. I learned how to do it, once. Considering how stiff her figures are (though almost all manhwa have stiff bodies, just not to HMR's extent), either she's an horrible artist or she doesn't give a damn (I hope it's the latter). In that case, a page can be done within minutes, and the rest can be left to the assistants.

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2:45 pm, May 21 2010
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i keep trying to read her stuff cuz scanalation groups dont really release anything else
but it's just impossible..i don't know if i just don't like the art or if i hate that the stories are so predictable

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12:34 am, May 23 2010
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If you guys don't like her manhwas, DON'T read it. And yes, I'm a fan of her. So what? That's just her style.
All mangas and manhwas are the same shit! Boys like girls, girls like boys...they fall in love...happy ending...THE END! And If you're lucky ..maybe a sad ending? That's what you guys want, right? Grown up people! (=.=")

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12:57 am, May 23 2010
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^All mangas and manhwas are not like that. And even if many romances boil down to the same plot there are ways to make them different besides change the end.

Anyway the question is 'how does Hwang Mi Ri make so many manwha?' Not 'do you like her or not?'

I agree with the assembly line theory. There's no other way she can pull it off all by herself.

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2:20 am, May 23 2010
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Wow thank goodness I wasn't the only one who noticed this??/ I seriously have no clue, and to be honest I don't read much of her anymore because I'm worried she's one of those people who start a bunch of projects and never finish, like the author of Ouran Host Club pausing Millenium Snow sad

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7:42 am, May 23 2010
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Quote from inktsy
Wow thank goodness I wasn't the only one who noticed this??/ I seriously have no clue, and to be honest I don't read much of her anymore because I'm worried she's one of those people who start a bunch of projects and never finish, like the author of Ouran Host Club pausing Millenium Snow sad

Actually, so far she's finished all of her projects, excepting one which is ongoing and started releasing in 2010, so that's understandable. I wonder if she read this topic, then decided to actually work on a project steadily for once. laugh (I've actually never seen any ongoing series in her list otherwise... confused )

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1:08 am, Aug 9 2010
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Whoa, I totally did not know she had 925 + works. The only one of her works I read was Hot Blooded Women, but I didn't like it very much (skipped to the end and still pretty much understood everything) and I looked up another one of her series... it was pretty much the same. No offense to her fans, of course. To each his/her own. smile
I guess the only way that that's physically feasible is that she uses the same character designs and personalities, same plot, sets it in a different location, and then uses a magic manwhua producing factory. Or the assembly line thing. But, seriously, even then, if you consider that it SHOULD all be her art (her? his? magic immortal vampire's?) for at least the bare essentials, she must wake up, draw, eat a protein bar, draw some more, sleep for 10 minutes, draw, etc. etc.
I wonder if that type of life style is even slightly healthy... does she possibly get any exercise? God, and the hand cramps... *shudder*

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1:33 am, Aug 9 2010
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I wonder if shes popular in Korea. I visited Korea a few times and shopped in their book stores and checked out the manhwa/manga rental place (whatever they are); I don't remember seeing any of her works.

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5:51 am, Aug 9 2010
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so whatconfused people who writes mangas, manhwas, and manhuas all have their own way of writing. you could atleast be a little considerate. she's has a lot of manhwas, thats great if you dont like then dont go near it.
she has her own fans.
and a few people how are critizing her arent her fans.
you dislike her work, but there's a forum about her.
this is what i call it "Hate Cruch".
you dislike it, but you're talking bout it.
no sense, and no offense either.

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7:43 pm, Aug 16 2010
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I think she's like ann m. martin (creater/writer of Baby Sitter's Club and various spin offs) she had ghost writers(artists/assistants). I rembmer i went through and counted over a 500 manga before i stopped.

either that or she's a robot.

edit: also no disrepsect to her (or her former assistant that seems to do the same thing) I like a couple of HMR's works smile

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8:07 pm, Aug 16 2010
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Wow. I knew she had a lot of series, and that they were all pretty similar, but.....nine hundred and twenty-five volumes? Wow. I never realized.....She's a vampire! Yeah! XD An extremely wealthy one, probably.....>.>

@manga_lover209: Some of us like her, some of us don't. We all find it interesting that she's written such a lot. I don't think this quite qualifies as a crush, no.

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8:24 pm, Aug 16 2010
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Oh, dear lord. Too much HMR for me. D:

Man that is just...has her wrist ever been in pain? That's A LOT of volumes...

But considering that most of her stories have the same general story, I think she just draws...and draws...and her assistants do the work., I want to see what type of health she's in...none

I wonder how many assistants she has...O.o

But yeah, I don't think HMR's true potential could be released if she's chugging out that many volumes...but I guess that explains why her art looks awkward...


But man, how does she do that...? eek

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