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Tips on Staying up Late

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What's your view on staying up late, even when you feel like sleeping?
It's bad. You should respect your body.
It's okay once in a while.
I do that all the time.
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From User Message Body
Dr. Love
Post #338015
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12:11 am, Nov 28 2009
Posts: 9024

This is the place to share your stories about sleeping late, and tips on how to keep going for another hour. embarrassed Please, do contribute to this thread~ Here are my "tips", haha!

1.) Never ever do your homework in bed! (I do, and I always end up falling asleep... @__@)

2.) Snack on something light. (But not a heavy meal, cause that just makes you more sleepy after you finish eating.)

3.) Keep drinking ice cold water. (Kinda the same principal as eating, but the cold can help wake you up, and you would have to go to the bathroom.)

4.) Music is nothing to me but distraction, although it does help certain people stay awake.

5.) If your homework doesn't require the use of a computer/internet, ask someone to hide it for you!!! (Seriously, this might sound ridiculous, but I always end up surfing the web when I am suppose to do my homework... AKP and youtube is addicting I tell you.)

6.) I have tried taking an hour nap when I am really too tired to stay up. Sometimes it helps, sometimes I just turn off the alarm and fall back to sleep. So don't risk it if you are not sure whether you will have the determination to actually wake up or not. Oh, and sometimes I just feel even more tired after the nap, so don't use it unless you really can't stay awake.

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Post #338016
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12:18 am, Nov 28 2009
Posts: 3120

Don't down a fifth of vodka

Post #338017
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12:18 am, Nov 28 2009
Posts: 343

I drink coffee! or tea!

I wish I went to bed earlier.. because I love sleep.. but I hate homework and always end up reading manga til like 10 instead. D:

Post #338024
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12:40 am, Nov 28 2009
Posts: 367

I did this quite often during my exam time. I had a physics/chemistry exam on at 3:30pm and the next day I have another one at 6:30am so I tend to stay awake the whole night for my next paper.

One thing I found useful was having a shower, try not to take too long, I do this between breaks in my work when I decided that I reached a certain milestone. Cold water and what not and you'll come out feeling more refreshed than before.

Try not to stare at the sun if you haven't slept during the night. One thing I found annoying was that my eyes were very sensitive to the sunlight the very next morning, and I had to close my eyes (and end up falling asleep in the car). Basically if you know you've been awake for the majority of the night chances are you should go out of the house with some sunglasses.

I'm quite prone to distractions since I've had a lot of experience with working long hours and such, but I've found the best solution was for me to just do the deadlines earlier and not procrastinate. laugh

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User Posted Image
Post #338033
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1:15 am, Nov 28 2009
Posts: 3342

"5 Hour Energy."
Them things will have you wired and focused.

"“That's the difference between me and the rest of the world!
Happiness isn't good enough for me! I demand euphoria!” "
Post #338040

1:37 am, Nov 28 2009
Posts: 210 nto-awesomeness/

read no.5. also relevant to the article;

personal experiences? lotsa caffeine. one other method is to mess around with your internal clock. on any given night when you've got nothing to do, stay up late and keep yourself very busy and entertained. browse through 4chan or read through tvtropes (in my case, it only takes one article, and from there continue clicking on any related or recommended links in that article, and the article after that and so on. play video games only after 12 am. watch something entertaining after 12. do anything entertaining after 12.

through my personal experience, after a few days of this, you'll stay up late enough to sleep at 10..... in the morning the very next day. "breakfast" basically starts at around 5-6pm, lunch on 9-10pm, and dinner at around 3-4am. yes, it IS messed up, i know....

Post #338045
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2:08 am, Nov 28 2009
Posts: 389

Drink Redbull =D

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Post #338048
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2:18 am, Nov 28 2009
Posts: 910

Be strong! It works sometimes...
If I'm too tired, I try to wake up earlier to do it. It helps clear my mind. you just have to actually get up. Also, don't go near a bed or computer because you WILL be distracted/fall asleep.

sweet despair
Post #338049
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Artificial Life

2:20 am, Nov 28 2009
Posts: 1592

OMG i just had my 1st all-nighter 2daii?? yesterday?? my brain so so dead from lack of sleep XD

i still cant believe im still awake and functioning.
anyhow i had 2 cups of coffee and like espresso flavored cookies... strange coming from a person who hates coffee but w.e. keeps me awake.

ya u totally have to hide ur laptop...i went online to get my profs lecture notes and i started reading doujinshi >.< thats a no-no -_-'

dont study/ do hmwk in bed... u just keep dozing off >.<

i smacked myself when i felt sleepy XD (dont do that, it hurts)

As if handcuffed, I'm bound to the memories of you...
Post #338053
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Sovereign Grace

2:27 am, Nov 28 2009
Posts: 209

If someone who you like talking to is staying up like you are, ask them to call you every 1 hour or 30 minutes ~ If you really want to talk to them, you'll stay up.

--not a great one, but meh. A friend said his girlfriend was the one to keep him awake during heavy homework season-

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Post #338062
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3:34 am, Nov 28 2009
Posts: 574

Yup. The shower does it for me. Though usually, I end up convincing myself into sleeping / sleeping for a few hours = "I slept over 9000 hours!!" mad

Anyway, whenever I get that sleepy I-can't-do-it-anymore feeling, I focus on something other than what I'm doing for about 30 minutes, and then start on it again so I'm not bored. But yeah...Definitely take a cold shower or just wash your face.

Caffeine has like no effect on me, so that doesn't help.

User Posted Image
Post #338069
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4:09 am, Nov 28 2009
Posts: 560

I used to have a tradition of staying up past 24 hours once a year. But for the past two years, I've had a record total of 6 all nighters, with possible 10 other days where I get as little as an hour or 30 min of sleep.

I recommend moving around every few minutes, or drinking red bull. I listen to loud music through my headphone. I slap myself....No, I'm just kidding XD, but if it's that drastic, I would probably consider it......I also take small naps. If it's 2am and I have quite a workload left, I'll take a nap and then start up again. Any small amount of sleep is better that not being able to concentrate because of the lack of it.

Though, while you get your work done, you're screwed for school/work/whatever you're doing that day unless it involves constant movement. Take it from me, a girl who's made herself infamous amongst my classes(including teachers >_<) for always sleeping in class. My Calculus teacher knows me a little too well......after a long hour lecture that I barely made through, she singled me out saying, "Staying awake there, Pauline?" Ha ha's really not that cool though sad

User Posted Image
Post #338072
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4:18 am, Nov 28 2009
Posts: 320

At the brink of sleepiness, I usually watch a really funny anime to keep myself laughing and awake. When I pass that point, then I can do anything.

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Post #338073 - Reply to (#338024) by Noobsrus
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The last Blood Elf

4:21 am, Nov 28 2009
Posts: 200

Quote from Noobsrus
I did this quite often during my exam time. I had a physics/chemistry exam on at 3:30pm and the next day I have another one at 6:30am so I tend to stay awake the whole night for my next paper.

wow 6 30 AM exam...

I never have to use stimulants to stay up late, just do something that requires thought, and my brain won't stop until i want it to.

User Posted Image
Post #338076
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4:52 am, Nov 28 2009
Posts: 878

Tips? Practice makes perfect.
I've screwed up my internal clock so badly that it's natural for me to stay awake very late...

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