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seme acts like he owns uke

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2:24 am, Apr 18 2010
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i was reading totally captivated and there this one scene: ter-27.html

that scene where he acts like he can tell him when to get up from the bed, was really sexy. does anyone know any manga where the seme acts like he owns the uke?

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4:12 pm, Apr 18 2010
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To honestly say, i don't think there's yaoi out there as posessive as Totally Captivated, but if you haven't read it already, there's Totally Captivated dj - Totally Spying on Them

others in this category will prove useful: genre=Yaoi&perpage=50

Freezing Flame is very posessive, more like abusive
Summit has a lot of overly-chaising obsessiveness. very cute plotline.

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6:33 pm, Apr 18 2010
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thanks for the reply i will check those out. =)

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2:29 am, Apr 19 2010
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Blind Love
Aigan Shounen (not for the faint of heart though)

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7:58 pm, Apr 24 2010
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what about under grand hotel?

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5:52 am, May 2 2010
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love prism
okane ga nai

Gay book discussion thread
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11:20 pm, May 2 2010
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Anything and everything by KABUTOMARU Chouko. (From my experience)

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