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Who plays ragnarok online?

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10:42 pm, Jan 8 2008
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I've played on Numerous Servers..

-Light Side legends

I know I've played on others but can't remember, haha. Well, lets see if you play in any of these servers. biggrin

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3:43 am, Jan 10 2008
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Ragnarok was an OK game, but I really don't like point and click MMORPGs, most of the asian developed games are like that (can't remember if RO was asian developed). I played WoW alot and then quit because of addiction issues, so I tried Ragnarock, it was an interesting game, but the sprites and environments had something to be desired, although RO2 doesnt look too bad (not comparing it to other MMOs on the market like the new WoW xp, LOTRO, Age of Conan and games like that).

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3:53 am, Jan 10 2008
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RO is created by a Korean company (Gravity). It's actually quite an old game since I started playing it in elementary school (now I'm in University) on the official server, starting from it's alpha testing. It used to be a lot of fun with all the quests and the community and stuff.

Playing on high rate servers was fun at first, but got really boring really quickly because there was a lot less exploration (just use a warp npc), less quests (no skill/job change quests), and it wasn't much fun when everyone was like the same level with the same equipment.

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2:35 pm, Jan 10 2008
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i played it.. just to make a guild and guildwar.. unfortunately most of my team member is bot.. they rarely online T T so i got bored. disbanded the guild, and abandon my char in sea of data..(still exist, just rarely log on)

i played MRO, prontera server. official yet free server(that's why there's an overwhelming botters)

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2:41 pm, Jan 10 2008
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I really like RO, but I havn't played it for a year or 2. Although I'm thinking of playing iRo.

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3:47 pm, Jan 10 2008
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quit playing RO years ago...

im a botter,trained a stalker until 99

quit it because it a waste of money,rather play free mmorpg

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