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how good of a gamer are you?

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From User Message Body
Post #34822
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 Super Mod

4:43 pm, Aug 13 2007
Posts: 6208

2D Fighter = 3/10
3D Fighter = 5/10
Platformer = 4/10
Racing = 7/10
RPG = 10/10
RTS = 10/10
FPS = 8/10
3rd person shooter = 8/10
Arcade = 2/10
Survival = 7/10
Card = 6/10
Stealth Games = 7/10

Post #36087

8:16 am, Aug 15 2007
Posts: 5

FPS: 9/10
Horror shootdown: 9/10
RPG: 8/10
MMORPG: 9/10
TCG: 8/10
Table Top Miniture: 7/10
Beat em up: 9/10
Puzzle: 8/10
Rubix Cube: 10/10
Dota: 8/10
Warcraft/Starcraft/Age of Empires Series: 9/10

Overall: 8/10 I'm a n00b (this is because in my meta everyone's average score is about 9.34/10)

(And I'm Asian... and if your Asian, and you scored a 8/10 for a test... your parents wouldn't be too happy now would they? The same thing goes for my gaming)

Post #36766
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4:15 pm, Aug 16 2007
Posts: 22

I think that I'm an expert gamer and I can almost all games that I play. No matter the genre I can usual get into a well made game and if anyone has a 360 then you can check out my account: Master 10K

2D Fighter - 8/10
3D FIghter - 9/10
FPS - 9/10
RPG - 7/10
Platformer (2D) - 9/10
Platformer (3D) - 9/10
Old School Arcade - 6/10
New School Arcade - 8/10
RTS - 9/10
Simulation - 10/10
Racing Sim - 8/10
Racing Arcade - 10/10

Post #51932
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9:18 pm, Sep 11 2007
Posts: 911

FPS - 8.5/10(like a year ago I was 10/10 in DoD I had good reflexes and I could click the mouse very fast and accurate, I could kill with any weapon same goes for battlefield 1942, I started to play less so i got worse)
2D Fighting - 8.5/10
3D Fighting - 8.5/10
Survival Horror - 9.5/10
Racing - 10/10
Old School Arcade - 9/10
Real-time strategy - 8.5/10

Post #51934
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9:20 pm, Sep 11 2007
Posts: 481

10/10 at everything... i pretty much devoted the ages 8-14 playing games... and owning at them LOL

Post #51938 - Reply to (#51934) by Tachu
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9:28 pm, Sep 11 2007
Posts: 1199

Quote from Tachu
10/10 at everything... i pretty much devoted the ages 8-14 playing games... and owning at them LOL

Ha ha, My ealriest memory in life is playing frogger. After that, I have a memory of watching my dad play defender. I have owned practically every video game system there ever was from Magnavox Odyssey up to the current "next Gen" systems. I currently work for a video game accessories company, my last job was a video game company, and my last before that. I have worked on games that many of you probably own, as well as the top grossing video game of 2005. (I also worked on the worst video game controller ever made. LOL)

So from the age of about 2yrs to currently 26 yrs I have been devoted to video games. FTW I own

Life is tough......but it's tougher if you're stupid.
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Post #51953
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10:21 pm, Sep 11 2007
Posts: 78

Shooters - 3/5
RPG - 3/5
Fighters - 4/5
Racing - 3/5
Music - 5/5(I'm a Guitar god in GH)

User Posted Image
Post #52012 - Reply to (#31447) by ares6
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Ore Sanjou!
 Site Admin

1:57 am, Sep 12 2007
Posts: 1159

Quote from ares6 aren't so great with Grammar either are you?

That was a bit rude. Next time, don't be.

I edited the topic title to clear things up.

As for more, since I have been playing video games since I was three, and I am twenty one now, I am pretty good at games.

FPS/TPS/Shooters - 8/10. I really only enjoy plot based ones, like Halo. I hardly ever play online, though, because most people just complain when they lose, and you can hardly ever find someone who's nice in game.

RPG/JRPG/MMO - 8/10. I'm really good at RPG's and JRPG's, not that great at MMO's, because I find them too time consuming, as they never end, it gets boring, eventually.

Fighters - 9/10. One of my specialties. I own around thirty fighting games. My favorites are the Guilty Gear, King of Fighters, and Marvel vs. Capcom series.

Racing - 9/10. My other specialty. I've been playing racing games since Rad Racer. I usually by the new Need For Speed's when they come out. I also love Burnout.

Puzzle - 9/10. Did you know the max level you hit on Tetris DS is 999? I do, because I got angry when I hit it and was supposed to hit level 1000. I also love Lumines. biggrin

Platformer - 8/10. Hardly ever play these, anymore. But its fun to hook up the old SNES and pop Mario in. biggrin

Rhythm - 8/10. I'm pretty damn good at Guitar Hero and Guitar Hero 2. I've beaten almost every song on Hard (Except Jordan and Free Bird). I don't play as much as I used to, but that'll change when Guitar Hero 3 and Rock Band come out.

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Post #52013
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2:03 am, Sep 12 2007
Posts: 555

My gaming skills have severely diminished as I got older.. I'm probably around a 6 or 7/10 for most things and hit a 7-9/10 for multiplayer games.

I was pretty damn great at Warcraft III's custom game DotA, and a 80% winner with hundreds of matches in the real game of WCIII. In Counter-Strike, I had high-highs and low-lows. I could get strings of 8+ kills during one round but do badly the next day. Never joined CAL. In Starcraft, I played in the USEast server and played plenty of great players. I would say I'm a little below the best in that server (clan x17 if you were around). I just quit Pokemon D/P's online scene and made it out with a 71% average.

If anything, I'm definitely above the norm for online games by a few levels.

I dare anyone here to catch me at Starcraft II, when it's released smile

Post #52025
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Empire of the Gun

2:26 am, Sep 12 2007
Posts: 300

i would hafta rate myself 7/10 all around, with fighters being my worst and fps/rpg being my best

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Post #52029
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2:34 am, Sep 12 2007
Posts: 117

Im average at almost everything.
The only thing im actually good at is mmo. And not the leveling part, but the money making part. I usually get have as much money as ppl double my lvl in mmos.

"Practice makes perfect, but nobody's perfect, so why practice?
Post #52417

7:53 pm, Sep 12 2007
Posts: 278

Overall, I'm about 8/10. I excel at games that make you think and shooters, but I'm bad at fighters and don't play sports or platformers.

User Posted Image
Post #52433
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8:33 pm, Sep 12 2007
Posts: 481

I'm roughly 7.5 overall.
Single-player games are never a problem, but as for multiplayer gaming, it depends on the level of skill of your opponent(s). Sometimes I Godlike people in HL2DM, for example, and sometimes I'm just a miserable whipping boy. That's when I start hating and ALT+F4'ing games and go watch some anime.

Don't waste your time or time will waste you.
Post #52504
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10:47 pm, Sep 12 2007
Posts: 22

RPG/MMO - 7.5/10 - This is probably the genre that I am best in. All of my favorite games are RPGs, although to be fair I haven't played too much of any other genre. I usually favor this genre because it is very story-driven, so I spend most of my time on it, thus I usually get better.

FPS - 5/10 - I am around average or below when it comes to first-person shooters and such. My fingers twitch on the control stick whenever I am under pressure, so my aim usually isn't very good. And, due to my lack of experience beforehand in any kind of first-person environment, I usually never look around the environment and see those sneak attacks coming. I lack a lot of games in this genre, so I lack a lot of experience.

Fighters - 6.5/10 - I'd like to think that I am pretty good at fighting games. Although my basic instinct is to button mash when things start looking bad, I can manage to pull off a few techniques and combos. I can usually hold my own for a bit if any of my friends challenge me, and they're much better gamers than I am.

Platformer - 7/10 - I've grown to be fairly good at these games, surprisingly. I suppose this comes from the fact that I used to play them a lot when I was younger. I hardly play these anymore, though, so I can't actually say for sure how good I am.

So, yeah. I'm not that good of a gamer. I find the fun in playing through the story and beating epic-looking bosses. Usually, I don't take the time to hone my skills. If the story's done, it gets boring to me.

"Do the impossible, see the invisible.
Row, row, fight the power!
Touch the untouchable, break the unbreakable.
Row, row, fight the power!"
Post #53103

6:19 pm, Sep 13 2007

Well, I've been playing video games as long as I remember. So I think I picked up some skill in that department...
So let's see:

*My favorites:
-RTS: 8/10
I'm not as good as I would like to. But meh, I just love to play them, even if my friends own me all the time lol. (They're good!)

-RPG: 9.5/10
I could have said 10/10... but I know there are people crazier than me out there. But I'm not that far of from their level.

-Stealth/ infiltration: 8/10
Fairly good.

-Fighters: 9/10
I think I'm quite good (can't really prove it... maybe just me that is over confident?), favorite is Tekken though. I don't like all the fighting games as much. Just a big Tekken fan.

*Games I play from time to time
-MMORPG: 7/10
I've been told a lot that I was the most skilled player they ever done this dungeon with. But I just think they played with people who really suck. (which is easy to find on a MMO). I know that I can't compare to the pro's. I played against them. And they do own me good. (And I don't have as much time to waste as they do lol)

-Racing / sports simulation / Platform: 9/10
I pick those up super fast. I don't play them as much though.

*Games I dislike (and by extension, suck at)
-FPS: 2/10
I don't like FPS as a whole, + the first person view gives me a headache if I play for too long.

-DDR/Guitar Hero/ any rhythm style game? : 1/10
I just have no rhythm (and I also dislike rock). That is all.

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