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anyone here a k-drama or k-pop fan?

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12:00 pm, Feb 11 2010
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im a korean-american guy, and i recently got a new hobby next to games and mangas, which involves watching korean movies, korean dramas, and listening to k-pop

but usually people who is both an anime and k-media fan at the same time usually recommends me the best ones for some odd reason, maybe it has something to do with having alot of similar tastes in more things

im sure theres alot of koreans here in MU who maybe watches really good dramas they can recommend me, and actually im kinda sort of into j-movies, or j-music too, so if there is any japanese fellas anywhere who can recommend me some stuff

i prefer any kind of outstanding movies or dramas dating from 2008~2010...
but whatever is good is fine...

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1:10 pm, Feb 11 2010
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I also like K-movie a lot, especially drama they make more sense for me than those Hollywood drama. Actually, 2007 - 2009 was considered run-down time for Korean film industry. I think older films is much better. Anyway, drama take so much time so I only watched some Korean movies recently. There is a good place to get information.
blockbuster movies is usually good,other things depend of you taste. Have fun.

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1:24 pm, Feb 11 2010
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Coffee Prince <3
My Girl <3
Princess Hours
Winter Sonata- a bit melodramatic so not many like it. O_O;;
My Lovely Samsoon- highly recommended. O_~
My Love Patji- a bit old though, but still worth watching.
Success Story of a Bright Girl- also a bit old and cliche, but not so much. Just watch it for the lols. XDD
Chuno- a new drama currently airing, simply amazing. *___*

As for movies, Welcome to Dongmakgol and My Sassy Girls are must sees, both being great comedies. If you're into the psychological or horror scene then I recommend Thirst and A Tale of Two Sisters. For some action and something a bit more serious you can try Taegukgi or Shiri; same director. Will also recommend Friend and Speedy Scandal.

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2:34 pm, Feb 11 2010
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so you only take advice from
in these matters

im sorry
then i can not help you

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2:07 am, Feb 12 2010
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Kdrama fan here... Kpop is meh...

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2:16 am, Feb 12 2010
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JONG BAE! <3 lol (: Long time no talk~

*o* I love kdramas...

Creating Destiny
Worlds Within
God of Study
Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge
Shining Inheritance
Friend, Our Legend
New Heart
Swallow the Sun
When It's At Night
My Lovely Sam-soon
You're Beautiful
9 End 2 Outs
Bad Couple

As for kpop, that's just too long to list. D;

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2:19 am, Feb 12 2010
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Moved to I'm looking for...

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4:45 am, Feb 12 2010
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Quote from TaoPaiPai
so you only take advice from
in these matters

im sorry
then i can not help you

oh no no no, im sorry, i said it wrong... i mean anyone whos into korean or japanese movies, dramas, and pop could give me advices... but i dont think many non-koreans watch korean movies or korean dramas, so thats maybe why i accidently slipped that statement out.. but if you do watch japanese or korean media then youre more then welcome to comment for me smile

hope you didnt take me as some ignorant guy cry cry cry cry cry cry cry cry cry cry cry cry cry

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4:31 am, Jan 3 2011
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Secret Garden
Kim Tak Goo
High Kick (recent version is better)
My Girl
Gumio *AKA My Girlfriend is a nine-tailed fox* (idk if that's how you spell it)
Boys Over Flowers
Your Beautiful (He's Beautiful) <-- either one

There are more.. i just can't remember
And i haven't watched some of them.. just heard they were good smile
And some of them i might've spelled wrong.. :/..
Hope this helped ^^

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Yes? yes :3

4:54 am, Jan 3 2011
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Me and you should be best friends. Cuz I'm obsessed with k-pop.

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4:55 am, Jan 3 2011
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I like The Great Queen Seon Deok.
It's Historical Drama.
If you like Jewel in The Palace, you must be like it too.

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5:19 am, Jan 3 2011
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I'm not Korean but I love K-pop and K-dramas. I actually enjoy K-dramas more than anime/manga, it's a guilty pleasure. I recently watched Personal Taste. The rest are listed so this is one of the ones I'll add to the list. smile

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5:45 am, Jan 3 2011
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if you dont mind a rlly interesting twisted rated r korean movie then watch old boy
if you like a comedy movie watch 200 pould beauty
if your interested in kpop watch music bank its where they do a count down and artists perform live

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5:53 am, Jan 3 2011
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My favorite K-dramas are:

My Lovely Sam-soon

Sungkyunkwan Scandal

You're Beautiful

and Goong.

My favorite K-pop artists are:

Dong Bang Shin Ki forever and always~♥

2NE1 sort of. I really liked Go Away. biggrin

and Son Dam Bi (cause she's just gorgeous~♥)

That's all I can think of for now. smile

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8:35 am, Jan 3 2011
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I second Secret Garden, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, My Lovely Kim-Sam Soon and Goong (don't be mislead, Goong S isn't related to Goong and suck...)

I'd like to add :
- Delightful Girl Choon Hyang
- Bad Family
- Sungkyunkwan Scandal
- Full House (not sure, but wasn't bad if i remember well)
- The Vineyard Man (i really really love this one)
- Smile, You : the end is a bit too dramatic and i skipped all the last part but the rest is really good =)
- That Fool
- Witch Yoo-Hee
- Miss Kim Makes 1 Million
- 18 vs 29
- 101st Proposal
- Let's Go to the beach
- She is Nineteen
- Great Inheritance
- City Hall : one of the best drama i think, especially good actors =)
- Thank You : one of the only melodrama i liked so far xD
- Pasta
- Hello! Miss
- My Fair Lady
- The man who can't get married : really incredibly funny and keep it's pace to the very end
- What's Up Fox
- Wonderful Life

I generally tend to prefer 20+ episodes drama because the relationship between the main characters is less twisted. I mean in 16 episodes format, generally the main girl (sometimes the guy) fall deeply in love with the second guy/girl and start to love the main guy/girl only in the last part of the drama. In 20+ format, the 2 main characters are generally in love from start to end (or at least don't have real relationship with another)

I'd like to add some historical drama i really like, like King Jeongjo or The Painter of the Wind or Dong Yi
One i didn't yet saw (fansub is slow on this one) but seem promising : Kid Gang

Ok i put maybe a little too much (and yet there is so many i'd like to add... but xD yeah i really like Kdrama a bit too much maybe...). And like XxKumagoroXx i'm not Korean (not even speaking korean) but i enjoy more kdrama than manga/anime (except some really good one) xD

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