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Post #32233 - Reply to (#32215) by junki
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6:16 pm, Aug 4 2007
Posts: 492

Quote from junki
"I want to feel what ikki felt." ööhhhhhh..... he's a character from a manga ;)
"wings at your feet" ööööööööhhhh hhhhhhhhh....... what are you imagening? flying?

this pretty much sums up all this ridicious things on this thread...

thanks for reading LOVE U ALL... best laugh i had in awhile smile wink grin

don't you dare to mock me. you have no idea living in a world where you get everything you want but freedom. i have everything i ever wanted but i got no freedom. atleast when i'm at high speed, i felt freedom even for a brief moment.i'll trade everything i got for that feelings. you can laugh at us, but we'll have the last laugh.

Let's get Kickin' ...whatever that means
Post #32235

6:30 pm, Aug 4 2007
Posts: 6

I doubt this will project will work, but you never know until you try

i was thinking of a energy that replenish itself
Like cars, the battery charges when the wheels spin, that way you just push off at the beginning, and it will provide energy for itself

the most problem i can think of is prolly how a tiny motor can provide enough boost. INstead of having the motor in the wheel it should be around it, and the wheel should just be there

and also jump, how can u just 10 ft into the air, you can't. its impossible unless you're Micheal Jordan or something. And suspension will just screw you up.

Post #32236

6:41 pm, Aug 4 2007
Posts: 6

I drew up something, a self sustaining powersource is a necessary. Maybe even sticking on a couple of solar panel is a good idea

here's what i drew in a couple of minutes

Post #32253

7:47 pm, Aug 4 2007
Posts: 40

i ask gently everyone to forget about the "self sostaining powersource" for the rest of this topic, unless they bring me a >800k mAh rechargable battery with at least a 300mAh dc output. said that i can bring up at least 3 decisive reasons that makes impossible to have a recharging AT

1) the output required is too high, even with the special batteries i've found

2) where the hell do you (general you) think we can fit the dynamo to recharge the battery? in the wheel? next to the cushion, the brakes, the motor and the wheel itself? let's open a mcDonald too why not? ;P

3) second principle of thermodynamcs (physic is a bitch sad )

and please don't bring uo the whole "recharging battery like a car" because the energy that recharge the battery in the car come from the spinning wheels, but the wheels don't spin by themselves. that's what fuel is used for.

this theme of the regenerating powersource is becoming troublesome, almost as much as the whole pressure pad thing. it just add complexity and makes the project look unrealistic.

what i'd really love to see is a schematic, done at least on a squared sheet, just to get some proportions, and start thinking solutions.

Post #32400

2:41 am, Aug 5 2007
Posts: 6

That's why you have to kick off at the beginning >.>
Additionally, there are simple ways of creating energy from the spinning wheels, it won't be enough to propel the wheels, but it'll allow the power source to last longer than it will be able to by itself
Besides, the main problem is really how to get a person to jump that high, and to find a motor that can make the AT go faster than a person on a rollerblade

U can just put on a back pack filled with batteries for the power supply


From what i can think of, we need at least a 1 hp motor. And 2 of them, one for each shoe. And use a chain to make sure there's even dispersal of speed between the two wheels

Last edited by monkeyblades at 3:05 am, Aug 5

Post #32422
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4:52 am, Aug 5 2007
Posts: 5

I 100% agree with the throttle, pressure sensors aren't going to work without a mercury switch and a micro CPU to control the output as well as a ton of other crap that isn't worth going into at this point. The control system and any electrical system Needs to be pushed aside for now. And as others have mentioned, the renewable energy systems aren't going to work. First, the energy generated from such a system won't be half the amount of energy used. Second, it will only extend the battery life by about 25%.

As for the breaking system, I was thinking of using a small disk break system, would provide the smoothest breaking and puts no wear and tear on the wheels. depending on the wheels could even be designed to fit inside the wheels.

Speaking of wheels, I don;t agree with what that other thread was saying about using inner tube wheels. Polyurethane wheels are prolly our best bet, as to the hardness, several types would need to be tested to see which give the best overall performance.

I still say go with a back mounted gas engine, its a hell of a lot cheaper to build and I think a far more practical approach. Obviously you can't just take a lawnmower engine and strap it to your back( You could but that would be very stupid) but something more alone the lines of a leaf blower would already have the backpack rig and might only take some little modification to make it function.


I forgot to mention that if putting power into the skates it should only be on the front wheels, there is a simple reason for this, most of the weight on an AT is in the back wheel, as the other thread stated too much force on that back wheel it will flip you backwards. however if it is on the front wheel that is less likely and if the thrust is too much its more likely that the front wheel will only lose traction. Having rode the prototypes I made i can tell you first hand if you lean back at all you will be on your butt faster than you can blink. That's with the wheel situated directly under the heel. I suggest moving it back an inch or two just to help with accelerating.

Last edited by The_Evil_One at 4:59 am, Aug 5

Post #32431

6:51 am, Aug 5 2007
Posts: 6

why not use 3 wheels and put the motor in the middle? Or even 2 motor connected by a bike chain or something (so the speed will be name same and u won't fall over)?
And wheels, what about using rubber on the wheel with the motor on it. It'll increase grip and therefore giving you a better acceleration.

the FWD system is a good idea, but is it possible u go forward? I mean, bicycles are RWDs. If it is FWD, it'll be easy to put the brakes on the back.... but i'm a bit uneasy about the suspension, someone has to compile all the ideas

Post #32432
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6:51 am, Aug 5 2007
Posts: 181

ok how about you read the first volume where he learns how an at works...
i remember something about the more pressure you put on the wheels the faster it will accelerate...

Post #32434
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7:06 am, Aug 5 2007
Posts: 492

guys. i know it's impossible. but me and my crew are now trying to make our own engine. it still in progress, but i think it might work. we still in early stages, so i'll fill you guys in later. wish me luck. smile

Let's get Kickin' ...whatever that means
Post #32439
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7:42 am, Aug 5 2007
Posts: 18

I was watching the news and they were talking about how some people have made roller skates and put little motors in them to make you go much faster, maybe Airgear is starting, laugh

Gotta love the Asians!
Post #32556
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6:29 pm, Aug 5 2007
Posts: 5

Yeah, if these are what you are talking about...its more of a one foot scooter... -petrol-motor-no-brakes-284694.php

There is a reason I say not to mount the engine on the skates themselves.....

Bicycles are RWD because its a pain to have a chain attached to the wheel that turns. About traction, too much can be a bad thing, especially if you want to pull of any kind of trick. Also at high speeds, rubber will expand. You don;t want fast acceleration or it will knock you on your butt.

Three wheels is an option but I don;t think a linking two wheels is really going to do that much. It would make shifting one's weight off the wheels with power harder but I can't see the added traction adding anything to performance.

Post #32562

7:28 pm, Aug 5 2007
Posts: 6

its hard to get to high speed with the technology we have now, plus, we won't be able to control it at High Speeds

Post #32565
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7:54 pm, Aug 5 2007
Posts: 10

I have an idea but i don't know if it will work.Well basically instead of using a engine maybe you could use gears. Got the idea from Rolex watches. Its much more energy efficient as theres no need to use electricity or gas. You just have to wind it up a bit and it'll run as long as your riding it. Although getting enough torque on the gears to go faster might be a bit of a problem. And the possibility of the gears breaking after spinning so much is kinda high. but just a suggestion. Cuz if it does work you wont have to be carrying a backpack of batteries or fuel.

In any case, hope the project will become a success of some sort. smile

Post #32570

8:38 pm, Aug 5 2007
Posts: 6

I wanna help making air trecks i have many tools in my house to make them and well......I know im only 14 so what can a kid do.....I Can be of help....
Well alright then I'll start now

Post #32572
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8:41 pm, Aug 5 2007
Posts: 65

if air gear will be made i think the makers will realize that two wheels is not the way to go.
thats one of the things that is already tested. rollerblades dont kome with smaller wheels and 4 of them. its probably better to absorb impact, and more wheels makes it wider from front to back. it would be really hard to balance with just two wheels righ benefe your foot. they need to streatch a little in the front and back of your foot.

but theres a kind of new x-sport that uses to wheels side by side in the middle of the foot (freeline i think).it seems harder but people are riding it, so who knows
although its riden in a sideways position like skateboard

freeline video ""

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