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Post #362957
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3:07 am, Mar 11 2010
Posts: 339

Well since it isn't really his power there are bound to be limitations. I'm sure he can't wield it as well as the original owner. I would like to guess he can only have two at a time, but I'm too curious as to how he would discharge the unwanted ability.. Or if he even can.. Maybe the power fades with time or maybe he is stuck with that one for the rest of his life. Also if he always knew he could do that with his powers then it would be safe to assume he can't absorb logia type. Probably cause it would conflict with his own, "logia." If you would call it that.. I'm sure if he could then he would've taken Ace's power as soon as possible. I'm just going to assume the same about zoan types as well since it modifies your entire bodysmile
Also the assumption that he might be able to only "carry" another power at the same cause of the two hands thing has some issues. What if he absorbed the power of that dude luffy fought in order to get the gold back before he blew up into skypiea? Would his arm become all springy?
Gah... I soooo want to know the parameters for his devil fruit.. Damn you Oda..

Post #362967
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4:10 am, Mar 11 2010
Posts: 79

He could only be able to have 2 devil fruit powers at a time and decided to wait and take the earthquake one. He mentioned something about finally having the two greatest powers or something and being able to take over the world. So it could be that he knew he could absorb only one more and waited it out until he could have a chance at WB's. Plus, this would make sense why he came in so late in the battle when WB was weak.

Post #362970

4:27 am, Mar 11 2010
Posts: 11

just like WB said in ch.576..BB Darkness fruit have a lot of disadvantage to be called the strongest DF,because he can only annihilate a DF user by touching them and then what?sheer phisical power?too much opening and thats just like a human with Haki (can damage u even a logia DF tipe).... This chapter revealed the true potential of the so called strongest DF,and to be expected (BB is a genius,he is like Zhuge Liang of One Piece not sengoku),he absorb the most destructive DF.... Finally the arc nemesis of Luffy is definitely BB.... i cant wait the battle between those 2....

is Jimbei goin to be the 10th n final crew of Straw Hat Pirate.....?
Give me the next chapter Odaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!

Post #362976
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4:52 am, Mar 11 2010
Posts: 166

what a bastard, that thief.

Marco said there's something different about Blackbeard's body.. I wonder what that is.

Luffy has a long way to catch up.

Post #363020
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11:50 am, Mar 11 2010
Posts: 89

well, first and foremost, Blackbeard was newer a newbie, as someone said LOL, he fought and gave Shanks a lovely scar before, and even Whitebeard was uneasy about him, and he was always an unknown power, not to mention that he was able to beat Ace who was ~admiral level, and now with the quake fruits power HE IS the strongest character in OP, that's a given.....not to mention the crew he already has is all filled with ppl as strong as a schichibukai or an admiral even, since they are all level 6 prisoners who were as notorious as they could be.
And umm, yes, it was obvious that Whitebeard was gonna die in this arc even before he shoved up, but if ACe survived it would be still in balance, and let's just hope the reason that Blackbeard can use(not why he can absorb it sice that's obviously the yami fruit in effect) another power is not what Marco said, coz then we'll have a new atypical swarm of ppl running around(probably all of the "D" people are one) and then you'll have another Dragonball case with planets being wiped out easily-kidding but you get the point I hope....
and the I hope he can only use 2 abilities, is there a need for him to have any more, since a logia and a paramecia of that level are more than enough, and now he can stop an ability like luffy's with his left hand and crush him with his right, he's no match, ohh, and if Oda goes and makes Luffy into a genius who until now didn't have a clue that they all fell down coz of his Haki suddenly says I found a way to become awesome, I'm gonna kill Oda XD

Post #363022 - Reply to (#362976) by b1ue_wishes
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Form is Emptiness.

12:04 pm, Mar 11 2010
Posts: 930

Quote from b1ue_wishes
what a bastard, that thief.

Marco said there's something different about Blackbeard's body.. I wonder what that is.

I think its the possibility to wield the power of more than one DF. Still we dont know what's that about.

And i didnt think i could hate BB more than I hated him already....X(

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Quote from Mamsmilk
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That's known as a "coin".

Oh, thanks. Too much D&D.
Post #363035

2:34 pm, Mar 11 2010
Posts: 16

im starting to doubt oda get those ideas when he is sober..
took time to build the story as it takes time to set domino pieces in a line, and when you make the first one fall.......... everything go too fast xD
he built the story, got us the background of the crew and caught up to the present, and now he is more or less giving luffy a "motivation" to act instead of being carefree, which would be a problem if he wanted to go to the new world as he is... that place seems too dangerous to be carefree at bigrazz

BB situation now will stir things up, the marines and the pirates wont be living in a skirmish situation anymore (WB direct conflict wasnt enough to begin an open war imo), BB case will create a disturbance that must be "dealt with" asap, by both pirates and marines

i enjoyed the chapter, although OP might get a bit gloomy in the future, but gotta wait and see how it goes, a new arc is about to begin ^^

Post #363065
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4:35 pm, Mar 11 2010
Posts: 172

I think that people with the D. in their names might be able to use more than 1 devil fruit ability. And it's a totally wicked secret, that none of the other D.'s know of because no one else has tried eating 2 devil fruits. Hehe, but then again how did BB get WB DF? lol. I'm just contradicting myself, lol.

BB, really has become uber strong now. But I hope other Yonkou like Shanks can still face him, hehe.

And to note!!! Akainu is still alive!!! That's the only thing i didn't like about the chapter, with WB dying, I just felt that Akainu should have died when he was pawned by WB.

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Post #363182
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3:31 am, Mar 12 2010
Posts: 258

Howly shit! that was genius, BB having that kinda power is totally unpredictable. It looks like Oda wanted to create a mortal enemy for Luffy and what an enemy he is. He'll make a wonderful enemy for the Straw Hat crew, can't wait for their ultimate showdown(whenever that is). cool

I won't jump to conclusion just as yet, cuz in One Piece, anything can happen, nothing is absolute and i'm sure Oda has work something out for Luffy to match up to BB crazy power. As for the marine, i won't count them out just yet, they still have the backing of the Shichibukai. True, they are getting pummel as we speak, but i'm sure they have some sort of contingency plan for something like that. Like maybe a new base somewhere in the new world with a whole new kickass character haha.. laugh It can happen ya know, this is One Piece after all wink

I'm dying to know what's gonna happen to luffy now that his big bro has gone and probably his granpa too at the hand of BB, we'll see in the next few chapters how it'll go, can't wait cool

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Post #363419
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4:13 am, Mar 13 2010
Posts: 1192

I'm too shock to said anything.
It's like this.... eek when i read the last page of this chap.

One thing i know for sure now, there's possibility of gaining two DF. I believe Luffy can do it too!

Post #363609
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Peaceful Dictator™

9:19 am, Mar 14 2010
Posts: 740

i have a question why didn't he just steal ace's ability?
the only reason might be he can only steal one other devil fruit and he wanted whitebeards.

ho my god i can't predict a single thing that might happen. seriously it's been a while since I've read a manga that i couldn't predict fully. they've created a monster. with this one piece will not be ending anytime soon. lol

i bet the marines will regret it, they thought that by defeating white beard the can shift the power order in their favor but all they achieve was creating a huge vacuum of power which Blackbeard has taken and white beard is far more heartless compared to whitebeard. sen-goku is going to cry himself to bed each night.

One Piece is Now the Best shounen manga Running.

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Post #363845
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Silent killer

2:33 pm, Mar 15 2010
Posts: 2

Very big reveal in a very unpredictable manga.

I think that with this being revealed and also seen by the whole world that blackbeard now has 2 DF powers more and more pirates will go on to the sea,and also will make luffy to do something incredible,but first i guess that he will master is king's power and then maybe his DF will evolve or something along those lines.

Still can't w8 for the next chapter to see what will come out of blackbeard's speech

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