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What turns you off... about a manga.

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From User Message Body
Post #349866

3:42 am, Jan 16 2010
Posts: 1

* Overly cheesy storyline or art style.
* Annoyingly drawn characters (ie. cross eyed)
* Uninteresting leading characters
* Overly predictable storyline, where every chapter basically follows the same pattern.
* Long poetry interrupting story.
* Slow, meandering storyline. no no

Post #349869
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A leaf in a forest

4:01 am, Jan 16 2010
Posts: 43

- Too much words.

- I shouldn't have mind the characters' bad traits as I know it's realistic to have them that way. But I can't help it if in 15/20 manga I read the characters are crybabies / have little or no self-respect at all dead

- Some cliché are ok, some not, it also depends on the mangaka's skill. Too many unbearable cliché and I can't help but drop.

- The art hurts my eyes. If it's not at least bearable to the eyes then I find it difficult to focus on the storyline.

- The story make no sense, use lame excuse which even a generous mind can't pass eek

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Post #350197
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9:08 am, Jan 17 2010
Posts: 101

-If the character's novelty wears off as soon as they fall in love (most shoujo) I will immediately drop it. Sometimes love makes you tedious, boring and foolish. So much so that you become irritating and a turn-off.

-If it takes too long to be scanned... the novelty wears off when I stop reading for a long time (unless the story has no progressed far) because I hate re-reading manga to find out what happened.

-For Shounen, if the hero becomes ridiculously strong in a short period of time. I forgive it for DB/Z because that's the whole point of being a Saiyan... but definitely not for Bleach. It's absolutely irritating that Ichigo, in 10 minutes can whoop ass on a Shinigami that has been training for centuries. Absolutely irritating.

-In Shoujo, if the main character loses all the personality she originally had to become a girl who only knows how to smile and be stupid. (But OMG, it's like so okay because her smile just brightens everyone's day!!!11!)

-For Shoujo, over the top bullying. It's annoying, gets old and it's the mangaka trying to milk the crap out of the "pity sympathy" card. If your character was actually likable, you wouldn't need to have the crap beat out of her all the dang time.

-The guy in shoujo is a jerk. Or the girl the hero in Shounen likes is a jerk. That is just... ugh.

-In Harems where the girl that is predicted to end up with the main character pales in comparison with the rest of the harem. Opposite for reverse-harems... where the main guy looks amazing and the others are just rapists.

-In Shoujo, the girl is too happy. I'm not a happy person and misery loves company so don't give me none of that "I'm so happy all the time because the world is so great and I'm so optimistic" bull crap. Anyone who knows anything about the real world will know that sometimes good is evil and evil is good. It's all subjective so can the crap and give me someone who isn't 2-d.

I can think of more but.... let's leave it there.

Post #350298
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6:34 pm, Jan 17 2010
Posts: 1622

If the storyline gets too repetitive or too cliched, I'm likely to drop it. Whiny heroines will cause it too.
These? Well, they have all 3.
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Post #350302
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6:47 pm, Jan 17 2010
Posts: 86

Main characters that are total pussies - nearly every harem manga.
Characters that even after having a knife in the back still going around and claiming in their deepest heart the treacherous bastard is a good person - Alive the last evolution
Unimaginably annoying whiny characters that don't do anything except whine how the main character totally shouldn't do that, because they think so - Break Blade.
Just another love triangle with the cold silent guy and the cheerful loud guy - srly in the moment I see these two guys in any shojo manga it 's nearly an deportation order for it.

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Post #350305
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7:20 pm, Jan 17 2010
Posts: 838

long meaningless stories....

Reading Love Lucky
Recommended B Gata H Kei <3 Conveni-N XD
User Posted Image
Post #350308

7:51 pm, Jan 17 2010
Posts: 102

hm... sex scenes. Especially if the characters(guy or girl) does it with anyone they meet. I mean I can always read hentai for this stuff, why should I read about it in a normal manga.

Also death of the main or important character. I hate it in a manga and won't read the story at all.

Post #350310

8:08 pm, Jan 17 2010
Posts: 18

I'm an avid Shoujo reader, so what turns me off is:

- love triangles or when the cover has two guys and one girl
- abusive heroines and weak heroines (it's nice when they're in-between, like Haruna from Koukou Debut)
- third party trying to intervene with the main couple
- drama
- huge leaps forward in time
- where the main has no clue about this "mysterious" feeling towards the guy
- when the "heroine" stalks or tries to ambush her crush. i hate it when they find it neccessary to chase after the guy
- when the main couple says "i love you" and not "i like you" to each other


Post #350315

8:22 pm, Jan 17 2010
Posts: 7

What turns me off is :
-Evidently weak plot, the n'th manga of the very same build, just shuffling ideas from already done work.
-Badly written stories, sometimes you can literally taste the plot devices, like a very generic:
--omg, I so hate mah brother, he is lofty and annoying.
--*brother dies to save little brother on the very first or second chapter*
--Little brother realizes his faults, gets a convenient powerup.
--Saw this in Blazer Drive and was drop-worthy.
-Stupid main characters and or "author blessed ones", often in all the cast, the only person unworthy of training/powerup is the very same person that receives it.
-I LOATHE powerup on battle, specially when someone (read above) achieves extra powers only in middle of battles that he has days to prepare for.
-Ecchi/Fanservice as well as Gore/excessive violence.

Post #350339
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Site Admin

9:50 pm, Jan 17 2010
Posts: 2275


There are probably a lot of things that displease me about some manga series, but there's only one that I can think on right now. This is when one character screams out to another one that is currently in a death match with knives.

Seriously, WTF... why? just WHY?

What would that accomplish besides that character dying... I can see how that would be okay if the one screaming WANTS the other character to die (I'm fine with that... that's logical... and kind of evil but that's still okay), but when the character actually LIKES him/her... it just does not make sense.

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Post #350344 - Reply to (#347947) by tartufo
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10:22 pm, Jan 17 2010
Posts: 7

Quote from tartufo
The word "tragedy". I see that in a genre-listing and I'm outta there like Yosemite Sam on fire. biggrin

Sorry, but my heart's too fragile to take tragic stories. I'm lame that way.

laugh OMG i feel exactly the same, it could be a manga with an awesome stoyline but i won't read it if its a tragedy because it too sad...

Also shojo manga, ugly art manga and manga where the main characters parents died or someting - its so cliche i want to vomit - all put me off.

Post #350346

10:45 pm, Jan 17 2010
Posts: 95

-When characters look so much like the opposite gender that they are basically girls with junk or guys without

-Stories where the love triangle is the story

-Over dramatic

-The art is too bad


-Weak female characters that stay weak

Post #350352

10:56 pm, Jan 17 2010
Posts: 56

Happy people (especially school lives)
weak/gay main characters (such as naruto or most harem manga's)
no-tits/uber-tits female leads
tsundere bitches (god i hate those 'angry' women, but i hate guys who get bullied by them even more)
same 4 super-attack every revolving chapter (Getsuga Tenshou anyone?)
difficult storylines, and the list goes on... biggrin yet somehow i still read them, dunno why no

Post #350353
user avatar

11:04 pm, Jan 17 2010
Posts: 830

Ecchi and harem are definite no nos for me. The story would have to be sensational to make me read it.

I can take bad art but only if there is a good plot, I can't do bad art and mundane plot.

I hate weak female leads, give us some credit. I do prefer male leads though, not sure why.

I hate overly cheery manga, especially in action. It doesn't have to be heart breaking but when your fightiong all the time someones gotta die eventually! It also bugs me that a sudden desire to save ones friend miraculously heals any injury no matter how grave.

Mid-battle hero is loosing and all his previously established tactics gained through perseverance and training have failed to defeat the opponent so what happens, amazingly for out of nowhere a power-up occurs and he then goes on to win.

I'm not a big fan of shoujo + romance combo mainly because the entire story is a girl obsessing over the school hottie, somehow catching his attention and then spending the rest of the manga either making huge drama over things as simple as her outfit, worrying the guy does not like her despite his seemingly endless declarations of undying love and spending all her waking time focussed on said guy and yet still passing school with ease. Boring and totally predictable.

I hate it when the lead character gets sexually harrassed/raped and not only suffers no emotional trauma but actually falls in love with her attacker. WTF!?

When every character looks gorgeous in shoujo. Do ugly/fat people not exist then? I get the need for bishies in shoujo but does every guy need to be one? And does every girl need to be model like? What kind of school is this?

My biggest pet hate are 2D characters with no discernable personality.

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Post #350535
user avatar
Sweetly Macabre

9:31 am, Jan 18 2010
Posts: 1005

Stupid shoujo heroines, and all the stereotypes relating to them (such as love at first sight, moronic bad boy love interests, and girls who have petty fights and fan clubs related to said boy).

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