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Which personality do you like most?

Which personality of Motoko do you like most?
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2:00 am, Nov 22 2009
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So, what I want to know is which of the multiple personalities people like the most.

For me, it's no contest. Hibiki is the best. She's passionate, cute, hot, and even though she's labeled a "tomboy", she is actually very feminine (especially when it comes to Kosukegawa).

Honestly, I just don't see what it is that Kosukegawa sees in Motoko that makes her his favorite. It's probably that she is the most normal (or rather, plain) out of all of them. I'm not saying that he should jump at every opportunity that Hibiki has given him, but he should return some of her affection. She obviously loves him the most out of all of them (at least she shows it more), but Kosukegawa barely pays her any mind romantically.

Fujiko is also good. She's mature and has that older woman appeal. Also, the few times she gets flustered is cute. Mikiri is just too kid-like. Zero doesn't really have a personality...

I hope that if Motoko returns to having one personality (which in all likelihood will happen), she won't continue being the Motoko that she is now, but rather, a combination of all of them (with Hibiki's traits being dominant biggrin ).

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4:53 pm, Jan 29 2010
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Ugh. Started the manga only couple of days ago. Gotta vote for Hibiki. Its always fun with her around and its not too child-like like its with Mikiri. Even tho i said that Motoko's disappearance is still really annoying/sad. And as last chapter out shes still gone and i have no idea when new one may come out...That makes it even more frustrating, lol. Hope new chappies will come soon.

Edit: Hehe mine first post here. Haven't felt the need to post something about mangas before. xD

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5:16 pm, Jan 29 2010
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Zero, for being a bad ass tank.

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5:43 pm, Jan 29 2010
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vote 4 motoko... although I also liked Hibiki
i hope motoko motoko really do not disappear cry

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6:42 pm, Jan 29 2010
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I vote Hibiki

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5:58 am, Apr 19 2010
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the one with the biggest tits

Post #372557 - Reply to (#372555) by xGunner1
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African Albino Cat

6:16 am, Apr 19 2010
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Quote from xGunner1
the one with the biggest tits

Have to second that...

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Post #373004 - Reply to (#372557) by corx_d_afikolami

11:00 pm, Apr 20 2010
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Quote from corx_d_afikolami
Quote from xGunner1
the one with the biggest tits

Have to second that...

lol. Don't they all have the same breast size? I mean, it's the same body, just different personalities.

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12:50 am, Apr 21 2010
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Vote Hibiki

Hardcore chicks are somehow more sexier to me. laugh

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12:32 pm, Jul 2 2010
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I really like Motoko but her hesitant nature ,indecisiveness (strangely what defines a harem lead) and lack of faith in her boyfriend spoil that
that's why i'm left with Fujiko because of her cool mature big sister personality (maybe because i don't have one)

come to think of it, is the multiple personnalities representing Motoko at different ages
(kid,teen,young,grownup ...)
the problem with that is where to put Motoko and Hibiki (is Motoko more grown up than Hibiki or the opposite) maybe the opposing personnalities of those two make this theory invalid ?? confused

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