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Phase 3 Main?

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8:13 am, Jan 19 2010
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Hey i finished phase1 and wanted to ask if Kurono is going to be the main in phase 3 again

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11:58 am, Jan 19 2010
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Why not ?
I mean this Manga has been focusing on him all along. The sidelines were in fact just to compliment his storyline from my point of view/

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12:15 pm, Jan 19 2010
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so he is?
cause in phase 2 katou is the main i think
id be glad if kei is the main in 3 again then

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Lord of nonsense

12:52 pm, Jan 19 2010
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Stupid internet connection...

Kurono is da boom, the only character that is almost as cool as him is that sex crazed Osakan.

well, you are asking for a spoiler so

Spoiler (highlight to view)
Kurono is once again the main in phase 3... or so I would like to believe... most of the filler panels are related to him, that and explaining the "gantz" universe.

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2:04 pm, Jan 19 2010
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oh ok thanks for the answer
also anyone know if p3 is the last phase or how many chapter it will contain or arent there any informations yet

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4:02 pm, Jan 19 2010
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We are not the author

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