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Why the heck is Kimi ni todoke on top??

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Post #479617
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1:13 pm, Jul 2 2011
Posts: 838

... Not gonna say I dont like KNT, but being a guy i feel like theres too much melodrama and they go around things way too much(at least in the anime). In the top of my t10 is Bokura ga ita and will be for a long while bigrazz. Hell i picked up KNT because it had that bokura ga ita feeling all @ it.

Post #479710
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2:21 am, Jul 3 2011
Posts: 14

I like Kimi ni Todoke and I don't read a lot of shoujos or favour them. However yes it does depends people's taste. I mean, I don't find Skip Beat interesting for some reason. I tried the anime and read a couple of chapters but I guess it just doesn't catch my mind. I am happy that it is on top if you wanna know.

Post #479715
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2:44 am, Jul 3 2011
Posts: 83

... Not really my favourite shoujo either... Oh well. I can never get why popular manga are popular anyways. People will like what they like.

Post #479716 - Reply to (#479596) by yongzhi93
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Pew pew

3:05 am, Jul 3 2011
Posts: 869

Quote from yongzhi93
Quote from aagcnet
"A story's popularity has nothing to do with how good it is - it just means that a lot of people like it."
Makes me wonder how the mayority can be wrong... and believe something bad is good. Guess we all are wrong biggrin . Oh wait.. am a guy maybe i dont count O_o.

Well, I don't think that's true. Isn't it instinctive that "a story is popular because it is good"? I know there are pointed exceptions, but in general it holds true.

Gotta disagree with you there... books like Twilight are immensely popular but in truth it's terribly written. As well as the movies, and Kirsteen Stewart... but she always gets rewards anyways, right?
Along with current American pop music, we all know the singers can't sing but they're popular anyways.

Anyway... Most crazy and obsessive shoujo fan girls like cliche stories like this, that's probably why it's so popular.

Post #502444

11:19 pm, Oct 20 2011
Posts: 17

Because it is cute and different, especially regarding the male lead character! It is refreshing and heartwarming.

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Post #505998 - Reply to (#479716) by ForteAtrox
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12:10 pm, Nov 7 2011
Posts: 60

Quote from ForteAtrox
Gotta disagree with you there... books like Twilight are immensely popular but in truth it's terribly written. As well as the movies, and Kirsteen Stewart... but she always gets rewards anyways, right?

Touche on Twilight. I've read many shoujo, so I guess I'm a biased source. But I recently learned that my classmate, who hates shoujo, will only read KnT. He's otherwise completely into Shounen. My conclusion was that KnT does have an appeal beyond crazy shoujo fangirls.

In fact, KnT is remarkable for the lack of cliche rather than overuse. The only cliche is that it's a high-school romance where popular guy meets unpopular girl and likes her. Otherwise, it's really a gentle tale of warmth and friendship, and it's so easygoing that I've seen complaints that it takes too long for the relationship to actually appear!

Anyway... Most crazy and obsessive shoujo fan girls like cliche stories like this, that's probably why it's so popular.

PS: Just a scroll through the comments on the manga page will yield-
-"I seldom read shoujo manga but i think this is one of the better shoujo mangas out there." (serabi)
-"Despite this being of the shoujo genre, I can--as a male--say I'm sincerely enjoying Kimi no Todoke." (asdfffdsa)
-"It's highly realistic and devoid of too much perversion which pervades the current shojo manga scene." (silk.griffin)
-"I just love how the drama in here isn't the typical my-ex gf-comes-back-to-ruin-my-relationship or i'm-sorry-shoujo-heroine-but-we-must-break-up-for-some-r eason." (PoshSam)

Last edited by yongzhi93 at 12:18 pm, Nov 7

1. 10,000 chapters and counting. (...Otaku alert!)
2. I love Comedy/Romance/School Life (as you probably can tell!), especially when they're all together.
3. I welcome spiffy debate but I don't do quarreling (or forum trolling).
Post #506001
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A silly pumpkin

1:26 pm, Nov 7 2011
Posts: 174

I think KnT is on top because it is a long running romance with two really sweet and likable characters. The guy is created in the image of a perfect boy and all girls love the imperfect heroine. Had the main girl been stunningly pretty with the same personality as now then no one would read it because either is makes the reader feel bad about themselves or bores them to death. The story appeals to a wide age group as there is no indecent content and it isn't stupid or immature, appealing to both younger and older audience.

KnT is "on the top" because it appeals to a wide range of female audiences and once an anime was made for it, that just increased the amount of people who would hear about it. The reason twilight is popular is because is has a hot boy and more hot and sexy characters. A girl who appears to be "perfect" she image of beauty, you can tell by the description of Bella that Stephanie Meyer loves the way Bella looks and in her eyes, Bella is the perfect female, because the writer believes it readers are positioned to love her as well, even though she is really very annoying. It is an easy read, nothing too deep and awe inspiring so fragile teenage minds can deal with it and it has all the sorts of things the majority of todays teenage girls think about. Hot guys, sex, children, vampires wanting to bight your neck, you being loved by a super hot guy and, don't forget, you becoming super hot, popular, graceful, perfect and loved as well.

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Post #508589
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Free Like A Bird

12:06 am, Nov 22 2011
Posts: 196

Because it's a good shoujo manga, it's innocent & very sweet, much more better than any crap shounen which also on top..... laugh

I Love You
Post #508619 - Reply to (#508589) by HaruTheBirds
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5:10 am, Nov 22 2011
Posts: 357

Quote from HaruTheBirds
Because it's a good shoujo manga, it's innocent & very sweet, much more better than any crap shounen which also on top..... laugh

Completely agreed. The illustration is nice, the romance is slow paced(even at 15 volumes in they haven't kissed, but I feel they are going to!!! xD), the characters are likeable, and it is very well written and told.

I'm a male, but I read all genres of manga, including josei, shoujo, and such. KnT, just may be one of my personal top shoujos.

And asking why KnT is on top is like asking why is bleach/one piece/naruto and such are top rated mangas.
I also think that it is extremely rude to say that Twilight sucked, I personally am not fond of it, but there is a reason why millions of copies are sold and why there are movies on the series. I'm sure there are reasons why people believe it "sucked", but please at least provide reasonable support.
There will always be haters...

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Post #513770
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9:40 pm, Dec 22 2011
Posts: 55

I actually wonder about the popularity of KnT too. I posted my thoughts at: -popularity

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turnip head
Post #516860

6:12 am, Jan 12 2012
Posts: 18

How can it be refreshing and cliched at the same time? And what does "for a shoujo" mean? The story (and it is a story- the plot is solid) is beautiful. The slow pace allows for a wide range of emotions- we really get a sense of the thoughts and feelings behind a character's actions. The actions themselves are in no way cliched or expected. Isn't that good story telling?

It's romantic. It's aesthetically appealing. It's got humor and a plot. It doesn't lag. We relate to the characters.

That's why it's on top.

Post #560296
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12:02 am, Jul 10 2012
Posts: 1

As I read through the comments, I'm glad others agree with me as well.
This series is very refreshing, and why wouldn't it be on the top ten? It's a very sweet one of a kind series, in my opinion. And I'm glad it's on the top 10 list, to tell you the truth, i think it deserves to be there. It makes me happy that others realize the cuteness of sawako and the refreshing kazehaya. biggrin And the innocent story plot. The illustrations are beautiful and it's not like other shoujos.

Post #560445

6:17 pm, Jul 10 2012
Posts: 119

I think it doesn't deserve to be anywhere near the top. Setting aside the relatively boring "plot", Sawako is a useless, stupid and annoying girl with absolutely no charm, Kazehaya is just... bland. Everything is based on misunderstanding which means pretty much that author is saying "I have no idea how to create a real plot so let me use a generic and cliched substitute".

IMO it's the shoujo equivalent of Naruto or Bleach. Popular because it appeals to the lowest common denominator. It also goes on and on and on and on and won't end.

Post #560447
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6:42 pm, Jul 10 2012
Posts: 1655

it isn't anymore...
it isn't even the top 100 anymore now...

And that's justified, because it isn't nearly as good as before. but hey each ranking here is just temporary, at the time it was on top it was probably justified as well...

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