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Alive - The Final Evolution TV Anime Formally Dropped

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9:31 am, Jun 5 2010
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The editors of Kodansha's Monthly Shonen Magazine have confirmed on Saturday that the anime plans for the Alive - Saishū Shinka teki Shōnen (Alive - The Final Evolution) manga have been halted, despite the best efforts of those involved to revive the project.

In June of 2008, the magazine announced that Tadashi Kawashima and Adachitoka's Alive - Saishū Shinka teki Shōnen science-fiction adventure manga would be animated for television. The manga follows the life of a Tokyo high school boy named Taisuke Kanō, after a mysterious force causes mass suicides across the world. However, Kanō and his friends not only survive the calamity, but have evolved, as a species, into something darker.

According to the Monthly Shonen Magazine editors, production on the anime project was suspended last year due to the delisting of the Gonzo anime studio from the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Gonzo was co-producing the anime with another studio, AIC. The people involved did their best to revive the project after Gonzo's delisting, but to no avail.

The manga began its serialization in the magazine in 2003, and the manga ended in Japan this past February. Del Rey published the eighth of 21 volumes of the manga in North America last November.

source: animenewsnetwork

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5:31 pm, Dec 6 2010
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Well, i am not surprised. All they do is fanbased crappy ecchi, harem animes.

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7:57 pm, Dec 6 2010
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Well, at least ATFE's reputation will stay intact! smile

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10:08 pm, Jan 11 2011
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I still hope they make one, some time in the future... As long as they do a good job of course.

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