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Predict the Ending!!!

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From User Message Body
Post #255566
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8:13 pm, Feb 5 2009
Posts: 20

rofl i like the sound of that one!

hehe nice avvie

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Post #264477
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1:13 pm, Mar 6 2009
Posts: 4

For me I say Naruto will have to stop sasuke and tobi from destroing what left of the village from pain's attack. But Naruto kills him and returns to the village and learns About his parents for the first time. And then spends time with Hinata after revealing her love for him. Then Naruto with have to face Sasuke and Tobi to stop them from destroying the village and they reveal Donzo and the elders' secret of the Uchia, and kill the elders. Then trick Naruto and Take him back the hideout and try to extract the nine tails in the meanwhile naruto is part dead and meets his parents. And learns his father's style of fighting using teleportation. Then Sasuke and Tobi think they extracted the nine tails but returns to Naruto due to being only the yin part of the fox. Then a huge Battle with Naruto teleporting all over the place and kills Tobi. Then fights Sasuke who finally falls (not dead). then Naruto destroys the statue and frees the beasts and all the host return to life. Then as he take Sasuke back he finally tells Sasuke of his own past and then tells him of the Village and Sakura. Then a flash back of when Kakashi tied up Sasuke to talk with him. And finally understands what he meant. Then a 3 years later. You see a a new face on the mountain side being constructed. and the village is back to normal You see Tusnade this time old and talking to some one and saying that she was happy to make him into Hokage. and then says Aren't you going to be late for your own wedding. Then you see Naruto running to the Hokage place and you see the bride Hinata and then you see older Sasuke with Sakkura, the tailed beast hosts, the other villagers, and friends from the past.
Then The End.

biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin


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Post #265136
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10:52 am, Mar 8 2009
Posts: 77

Naruto and Sasuke die near the next to the last chapter...The next hokage is unexpectedly...Shikimaru

On purpose without a purpose
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Post #282548

12:39 am, Apr 29 2009
Posts: 9

Jeese i just hope for something other than the everything ends up alright in the end kind of ending, of course i want naruto to become hokage, hmmm dont know about hinata/ sakura (still waiting to see sakura make a move), with all the crap sasuke has done and probably will do i just don't see him coming back, either he just stays bad and gets killed, or survives and opts to be a loner (which i think is probably the best bet), well i think tsunade is about to buy the farm, she used her forehead diamond thingy again and it looks like she is old as hell when sakura is helping her, dont forget about ROOT i don't think naruto is ending anytime soon, so.........

ANOTHER TIME SKIP!!!! yup thats what im talkin about just dont botch this one kishi! my pitch for it is let naruto be a jounin and have his own team, u know he would do the 2 bell trick and prob the 1000 years of pain-jutsu, u can have sasuke not come back yet and have him as the main purpose to fill in as a villain character

OR(what i really want to see)

Danzou and ROOT wins at the end of this arc, he takes over and in order to survive those loyal to tsunade which would most likely be konoha 9 (or maybe just team KKs) get the hell out of dodge, after the time skip they come back to reclaim the city.

cmon people we all jab at naruto but who really wants it to end with just a lame closing chapter when there is still so much left that can happen

Post #282588 - Reply to (#282548) by Moonvx9
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I am the Devil

1:53 am, Apr 29 2009
Posts: 2083

Quote from Moonvx9
cmon people we all jab at naruto but who really wants it to end with just a lame closing chapter when there is still so much left that can happen

hear hear.

Post #282743
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The Gorilla Killa™

8:28 am, Apr 29 2009
Posts: 3229

All you people are dead wrong. mad Here is how it will end. eyes

Naruto kills Nagato, but leaves Konan alive as she defects to Naruto's side because she thought that Nagato was getting too power hungry in the end. Then, Naruto and every other Konoha survivor find out who the leader of Akatsuki is and a huge war breaks out between everyone on Naruto's side and the rest of Akatsuki with Team Hawk. After the huge war, only Naruto, Sasuke, Hinata, Madara, Ino, Konan, Tenten, and Sakura are alive. Naruto and Sasuke team up and battle Madara and look like they're about to die, until Kabuto comes out of nowhere and tries to kill Madara, because the parts of Orochimaru inside him made him gay for Sasuke. He then gets killed by Madara and makes Sasuke rage because he secretly loved Kabuto. That's when Sasuke cries for Naruto to help and two chapters later, they kill Madara with a Rasengan-Chidori combo attack. Sasuke falls to the ground exhausted, but happy that he could avenge his potential lover's death. He extends his hand so that Naruto could pull him up, but when Naruto pulls him up halfway, he gets a Rasengan to the face. Right before the Rasengan obliterates Sasuke's head, they exchange words.

Spoiler (highlight to view)
Sasuke: B...but why Naruto? I thought we were finally comrades again....

Naruto: Because you not only abandoned all of Konoha, you killed our bromance all for that obvious Michael Jackson knockoff. And you should already know that we don't take kindly to betrayers 'round here...

As Sasuke's head disappears, Naruto starts crying manly tears, despite knowing that killing Sasuke is what had to be done. Afterwards, Naruto puts on some shades that are better than Kamina's or Simon's that he made by locking in a Rasengan between two pieces of carved shatterproof glass. He then becomes the 6th Hokage, and goes to all of the other ninja countries and signs peace treaties with then, ending every war that is currently happening or will ever happen. After that, he hops into the crater and rebuilds all of Konoha using his shadow clones. Naruto then decides to recreate all of Konoha's population by having sex with Hinata, Ino, Konan, Tenten, and Sakura all while wearing his Rasengan shades, crying manly tears, and pumping a brofist into the sky for everyone who died protecting Konoha every time he has sex.

And that's not only how Naruto will end, but it's also how he will finally earn that fan nickname, GARuto. cool

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Just because someone's head was chopped off doesn't mean they're dead. That's just silly.

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max gama
Post #284783
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Kage Bushin

1:04 pm, May 5 2009
Posts: 41

I think that it will end with Sasuke coming back to the village, Naruto becoming Hokage, Sakura Marrying Naruto, and Sasuke going besark again because Sakura Marryed Naruto, and then the whole Sasuke plot will start again, and will continue in a never ending series.


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Post #284785
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1:28 pm, May 5 2009
Posts: 227

i think it will end with naruto dying to beat the bad guy, sasuke becoming hokage and sakura marrying him, so in short the wrost end possible lol lol.

Post #284792
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Ur only Goddess~

1:49 pm, May 5 2009
Posts: 299

Heh. I can´t take it in how ya´ll can be soooo wrong! bigrazz
And here it comes...*tadaaa* It won´t EVER end. Your children and children of your children will continue to read it and then world´s gonna find out that KISHIMOTO Masashi is not human and that all this time WE were manipulated by aliens OR by ppl who know some aliens... dead
But u don´t have to care coz we´ll be all dead by that time.
So pretend that I didn´t tell you the truth...*sigh*


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Post #284795

2:02 pm, May 5 2009
Posts: 14

Naruto will kill Nagato and in his diying speech, he will ask konan to follow him cause he is the only one who can bring world peace.

A world war will start cause the balance of power was broken when the tailed beasts where taken and when konoha was weakened by pain.

Naruto will leave the village and create a new Akatsuki, which will work to diminish the hardships of war, like the red cross organization in our world. Hinata will follow him.

Sasuke will be beaten by Naruto, but he wont kill him. Sakura will bring Sasuke back and he will turn himself in. Konoha will forgive Sasuke in exchange for his help in the world war effort. Sakura and Sasuke will marry and he will rebuild the Uchiha clan.

Tsunade will die in battle and konohamaru will be the next hokage.

Post #284803
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2:39 pm, May 5 2009
Posts: 264

At this point it's more or less unpredictable, we just don't know enough... but I would be really surprised if Naruto survives.

Post #284808
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2:53 pm, May 5 2009
Posts: 452

The manga will evolve into hentai-action, and we will get to see lots of new "fights"...
I think Naruto will battle the kyuubi or something. I always pictured Kyubi the final villain from the start, but it seems I might be wrong. Naruto becomes Hokage??
biggrin cool

mwa ha ha ha...
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Post #284811
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3:33 pm, May 5 2009
Posts: 81

It gets canceled due to excessive flashbacks and friendship speeches and we never know.

If it makes sense, your probably wrong.
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Post #285163
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10:14 am, May 6 2009
Posts: 85

It will end because mangaka felt too boring to continue it

Post #303898 - Reply to (#285163) by db84x
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9:48 am, Jul 6 2009
Posts: 51

Quote from db84x
It will end because mangaka felt too boring to continue it

Then the hungry monkeys of the world will "Fan fiction" the crap out of it...It will go like this...Sasugay is a frog, marries kabuto.
no no no...[insert edit here] Itachi loving fangirls get a hold of it....hmmm [ITACHI COMES BACK AND PWNS EVERYONE, THEN HE MARRIES ME.] can't you see it? no

Oh, my.
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