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Five manga titles you wish were still scanlated or revived...

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1:51 am, Oct 20 2006
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# Hayate the Combat Butler (last release 4 months ago - licensed)

UPDATE: One of five wishes come true.

# Yamada Taro Monogatari (last release 11 months ago)

Just saw a help wanted ad from Kagami (who picked up where S-C left off) so I guess it might appear again...

# Jinrui Nekoka (last release 2 months ago)

It was just getting interesting but Ton1x seemed to dissappear from the scanlation world.

Don't want to waste my other two spots just yet.

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2:52 am, Oct 20 2006
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Himizu - Snoopycool
even before SC kind of ...slowed down with releasing so to speak... hardly anything was heard of this after the first volume
an amazing manga by my favorite author

Otogi Matsuri - Izumo no Ryu
when there were rumors of a license they dropped it; too bad those licensors are almost out of business now and the release'll never happen; but apparantly that didnt change InR's mind

Yakitate Japan - Snoopycool
I understand SC for dropping it after the license... but it'll be so long before I can read v18 and beyond :<

666 Satan - any group
yes its still being scanlated.. but its all so very LQ
of course, yet again its licensed... but I'm afraid Viz might screw it because they already removed the title "666 Satan"

Blizzard Axel - Kawaru Enishi
the first chapter was very promising... I'd love to read more some day

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3:07 am, Oct 20 2006
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Legendary Leader Shou (last release 1yr 9 months ago)
Mangacity dropped it as I recall. mangaka is a genius.

My Name is Zushio (last release 1 yr 6months)
well it's Mangascreener so... we'll i'm sure they'll probably finish it sooner or later hopefully :s one of the greatest mangaka's out there. that's all i gotta say

The Legend of Mikazuchi (last release 3 yrs 4 months)
Studio Robb did it but isn't around anymore :/

KaMiKaZe (last release 1yr 2months or 2 yrs 7months <_<)
Mashed Mochi Manga or Manga-Mania. both groups dead i think.

Salaryman Kintaro (last release 2 years 2 months ago )
both groups died i guess...

well so many other good series out there that got dropped or group died or other reasons *sighs* well mebbe i'll change em later if i think of any better ones. nice idea for a topic btw Hostile

had to change the last one forgot about Salaryman Kintaro!!!!!!

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why back in the day we didn't 'download', we had to swim to japan if we wanted fresh anime and that was only if...

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4:58 am, Oct 20 2006
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1. Ares - I don't know if they stopped scanlating this manga or the manga was dropped.

2. Hunter x Hunter - ditto

3. 07 Ghost - a bit like d.gray man but slow scanlators

4. Gintama - Slow as hell or they just stopped scanlating it

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6:09 am, Oct 20 2006
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Ares is still going and is not dropped

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2:03 pm, Oct 20 2006
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Yakitate Japan

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2:30 pm, Oct 20 2006
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Hunter X Hunter is the mangaka's fault and not the scanlators. Many groups would pick it up if there was something to scanlate.

If it has to be a already started project, I guess:
Change Guy, not dropped but releases stopped for a while

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3:17 pm, Oct 20 2006
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but yeah Ares still going as is Change Guy just that geeker releases sporaticly (sp?) he has school and all that mess and he's pretty much the only one who works on those two.

also wonder whatever happened to B Reaction...

and yeah Hunter X Hunter mangaka is sick or something

why back in the day we didn't 'download', we had to swim to japan if we wanted fresh anime and that was only if...

I dream of a better tomorrow... where chickens can cross roads and not have their motives questioned.
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6:11 pm, Oct 20 2006
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About Legend of Mikazushi, the man of Stduio Robb, who edits, enter in the profissional edition work. Btw, He do a great job.

Anyway, my list:
1) Yeah i waiting a long time to read the end of My names Zushio too.
2) King of Thorns, Manga Screener stop with 3 volumes to reach the end.
3) Genzo Hitogata Kiwa, Manbga Translation dies in some part of the way.
4) Photon. Why TJUO decide to dropped the baka oneconfused
5) Tatoo Hearts for A-M, its very cool.

About LQ, well, its better have LQ taht dont have anything, well this is what i think.

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bishounen lover

5:08 pm, Oct 21 2006
Posts: 442

hmm king of thorns
kingdom hearts (the first one)
shakugan no shana
zombie powder (we can say series that were dropped by the author right?)

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9:52 pm, Oct 21 2006
Posts: 184

Air Master
Future-Retro Hero Story
Outlaw Star
Vampire Princess Miyu
Vampire Princess Yui

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10:24 pm, Oct 21 2006
Posts: 76

Minori no Hibi
Sensei no Ojikan
Yagami-kun's Family Affairs (okay, this one is a bit ridiculous because only one chapter was scanlated)
Jigoku Sensei Nube

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11:38 pm, Oct 21 2006
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One chapter releases are fine. There are a few of them I'm still interested in even after a year or two none

Zombie Powder doesn't count, by the way smile

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2:27 pm, Oct 22 2006
Posts: 8

1)he is my master
2)chaosic rune
3)ai kora
4)hanakyou maids
5)koi koi 7
6)nagasarete airantou

sorry but i couldnt just decide on 5, (ps not sure if these are still ongoing or not but i remember them being really good and not being seen for aaaaaaaaaages

1,2 and 4 are definatley discontinued

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2:32 pm, Oct 22 2006
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- Eden
- Golden Boy
- B-Shock
- 3.3.7. Byooshi
- Parfait Tic

Especially Eden... The series was too cool to be stopped.

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