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Sibling(s) a good thing?

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Is having a sibling(s) a good thing?
Yes, I won't feel lonely.
No, you got to share with those brats.
I don't know.
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From User Message Body
Post #169260 - Reply to (#169255) by qiqi92sg
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3:28 am, Jun 12 2008
Posts: 833

Quote from qiqi92sg
I vote no...
I'm an only child, and I like it that way.
From what I heard from my friends, if you have younger siblings they're often bratty.
If you have older siblings they're often bullies.
so there
Only bad thing about being an only child is that your source of entertainment at home mostly comes from the com.

Besides... being an only child does not mean you are babied... nor does it mean you don't have such great social skills... you can pick those up from child care and kindergarten, surely?
I'm an only child but I have tons of friends...

it might be different depending on gender, the town/city, or even public or private schools. its like survival of the fittest(sorry just got finished reading Lord of the Flies spark notes) but if a boy who's been taught to be a nice kid etc all his life til 5, then some brats pick on him, dat'd crush him, if dat happened to a kid growing up fighting with siblings, then he has confidence and can take care of himself. social skills are learned and lack of confidence can wreck a kid.

anybody remember what their kindergarten years were like? my ex is student teaching at a kindergarten and them kids are viscious.

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Post #169265
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3:36 am, Jun 12 2008
Posts: 2339

Honestly I don't know. Though I'm leaning towards that having none is better. Been told quite often that I'm quite lucky not to have any.

Post #216692
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7:12 am, Oct 19 2008
Posts: 2708

For the sake of simplicity, I'll say I have two siblings; a younger brother and an older sister. Now my sister is actually my half-sister on my Dad's side and I didn't meet her until she was seventeen, so I didn't really grow up with her. Then my brother is thirteen and he's the closest thing to a best friend I have. He probably understands me better than I do myself on some days. It's sort of odd, but we didn't become really close until I was about the age he is now.

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Post #216695
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Ooo~ Custom Title!

7:25 am, Oct 19 2008
Posts: 1279

Sometimes. They do my bidding. xD

Sometimes when I baby-sit and no one is listening to me, I'm really grateful that I have the kind of siblings I have. I go home and I tell them how grateful I am. biggrin

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Post #216698
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7:49 am, Oct 19 2008
Posts: 53

I would have loved to have a kid sister and not a kid brother
Dunno why ... Brother is annoying bigrazz

Post #216699
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7:52 am, Oct 19 2008
Posts: 618

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111 They're the devil incarnate!!! They'll only cause you pain and misery!!! sad

Post #216724

11:42 am, Oct 19 2008
Posts: 245

I voted yes. My sister and I are really close, she's probably the most important person in my life right now (GOD I NEED A BOYFRIEND!!! ^^), and even if she's selfish, stupid, and so many other things, I really can't imagine my life without her.

Post #216728
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Mad With a Hat

11:59 am, Oct 19 2008
Posts: 4767

I voted no. 2 reasons.

My mother has two older brothers. They treated her meanly when she was small. Examples:
The younger one even cut her hand with a knife "just for the heck of it".
Now, they rarly visit, and don't even say a good word to anyone in the family.
They both have cars. When she asks one of them to buy her something like honey or meat when they are at those places (we don't have a car and it's really far) it's always goes like this : "oh, come on... We have to leave soon and all". Sometimes they bring what she asks. But usually they don't even bother to tell her.
When she asks that from a friend it's always a happy "yes".

My point is that you should look at family members like any person. If they act like that, so that says something...
You can't be happy with them even if they are people, who you wouldn't normaly befriend with just because your "lonely".
I'm not saying that every person has the same problems, but still, sibilings or not. They are still people, who should treat theit sibilings as people, too.

Reason 2: Between my little sister and me there's a huge age difference.
She was not planned... And all she does is to drive me crazy...
I was so happy when I was alone...
Maybe I should move>.<

/rant finished

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Post #216736

12:58 pm, Oct 19 2008
Posts: 2

Well, if I had a huge age difference between my siblings and me, I probably would have said no as well.

But as it stands, my sister is a year younger and my brother is three younger. My siblings are great even if they can't leave me alone sometimes. I always had someone to play with(read: boss around) when I was little.

Now that I'm older, I really don't have any mature friends that like anime, so I've got my sister to fangirl with. And my sister is a lot more determined than me, so she's the one who gets things done: co-written fanfiction, con planning and costumes, etc.

I'm not so close to my brother, but my sister doesn't really like video games, so he's my gaming partner. He's also my flash and spriting partner. When I first starting edit sprites, he was jealous 'cause I was better than him at it. ^^

I'm going to miss them in college. cry

Post #216742
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1:39 pm, Oct 19 2008
Posts: 35

I said yes , i have 2 brothers and sister and a cousin that lived with us so i call her another sister. I love my siblings because they were the ones that got me into manga and anime. Also when it came to school, they told me all the tricks to cheating, bulls***ing,skipping school, also how to sneak out late to go hang with friends at parties everything. Also my brother works at the apple store and got my sis a job there. We help each other out, but at times we all fight against one another and get angry ,but that's common all in all siblings are great! biggrin

Post #216745 - Reply to (#34798) by ares6
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1:54 pm, Oct 19 2008
Posts: 49

Quote from ares6
Quote from Mamsmilk
1-15 years = Argh, I am going to die.
16-> years = Okay.

that's very disturbing........isn't incest taboo?


I hope he meant by okay to hang out

(+'.'+) <(Mwahahaha!!!)
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Post #216747
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2:18 pm, Oct 19 2008
Posts: 1901

I said no. I don't know why. I just feel that way.

Since in all there are four of us, things were difficult, because there were the two oldest, who were A LOT older, and me and my sister, who were A LOT younger.

I can say with all honestly that the sibling I am closest in age with, my sister who is hardly a year older than me, isn't at all the sibling I get along best with. none

My older brother, who is 11 years older than me, after a while of hating me, like ripping up my pictures and stuff, became very protective of me especially when it came to dealing with my dad. And my other sister, who is 6 years older than me mostly acted as my mom throughout my whole life.

So I don't know, it isn't very conventional at all. I guess I always kind of considered my oldest siblings to be my mom and dad. confused

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Post #216757
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2:33 pm, Oct 19 2008
Posts: 3120

not if they're far in age
my sister's seven years younger than me, it was not fun looking after her
now my lazy parents have pretty much made me her designated chauffeur
i feel a lot closer to my cousin who i grew up with and is only one month older than me

The Steed
Post #216761
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Mind Wrack

2:41 pm, Oct 19 2008
Posts: 212

I can't answer this one, I have a (little) sister (15) and I can pretty much get along with her. Of course there are also times when we don't get along and argue and fight alot (it's becoming some sort of habit atm cause she hit puberty), but that's to be expected from people who live together under one roof. But of course we also have (had) alot of joyful moments together.
In short I don't know how it is living without my sister she's always around and can turn my mood "for the better or the worse" (and the other way around of course). So having a sibling can have good- but also bad sides. I think the question "Sibling(s) a good thing?" isn't correct. It isn't about good or bad it's about you, how you interpret it. Everything starts with you, look at yourself try to understand yourself that's already hard enough for most people. People talk about love/joy/anger/hate (etc) so easily when they don't even understand themselves. Ask yourself more questions for example (to stay on topic): how does my brother/sister think about me? Does he/she accepts me how I am? who I am? If he/she does then you gained something, that something can be a good friend, a brother/sister?, a guide?, a teacher?, but it can also be something mentally is it support?, comfort?, hope?, joy? etc... it's again how you interpret this... how you see things. Don't our eyes seek out things we want to see? What do you want to see? And after that we start converting the information aquired by the eyes and interpret it like how we see fit. For example what one finds beautiful can be average or even ugly to another. Or in this case you see the benefits for being an only child, while other see the "benefits" of having a sibling(s) or visa versa.

So we can make a statement that having a brother/sister has nothing to do with good or bad "things", but with you how you see "things".

He who hides the truth with lies,
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Sincerely Yours,
The Steed
Post #216764
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2:45 pm, Oct 19 2008
Posts: 732

Siblings arent a good thing!

yes i hav to share and take a lot of things cz of my lill sis BUT!!!

I dont hate her, she is part of my life since she exist xD so it cant be helped...

everything has good sides and bad ones... so....

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