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How much romance is there in this? (If any?)

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Post #387277
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12:01 pm, Jun 22 2010
Posts: 1354

I'm getting interested in reading this series because of all the rave reviews, but since it's josei, I kind of want a little romance eventually... However, romance is not listed as one of the genres. And since it's got SOOOO many volumes, I don't want to get started unless I know for sure that I'll get the romance that I want!

So... Does this manga have any romance in it? (With the main characters?) When does it start to develop and how far does it go? Etc.

Thanks for your help. eyes

Post #387280

12:40 pm, Jun 22 2010
Posts: 81

I rhave read all the chapter that have been scanlalted, an while there hasn't been much romance until now i think the author has set up a fine love triangle ready to form itself once some of the protagonists meet up, so i think there will be some romance before the end.

Post #387282
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12:52 pm, Jun 22 2010
Posts: 761

There is romance, definitely. I wanted to tell you more, but it's impossible not to give you any spoilers... I can only tell you that I started reading it a few weeks ago and I love it smile It's one of my favourite mangas, you have to read it smile I think that this 'josei' tag is a bit misleading. There's a lot of action there.

Post #387314
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3:30 pm, Jun 22 2010
Posts: 1354

Thank you both! And Hanae, PLEASE give me spoilers! Lol... I don't mind, seriously. Put them in spoiler-quotes if you'd rather not spoil anyone else... But I'd really appreciate it if you spoiled me!

Post #387372 - Reply to (#387314) by tartufo
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8:22 pm, Jun 22 2010
Posts: 761

Quote from tartufo
Thank you both! And Hanae, PLEASE give me spoilers! Lol... I don't mind, seriously. Put them in spoiler-quotes if you'd rather not spoil anyone else... But I'd really appreciate it if you spoiled me!

As you wish... but you were warned smile
Spoiler (highlight to view)
Spoiler one: There's Arashi and Hana, who were in love before they were chosen to the 7 seeds project. They are in separate teams - both of them think that their loved one is probably dead but they don't give up hope (it's quite sentimental, they remind me of the main characters from Basara a bit).
here's a big spoiler: later Hana finds out that Arashi is alive.
Spoiler two: there's Natsu, who's in Arashi's team and she seems to have some feelings for him (but she's too shy to admit it).
Spoiler three: The Team Winter's story is a tragic romance.
Spoiler four: Around chapter 36 (I think it's volume 7) an extended flashback begins and there's one particularly cute (somehow) and very sad scene when two characters are, um... dying.
Also, there are many characters, boys and girls... And I think that the mangaka won't resist the temptation to pair them off :) All the spoilers refer to scanlated chapters (1-49).

Post #395874
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2:48 am, Jul 31 2010
Posts: 1354

Thank you so much, Hanae! I *really* appreciate it! (Sorry for not noticing your comment until now!)

I'm definitely going to start reading this series, thanks to you. <3

Post #397954
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3:18 pm, Aug 8 2010
Posts: 17

I am a huge fan of romance(but I don't like the typical cheezy kind of romance though)and just like you, I was looking for a good romance series to read a while ago, and I read a review about how good this series was, and I asked someone online if this series had good romance element in it....and she said yes, and recommended me to read it....

Well, at the end, I felt like I was tricked into reading this series.....I mean, yeah, there was a bit of romance elements in it....but I personally wouldn't call this series romantic(/good romance. I mean, just because a certain character has feelings for another character OR some characters are in love with each other doesn't actually make it a good romance...) at all....I wouldn't recommend it to romance fans to read this is series...

I actually dropped this series and I did not enjoy reading it at all........

BUT I guess the people who like sci-fi AND horror kind of series will probably like this series though...if you read this series, you will see a lot of gross looking creatures ...even now, I still remember the part where a really gross looking creature lay eggs inside a guys body and it....(it was really really gross and I felt like puking....well, just want to mention it so that you and other people know what to expect ...)

So ya, read it if you like sci-fi AND HORROR and don't read it if you are looking for a good romance to read...

P.S This is only my opinion though....

Last edited by rianna2008 at 4:04 pm, Aug 8

Post #398125
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3:56 am, Aug 9 2010
Posts: 1354

@rianna2008, thank you SO MUCH for putting in all the effort to write such a detailed response! I feel like I really understand 7 Seeds now, and I'll probably still read it, but at a time when I'm on a sci-fi kick rather than a romance one. eyes


Post #417078
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2:30 am, Oct 20 2010
Posts: 29

Hmm there is a bit more romance later on too~ Although it's never the focus of the story, I still think romance is an important element of this series. Apart from the Natsu-Arashi-Hana love triangle there is...
Spoiler (highlight to view)
Semimaru having feelings for Natsu (although he denies it).
Hints towards Haru having feelings for Hana, and vice versa, but very subtle.
Haru later becomes attached to Koruri from Team Summer A, and the of them grow pretty close (which totally pisses Ango and Ryou off, who kinda see Koruri as their little sister in a way).
Aramaki having feelings for Hana, and Hana possibly feels the same way.
Natsu possibly may begin to have feelings for Ango, but I haven't seen anything concrete yet.
In the Ryuuguu Shelter story arc, Mark and Maria start having a relationship that is more than just friends towards the end.

Although apart from the adorably innocent relationship between Haru and Koruri, there haven't really been any 'romantic' scenes between anyone (oh except for in the Ryuuguu Shelter, that was probably the most romantic so far). Still, I think you should read it. biggrin It's a bit horrific at times, but it's also amazingly poignant and heart wrenching too! I've bawled my eyes out at least 3 or 4 times throughout the course of this series!

Post #418050
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1:07 am, Oct 24 2010
Posts: 1194

This spoiler about the characters relationship:
Spoiler (highlight to view)
The romance started between separate lovers, Hana and Arashi. They were in different team when they woke up after cold sleep. They didn't know if their partner were still alive or not...
Meanwhile, Natsu from Arashi's team developed one-side feeling toward Arashi. And Semimaru who seemed develop feeling toward Natsu unconsciously..
In Hana's teams... She's pretty close with Haru. They care each other.
Then they met Aramaki from Winter Team. Which lost his bestfriends, Fubuki n Mitsuru. The winter team's story is tragic romance indeed. Aramaki the famous ace from Koshien (baseball) loved Mitsuru. But then he knew that Mitsuru love Fubuki. Then there was this beast animal, Fubuki died. In the middle of winter while Aramaki slept unconscious, Mitsuru gave all her clothes to cover Aramaki's body and she dance untill she freezed. The only survivor from Winter team was Aramaki, and he waited for 15 years before he met another people.
First, he met Arashi-Semimaru-Natsu then got rejected to join their team. Later he met Hana, then he joined with Spring team.
Then as the story progress, Aramaki and Hana seemed developed feeling toward each other, although it's subtle... Hana still thought about meeting Arashi, but at the same time she also focus her attention in Aramaki.
In team Summer A, Ryou - Ango kinda like shounen ai, Ryou really protective toward Ango.
Then Ango who overprotective toward Shigeru and became insane because of that.... and later he tried to kiss Madonna but rejected.
Before cold sleep, story about Summer A.. It seemed Koruri had a crush toward Ango. But Ango only think Koruri as a little sister.. Koruri knew that Ango like Madonna. After woke up from cold sleep Summer A met other teams.
In bats incident, Koruri met Haru. Ango mad with Haru, thinking he snatched Koruri away...
These two, Haruri and Koruri developed sweet romance in this manga.
After Ango and Ryou left the team,
they met Summer B team....
there's a hint that Ango-Natsu relationship will developed...
This thing kinda provoked Semimaru.

That's as far as i can tell right now

Last edited by comel at 1:23 am, Oct 24

User Posted Image
Post #422035

10:53 pm, Nov 7 2010
Posts: 1

I have read up to ch 101, and I didn't find this series romantic AT ALL, it surely has romance elements in it but definitely not something romantic and sweet(in my opinion)
ya, Haruri and Koruri seem to have developed feeling for each other, but I didn't find their relationship that sweet and romantic(may be because I ve read too many romance so...I did't find their relationship that romantic anymore ^^wink. and about the Ango-Natsu relationship thing, it is very clear that Ango is being nice to Natsu only because Natsu has a personality similar to his best friend Shigeru, and he still couldn't get over Shingeru's death and he thinks that Shingeru died because of ya, Natsu is basically a replacement for his best friend...(for now)

about the Ango-Ryou relationship that you are talking you really think that? (out of curiosity, are you a BL fan?)@0@ I personally don't think they have romantic feeling for each other at... all...

Anyway, if you are looking for something romantic to read, then this is not something for me...I am saying it as a person who has read hundreds of of romance series ....

P.S If I have to pick a pairing that I really like and I guess it would be the Aramaki-Hana pairing, they both kind of have feeling for each other, but they restrain themself because Hana has a boyfriend, but in the later chapters, when Hana almost got killed, Aramaki realised how important she was and he really couldn't hold back anymore and decided not let her go again but sadly, Hana "disappears"...right after that...

BTW, for the people who have read the latest ch, do you guys think Hana still alive...?

Last edited by anna2009 at 1:22 am, Nov 9

Post #422560
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4:10 pm, Nov 9 2010
Posts: 29

YES! If she's not alive...I'd lose all faith in Tamura-sensei. T______T She couldn't possible kill Hana off! She's a main character! It makes no sense to kill her so early in the game, and without ever being reunited with Arashi to boot! >< Plus we never actually saw her die so there's always hope! It was also too sudden...I don't believe it! I won't believe it until I see a corpse or Hana alive and well! XP

Hah, I guess that's true, this manga isn't a romance manga at all, but I still think the little underlying relationships are nice. =) Like Mark and Maria, that was so bittersweet! Even if it isn't the gooey lovey-dovey ickyness of romance manga, it's still romance in it's own right! I sure cried over it... But I'm a big sook, so..

I definitely disagree with the AngoxRyou pairing...>_> I mean, there is no such pairing! They're just friends...

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