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Why are most American Popular Shounen so LONG?

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From User Message Body
Post #393780
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12:31 am, Jul 24 2010
Posts: 2037

well i think that shoujo manga tends to be only about romance, and the story is usually about one person, which is why they're generally shorter. if an author were to make it super long like shounen manga, then it would turn into a really freakin long soap opera all about stupid teenage drama. and for shounen, usually the story is a lot more complex and adventure-y and it would take a lot more time to develop the story... or something. plus there are a variety of main characters in shounen series, and the author doesnt want to focus only on the main MAIN character, and wants to introduce and develop many of the other characters. i think shounen authors want to spotlight a wide variety of characters, which builds a bigger fanbase for shounen manga since there would be groups of fans for each of the many characters in a shounen series.

im sorry if this didnt really make sense... i sometimes have a hard time putting what i think into words. >_<;;

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You are like the dense main character in a shoujo manga.
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Post #395540
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10:20 pm, Jul 29 2010
Posts: 7

its money in their pockets( the industry)
what is popular to the masses( not just a few)
it'll sell, plain and simple and the pubs know this and they want to stay on the safe side-- its why most of the japan market is untouched over here sad

at least thats what ive heard and think

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Post #395628
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4:35 am, Jul 30 2010
Posts: 364

for money of coz.......
And in shounen the mangaka can try many plot in many situation and with many villains so the story got longer....

shoujo main part is the heroine and the hero only, so can't make many plot from them...nothing much to write anyway.....

Post #397175
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all hail schneizel

7:16 pm, Aug 5 2010
Posts: 196

The title doesn't make sense. They're not American, and they're not only popular in America. Obviously, they wouldn't exist if they weren't popular in Japan. So why are most popular shounen so long? You answered your own question. Because they're popular. And, yes, a story can stay interesting for 50+ volumes. "I personally love shoujo and only read shoujo"? Then you can't say "no way" because you don't know. And keep in mind that there usually aren't more than 10 chapaters in a volume. 10 chapters per volume really isn't a lot to read.

Post #397178
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Falcon Pawnch!

7:26 pm, Aug 5 2010
Posts: 77

I'd think the title "Why are most shounen that are popular in America so long?"

The answer is that, it's because they're so long. You see, a story that has already been finished won't have massive sales, and the longer a manga runs, the more popular it becomes.

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Post #397182
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Black Witch

7:56 pm, Aug 5 2010
Posts: 381

To make the Anwser simple:

-It's not that the Popular Shounen are Long
-It's the Long Shounen that are Popular

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Post #397186 - Reply to (#393761) by sweetnsour321

8:17 pm, Aug 5 2010
Posts: 66

Quote from sweetnsour321
huh?..I thought it was because shounen mangas has a deeper/interesting plot(?)(most of the time) than shoujo mangas.

yeah boobs and upskirt shots makes it intresting as hell... jkjk

nah, but they want to squeese in some moronic plotkillers like monsters/aliens/more powerful enemies and som cheap shounen drama...with some upskirt shots and boobsnuggling. man. just money.

Post #397432

4:17 pm, Aug 6 2010
Posts: 226


shoujos are more realistic than shounens most of the time.

shounens also have cooler character designs than shoujos (...usually just normal clothes) most of the time.

This way shounen can make more $ from not only manga but other related merchandise (figurines, clothing, swords etc..)

But actually if u think about it...aren't popular shoujo also...long? or atleast hv not been complete yet?
(also note that shoujo chapters are usually 2x or 3x longer than normal shounen chapters)

Post #397437
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4:50 pm, Aug 6 2010
Posts: 985

They can be long because there are still people fond of them----->they are "popular"--->they can be sold to a large number of reader----->more profit and safe biggrin
Quote from lime123
This way shounen can make more $ from not only manga but other related merchandise (figurines, clothing, swords etc..)

There is this too, I guess.

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Post #397445
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Over the Rainbow.

5:35 pm, Aug 6 2010
Posts: 664

Because you find it boring. Even a long series won't feel so long if you truly enjoy it.

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Post #406109
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Sleeper Agent

6:15 am, Sep 12 2010
Posts: 30

Popular shounen is long because...well because it's popular. The more popular a series the longer it'll probably be around. Just look at long series like Detective Conan and Hajime no Ippo.

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Post #494064
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6:49 am, Sep 4 2011
Posts: 357

Cause the publishers tell them to milk it out.
Dragonball Z is a fantastic example since Akira Toriyama wanted to end DBZ after the Frieza Saga ended. Vegeta was supposed to die, Goku was supposed to die on Planet Namek as the legendary Super Saiyan, etc, but his publishers told him to give more and more, so he did.
Basically it's for the MONEY

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Post #496653

8:09 pm, Sep 17 2011
Posts: 13

Shounen in general is supposed to be long. Because thats what its for. Shounen, as the name implies is intended for young boys and well, boys in general LOVE adventure or the idea of adventure and thats what shounen manga sells. And of course, an adventure is supposed to be long otherwise it wouldnt be an adventure haha. Of course just like shoujo, shounen rehashes plot elements and uses cliches like any other overdone genre so its just a matter of finding one that you dont find so cliche.

I myself read shoujo and enjoy it but i find most of them annoying since after the first few chapter they end up becoming exactly like other shoujo mangas...probably why shoujo are so short since you cant really do much with it hehe. Just as an example, Special A, i really liked the start and especially since it had a strong female lead but eventually she got weaker and stupider for some reason O.O and she turned into another weak female character like so many shoujo leads out there T_T

Post #496654
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8:17 pm, Sep 17 2011
Posts: 1708

In shounen the main character usually has some sort of long-term goal he/she wants to achieve. The journey would be long and tedious (i.e. Naruto want so tbe a Hokage and Luffy wants to find One Piece) and if the story is good, more people will read it and it becomes more popular that way. Therefore it's long because it's so popular and in demand, and it's popular because of the ongoing story and content.

I don't think you should use "American" here, because all of the popular shounens originated from Japan, as most shounens did too. Correct me if I'm wrong.

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Post #496656
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8:36 pm, Sep 17 2011
Posts: 528

Quote from Kitteh_13
That is true. It does sell.

But that could be a point. I have no idea about other females but I will get bored if something lasts too long and isn't episodic.

I'm a girl and I still enjoy Bleach and Naruto.
I read shojo, but it has to be a shojo that has more than just romance in it.

And I might be wrong, but besides popularity, I think most if not all shojo series are serialized in bi-monthly, monthly magazines, whereas shonen is mostly released weekly, also helping it's volumes increase more and faster....
In the time it takes a bi-monthly/weekly series to reach say, 10 chapters, a weekly series is easily twice that long already...

For example, Tsubasa and XXXholic started the same year, one in a weekly magazine and one in a monthly magazine, and in the end Tsubasa ended sooner and with 9 more volumes than Xxxholic's final count...

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