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Five manga titles you wish were still scanlated or revived...

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Post #61442 - Reply to (#59389) by a_nevels666
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5:49 am, Sep 27 2007
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Quote from ginrai1984
2: choasic rune:
well either way the series stopped being scanlated when things are turning intresting which is unfortunate.personally i doubt we'll ever see this one continue.
although thx to Illuminati-Manga for considering picking this up!

Oishii-Manga is closer to picking it up than we ever were. It was just mentioned to us as a suggestion, and Anath (Oishii-Manga leader) is very interested in it.

Quote from a_nevels666
Illuminati-Manga mentioned on the mangahelpers forum they're going to start doing Tough soon(ish).

No, we'll be doing Koukou Tekken-den Tough. It is the prequel to Tough.


I run Illuminati-Manga. You're welcome.
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12:31 pm, Sep 27 2007
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1. mouse
2. mouse
3. mouse
4. mouse
5. iketeru futari

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12:57 pm, Sep 27 2007
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Lol, I can see that someone else aswell thinks that mouse was good. XD

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1:25 pm, Sep 27 2007
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Love Celeb - last one was put out 4 months ago and I have no idea when if ever that will be another.

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2:47 pm, Sep 27 2007
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hi. i'd like to see the ending to Harlem Beat wa Yoake made by Takashima Kazusa. Shi-ran, Sweet Lunacy and Soledad did up to v02 c08 but i think two of them have disbanded, and I think that SL only released two chapters a couple of years ago. it was pretty funny with a cartoony art style, adventure/fantasy/comedy/school life kind of themes. there are only 4 volumes and it's complete in japan, plus i don't think it's been licensed in english. thanks for your time biggrin

copy and pasted from my post here: ge=3#post61585 eyes

I'm so sorry. Maritia of Soledad says she is still doing it, but she hasn't said anything in a year so I don't really know. Hope I don't offend.

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6:25 am, Oct 2 2007
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Kenji: It's an old old manga about a martialart-mad Japanese boy, who set out to search for his grandfather and learning KungFu as well and other martial arts along the way. Interesting characters, good plot line, careful attention to details of schools of KungFu, it's a great manga that never got translated into English (i read it in Vietnamese).

Space Adventure Cobra and the manga Kabuto (Goldeneye Beast Kabuto), by Buichi. Two great great manga that havent been paid much attention lately. Although Cobra got scanned about 11 vols, it's not completed yet (about 1/2?). And Kabuto's not even translated. But they are great, nonetheless.

Bestia: oh my goodness me... just 2 chaps translated. What an effing waste.

Y10M: excellence manganified! a sibling of Basilisk but this time with plenty more girls, boobs and tactics, not just techniques alone like Basilisk.

Zettai Karen Children: old-skooled, but good. The group done this manga suddenly ceased, which is a damn shame, since it's a combination of SF, psy, loli, hentai, ecchi, humor and romance.

The Three Eyed One: ancient manga about 3-eye boy of ancient genetics. strange power, adventure, resurrected monsters of ancient civilizations, a few ecchi scenes... Ah, yes, nearly forget, a product of TEZUKA Osamu. Damn, that alone ensure a best introduction dont you agree?!
Just 5? I can speak all day about great manga that was forgotten.

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3:10 am, Oct 31 2007
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Mmm, I can only think of three right now :

Private Prince : Utopian Trunks seems to be dead, unfortunately

Nervous Venus : the drawing is not that good but the story pulls you in

Shiniden : Animesy stopped the release at chapter 5a. It lacked only chapter 5b, and then again the translation & the editing works were done, it only lacked the proofreading.

I'll add more if I can think of any...

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10:30 am, Oct 31 2007
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cry InuYasha's links were taken off or something. I can't download them. =X
I would like the following to be scanlated/revived. ^_^

*InuYasha = 522 to the latest...
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Would I be notify when the links are revived or the requested manga is scanlated? confused

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11:49 am, Oct 31 2007
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pyuu to fuku jaguar
liar game
muhyo to roujie

cool, first post for site admin biggrin

@Inuhime - ...u ALMOST broke the rules..

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1:23 pm, Oct 31 2007
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cool, first post for site admin biggrin

That would be me ? >.> I never bothered with the forum before, I really don't have the time, but I saw this interesting topic...

@Inuhime - ...u ALMOST broke the rules..

Don't ask for licensed releases please. People with serious faces and serious lawyers asked Manick to take down all the licensed manga links. I agree with it. You want licensed manga ? Then go buy them. Anyway with the way this is going, I'm pretty sure that in a few months we won't even be announcing the licensed releases.

Edit : thought of another manga, Watashi no Megane-kun, formerly done by Hush.

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11:26 pm, Jan 27 2008
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Whoa! Anozah topic on this!! confused

My input please...

HONEY MUSTARD(Unfinished n Licensed)
REALLY?! (Lee Hyung Sook)

EDIT:- removed titles picked up ...pls ignore the licensed ones above and below, just keeping them for highlighting purpose.
My list can not limit it to 5 so I will add some extra..

YOUR LOVER (licensed)
MY MOTHER AND THE GAME-ROOM GUEST very very very slow releases
HANDSOME GIRLFRIEND - very slow slow releases
AISURU HITO - i gave up after going through the raws so dont quite know
KIRAI picked up from missing chapters
YAYA - dragonvoice r doing this
A wolf's attraction - was picked up, maybe by redmadness, found scans somewhere though MU doesnt show the releases.

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12:40 am, Jan 29 2008
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1) Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro - I totally love this manga to death and although it's still scanlating (very slowly) there are huge gaps and makes everything so incomplete.

2) Gakuen Alice - Same as above.

3) Zombie-Loan - Either the scanlation group had stopped scanlating it or it's just taking a really long time. (REALLY REALLY long time.)

4) Gakuen Sousei Nekoten! - Not much people probably reads this but I love it anyway. See #3.

5) Chikyuu Kanri-nin - Sniff.....I really miss this. See #3.

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2:21 am, Feb 12 2008
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1. Chisa x Pon - not very well known, but definitely my favorite manga. I'm pretty sure Hanashi's still working on it, but I've heard they're looking for major help with it...Anyway, I definitely recommend it to read!

2. Harlem Beat wa Yoake made - love this one too, but haven't heard anything about it in awhile

3. Tonari no Shugoshin - I'm not sure who has this now that Tenshi-Tachi is gone :'(

I have others that I could add, but those three are the ones I care about the most

EDIT: 4. How could I forget B-Reaction! Such a great manga

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2:26 am, Feb 12 2008
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Freesia - Hawk/Omanga

Or Jiro is slow on ideas.

Too much evidence!
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2:30 am, Feb 12 2008
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I really want the manga version of Kumo no Mukou, Yakusoku no Basho to be scanlated. It's far and away my favorite anime movie.

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