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Mangatoshokan all but shut down

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Post #392555 - Reply to (#392443) by JustPassingBy
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The Gorilla Killa™

8:29 pm, Jul 18 2010
Posts: 3229

Quote from JustPassingBy
Wow, I'm not sure what I should think.
Should I be sad that people are so stupid, they know no other ways of reading manga,
or should I be angry that people are so unwilling to visit the scanlators themselves
to read the manga they are scanlating?

Although this is kinda harsh, I do agree with this somewhat. That's what this site is for: To update people on when new chapters come out and there are even links to some of the scanlators' sites when you can easily download them. Some people may think that downloading them is a hassle, but seeing how lots of online manga reading/downloading sites are getting hit up with C&D letters those people really don't have much of a choice.

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Post #392557

8:34 pm, Jul 18 2010
Posts: 21

How do we support unlicensed series if most people can't even buy/understand the Japanese versions of those unlicensed series?

Post #392558

8:39 pm, Jul 18 2010
Posts: 7

If scanlations of manga stopped I wouldn't really mind at all. Maybe I would've cared when I first got into manga and anime but now given almost a decade I dont give a shit. Bottom line though, manga is like any other form of mainstream entertainement, it is motivated by money, it is a medium that took life because of money it has no meaning without money.

Post #392562

8:55 pm, Jul 18 2010
Posts: 18

Sad how the main (if not only) reason manga/manhwa/manhua have become popular outside East Asia is because of all these sites offering free translation and a nice community. Thought i have to say if there was a site with ALOT of mangas with some kind of monthly fee i'd go for it if i could afford.

Post #392666 - Reply to (#392545) by Identity Crisis

11:42 am, Jul 19 2010
Posts: 210

Quote from Identity Crisis
I don't think so. A lot of fans actually try and buy when they can, but why should we do that now when we don't even know what its about or how good it is?

it is EXACTLY because you don't know what it is about or how good it is that publishers are doing this. as i mentioned, simple curiosity can drive people to buy something they don't know much about in the first place. Apple products, Windows OS, game consoles, movies, books, CDs, etc.; people line-up by the dozens, hundreds, if not thousands, during launch day, hours before the store opens to have a chance to own these products, despite the disappointment (Star Wars ep.1, Vista) and/or bugs (360 RRoD) they may face afterwards. maybe it's because they are big collectors, or their competitive spirit to own the product first among their peers, as if some royal symbol to show their superiority.

but at the core of it all, curiosity is a factor. is it good? is it fun? is it practical? is it pretty? is it enjoyable? etc. overall, the business owners gets quite the sale that day despite what their customers may think of the product later on. sure, you have reviews and opinions of others to tell you how it is if you haven't experience the product, but your own opinion might differ, buying the product still out of curiosity.

now take away that curiosity. what incentive does anyone have to pay to experience that product if they already have it in their hands (save for the idea of having multiple copies)? as with manga, if you already know how good it is and what happens, why should you buy the manga if you already know how it goes? even more so, if you forgot the plot, you still don't have to buy the manga. while the sensible ones do buy them when they come out, not everyone is like that. people are selfish and greedy by nature, publishers and readers alike. you may tell me your real life friends do buy the manga, but i doubt they make more than 10% of the overall community. you can ask numerous people on dozens of forums, but with the anonymity of the net, lying to save face ain't all that hard.

Quote from Identity Crisis
Not to mention how long it takes them to put things out, even if they have to print things it shouldn't take months to put out a single volume considering how quickly they can get things done elsewhere. They don't exactly spend a lot of money advertising or showing things off either, so I'm sure that's not too blame.

this, i can agree with to some extent. i had suggested publishers (in this thread,not to their face, unfortunately) that they go digital, due to the dwindling popularity of the print media. it's quicker, easily and popularly accessible, and i assume cheaper. a fee is expected, and while piracy is still possible (i.e paying customer "save image as..." -> upload it on a site), i'd imagine they won't be too affected by it. to make this possibly successful though, they'll have to weed out every illegal competition that offers the service for free first, which is what they are doing now, and be aggressive if their work gets uploaded elsewhere, pushing any piracy of their work into IRC, where we'll hopefully be safe, and leechers population gets cut down significantly (oh, the amount of whining i heard about how it's tedious and complicated. It's not.), hopefully prompting those lazy and ignorant of IRC to have no choice but to pay on the publisher's site or quit altogether.

Quote from Identity Crisis
I just think it's a fucking stupid business move.

it's not just a business move, it's a legal move, one they are obligated to take, especially considering that sales have dropped greatly in the U.S, with 2 companies having gone bankrupt. while not big a loss, sales in Japan has also dropped by a historic 6.6% in 2009. of course, you'd know by now where they are going to point their finger at, and if you read my speech about curiosity, scanlation is the more bigger threat and one that's easily taken care of.

now they can choose to just let their sales decline, doing nothing about it, going bankrupt in a year or two based from their previous sales so far, or actually do something to ensure their survival, no matter how low their chance of success is.

Quote from Enternalfir3
How do we support unlicensed series if most people can't even buy/understand the Japanese versions of those unlicensed series?

unfortunately, as harsh and unfair this may sound to you, they don't care what your situation is. prior to this aggressive campaign, licensed or not, many japanese publishers did not like the idea of scanlations. scanlators and leechers may see scanlation of unlicensed material as ways to introduce a series to those who don't understand japanese, eventually forming a fan base, pushing their local publishers to license the series. but japanese publishers sees scanlation as a sort pesky bumps on the road for them making any real profit in the foreign market.

and with sales of manga in japan having fallen (despite how low you think it is), they're not taking the risk of losing any more than they already have, and are taking the rather aggressive front against local scanning in their country.

whatever reasons, sincere or otherwise, you may have for going into scanlations, be it because it's free, you don't understand japanese, previewing, reading only unlicensed materials, it's not available in your area, none will justify your action in court, unfair as it sounds to some of us. is it the end of scanlation? hopefully not. hopefully, all we will lose are online reading sites, a small sacrifice among other things that can go wrong

Last edited by Diokhan at 11:57 am, Jul 19

Post #392785
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11:14 pm, Jul 19 2010
Posts: 58

I wonder if, after The Fall of the Online Readers, mangaupdates forum will get a increase of users. I think the interface will have to be improved if MU plans to keep them though.

Post #392976
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10:28 pm, Jul 20 2010
Posts: 974

uh first blood dead , but if its only online read I dont think it will be so bad, considering that I prefer to dl and read from my hdd anyway.

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dark mage
Post #393373

12:22 pm, Jul 22 2010
Posts: 530

Oh my god, now they are even shutting down OneManga. It all feels so unreal to me, because I have been a reader and forum member of OneManga for 3 years and it became a part of my daily life

Post #393376 - Reply to (#392785) by Achiyugo
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12:33 pm, Jul 22 2010
Posts: 254

Quote from Achiyugo
I wonder if, after The Fall of the Online Readers, mangaupdates forum will get a increase of users. I think the interface will have to be improved if MU plans to keep them though.

I don't think so MU only provides info about manga not the manga itself.

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Post #393381
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the Mist Dragon

12:45 pm, Jul 22 2010
Posts: 178

But now that they can't get the manga itself all in one place, they will need the info from MU

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Post #393383
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12:54 pm, Jul 22 2010
Posts: 137

Well this just mostly sucks, just about 95 percent of the manga I read comes from online reading sites, and those are slowly getting shut down by the look of it. cry It truly is going to be a sad day for some if all the sites become closed.

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Post #393391
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1:37 pm, Jul 22 2010
Posts: 838

Dont worry, like the hydra, you chop one head, two come alive, and over all they arent (cant) killing the scanlators, is a free spirit movement that will keep on living and that publishers must find a way to live in harmony with this......... they must find a way to keep on wining $$$ while working side by side with scanlators and for me the only solution is online readers by publishers with advertising on their sites or merchandising, tiny paid suscription to fast manga releases, you name it, etc.......

ps: A onlime manga dosent have to be printed, folded, etc....... so its manufacture cost is $0, the only cost for a virtual manga is the servers is hosted but that a tiny tiny cost against physical manga, so really its a win win for publishers who are targeting the wrong problem

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Post #393400
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2:34 pm, Jul 22 2010
Posts: 498

first of all I somewhat agree with Diokhan in some ways, but I still don't like it one bit. Well tokyopop may make a loss due to scanlation and online reading but I just checked the german side of tokyopop because I'm german and they have only 12 of the approximately 400 series I read.
well if one volume is about 6€ and you can't spend more than 15€ a month for mangas than it's obvious that it's impossible to buy everything you want to read ( besides...I read about 8 voulumes a day so that would be my doom) and my favourite series I would be willing to spend my money on with a smile on the face aren't even available >.<

of couse MT and OM won't be the only side but MF and many others will probably follow. But I don't think this side will because it only provides us with information so the best thing to do if it comes down to it is to just go tho the scannlations sides.

And if it comes to the worst-case scenario and they also go after the scannlators I don't think I'm going to do what this coalition wants and buy even one single volume -.-!
Of couse it's bad that they don't make much money because you can get it for free but they probably won't realize the grat idea of making one legal online reading side for a small reasonable fee.

I also agree with mamonuth because I'm also one of these people who came to know manga trough these sides.

And sorry for my bad english >.<

Post #393401
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2:44 pm, Jul 22 2010
Posts: 1354

I'm not too worried, actually; as someone said, scanlations won't die. They'll just be shared in different ways. There are tons of personal journals, forum communities and similar places where we can still get our scanlation fix. And if all fails, well, there's IRC.

They can't stop us.

Take comfort - and pleasure - in that.

Post #393416
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3:26 pm, Jul 22 2010
Posts: 64

Yeah... T_T but what about MF? i hope they never shut down, and there's also some other site that I forgot the name of that does the same thing as mu.

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