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Eden - The End

The ending was...
Will never read this manga so don't ask me.
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Mad With a Hat

9:05 pm, Apr 26 2010
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So, what are your thoughts on the ending?

I was meh-ok about it.
In my opinion, the manga itself had been declining somewhat for the last several volumes.
Still quite good though. Especially if you're going to read it in one go.

All in all, I'm quite sad it's ended.=/
Gonna commit to All Rounder now, I guess.

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10:01 pm, Apr 26 2010
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Looking back on everything that has happen to the characters in the manga, it's been one train wreck after another. Very sad manga, but still great nevertheless

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4:53 am, Apr 27 2010
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it was an ok ending, I was a bit sad about what happened to ennoia but well atleast good things happened to his son. So many characters died damn. a good manga definetly but the later chapters after the whole Ennoia sister thing happened was a bit weak,

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Local Prig

7:50 am, Apr 27 2010
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I actually thought it was quite good given what was available. Eden has always had a lot of separate threads floating around, but the story managed to tie them all together in the end. The last chapter in particular was well-done, I think, just because it managed to conclude character development for Ennoia, who I feel had been left a little ambiguous for most of the story.

That said, the ending did seem to be dropping a bit of the biblical edge the tale was cultivating with all the references to Gnostic mythology, but those were always more stylistic than complete parallels.

It gets my seal of approval, in any case.

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1:08 pm, Apr 27 2010
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oh can someone please explain to me about what happens to hannah(i think that is the name for ennoa's wife), does she become part of the colloid or....? Also i am a bit confused about all the masses of consciousness in the colloid, so in the new universe what will its purpose be and is sophia like god now?

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1:33 pm, Apr 27 2010
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Finally, an end to a great series. I have yearned for this moment to come for so long(LOL). The release was so slow that I began to forget most of the things happen in the previous parts. I guess I will have to spend some days of my upcoming summer to re-read the whole thing again.
I agree with John21, the ending was ok, quite sad but fit the mood of the story.

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2:54 pm, Apr 27 2010
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The quality definitely dropped from it's initial standard. Personally I felt as if the whole thing was rushed and if the manga had been more popular, it could have definitely been longer and more satisfying.

Alas, you can't always get what you want. It was ok.

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2:55 pm, Apr 27 2010
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this post will be filled with spoilers (as you would expect from a thread about the end).

Disappointing ending to the manga. Eliah did quite literally nothing for the last 2 or 3 volumes. Meigas or whatever his name was seemed like a character out of nowhere and there seemed to be no reason why he was such a senior figure in propater. "hurr this kid has super-antibodies why don't we make him one of out scenior executives?" I mean come on. He should have just been a tool used by Propater, not guy in a position to pull a coup d'etat and take control of all of their military forces.
Sophia also having the super-antibodies was a huge ass-pull as well.

Ennoah, Tony and other guy's assault on the island was alright but not as good as some of the other military encounters depicted.

The final fight of Cherubim vs. Kenji and Kahn was pretty unconvincing. Cherubim was about half as deadly as he was in the first 5 volumes. When he initially backhanded Ennoah Ennoah should have been knocked the fuck out or killed. Also Chreubim never would have punched somebody as a first strike earlier in the manga, he would have cut them in half or something.

In general I found the attitude of Maya (male ) and the colloid incredibly patronising towards humanity. I wanted humanity to overcome the colloid, to neutralise the big barrel.

And the huge amount of sci-fi technobabble, while accomplished in it's detail, still was not interesting.

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12:23 pm, Apr 29 2010
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For all people who still have questions about Eden or are confused about the one or other meaning of it. You can go to and post your questions. We will try to answer your questions.

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manga underground

12:43 pm, Apr 29 2010
Posts: 13

i'd have to agree i was disappointed..
it started going downhill after like volume 10/11
but it's still a masterpiece.

(i helped scanlate the last 5 vols btw)

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1:34 pm, Apr 29 2010
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It was an ok ending.

Man so people died in this manga like they were nothing, their alive one scene and dead the other and theres no emotion whatsoever, they just die.

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10:18 am, May 10 2010
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I am not completely happy with the wrap-up, but the story was very interesting and there were some very nice scenes at the end.
Ennoia was back as the main character again, which I liked a lot since everything turned slapstick as soon as Eliah walked in.
Great fighting scenes as well as a return of our beloved only-to-be-killed-by-Kenji monsters -> very nice!

All-rounder Meguru is very different but nevertheless promising. Looking forward to it.

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4:04 pm, May 20 2010
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I just finished now and i am not sure what my feelings are really, there is a definite opening to have a little spin off i think as my biggest question is what is going to happen to the colloid now?

In the last scenes it is still there and Maya is there walking around outside the colloid with big C

Now that the purpose of the mini big bang has been accomplished shouldnt the colloid have crumbled?

Eh - i want to

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4:54 pm, Aug 20 2010
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Hm, I wasn't crazy about the ending. A lot of stuff seem to come out of nowhere and didn't really flow naturally with the rest of the story. I have to say the execution of the creation of the wormhole was done really good though and there are no major loose ends.

Overall, especially based on everything up until the last quarter of the manga, I'd still give it an 8.

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9:59 am, Oct 27 2010
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it dry up after several volumes,its really boring to find another humanity in crisis after showing the behavior and action of the human race.
- Boring
Maybe its just me or being realistic but it was very very dry....not in anyways.

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