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Why do girls feel the need to be pretty?

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Post #392250 - Reply to (#392217) by Pocono
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insomniac Kagehime

2:11 pm, Jul 17 2010
Posts: 2706

Quote from Pocono
Quote from ShadowSakura
because the guys only flirt with good looking girls

and you are ok with that ? so you just give in and do whatever the "guys" want you to do ? why don't you just say screw them and wait for s/o that may not care ?

you feel sad if all your friends have a boyfriend but you don´t. Also, if you aren´t pretty you can´t be confident in matters of love, because you don´t know if the guy you love even notices you

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Post #392254
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Bazooka .

2:44 pm, Jul 17 2010
Posts: 603

I want to be 'pretty' because I want to make myself look nice for ME. I want to be able to look in the mirror and say: yeah, I like this.
also, a lot of girls want to feel pretty ,cause the media only shows pretty woman/girls. girls tend to go with the flow, like fashion and stuff, want to look like a celebrity, ...
there are lots of reasons i guess.

Post #392258
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3:24 pm, Jul 17 2010
Posts: 1036

'Cause I like to stare at myself in the mirror.
But I don't need makeup or styled hair or brand clothes to be pretty.
I like how I look naturally~

People who invest in the clothes, hair, and makeup begin looking like other people who do the same. I honestly can't tell them apart. ._. It may boost their confidence, but it doesn't really create much of a sense of identity.

Post #392260
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A Person

3:32 pm, Jul 17 2010
Posts: 2107

Well, I don't really wear full make up (Eye shadow, lipstick, mascara, etc) unless it's a special occasion (Fancy restaurant, Church, Wedding, Party, etc.) Basically, anything you would normally dress up for. As for why, I don't really know... just because that's what you normally do, I guess?

However, I do use cover up/foundation whenever I leave the house. Mostly because I abhor the sight of zits, and I, as a teenager, do generally always have a few pimples on my face. So I cover them up. Why? Because I hate seeing them. Zits are just disgusting...

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Post #392261
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0n3 Winged

3:34 pm, Jul 17 2010
Posts: 603

Yes, besides any materialistic reasons... it would most likely be confidence booster. The prettier, the more likely that person has more confidence, correct me if i'm wrong.
(disincluding exceptions, talking about mases)
If that person feels more comfortable within the system that is sociaty and considers themselves a goodlooking person or w/e why would their confidence not rise within that system? laugh

Last edited by fr33noob at 12:58 am, Jul 18

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Post #392264
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3:51 pm, Jul 17 2010
Posts: 70

Personally, I don't put on makeup except for special occasions. Why? Because I want to look extra pretty... same reason I take care for my hair to be perfect and my dress too.

Normally, I dress to be ok. What is pretty? I like to have ironed shirts (or at least not wrinkly), and just look nice. What's wrong with looking nice?

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Post #392266
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Black Witch

4:13 pm, Jul 17 2010
Posts: 381

I just want to point one thing out here. You say that some have makeup on them because they are worried that they wont get noticed if they don't use it but, since almost every girl/woman have makeup on them doesn't it stand out more being without it?

And one other thing, (it may just be me) but being pretty doesn't mean your attractive.
(no offense)

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Post #392268
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4:34 pm, Jul 17 2010
Posts: 171

I don't wear make-up, pretty clothes, jewellery and my hair is a mess. What do you think of me? Nothing good.

Post #392274
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5:22 pm, Jul 17 2010
Posts: 101

Girls need to be pretty to get guys. This isn't too difficult a feat however, if you are at a healthy weight and have good hygiene, you're already 90% there since most girls are naturally pretty in their own way.

Girls need to be prettier, however, to show up all the other girls around them. Anything after healthy weight and good hygiene is an effort for the ego and a self-esteem booster.

So, a lot of girls go the extra mile because usually most of them are eying the same guy. Unlike girls that are naturally pretty for the most part, guys aren't... lmao.

But yeah, being physically attractive is actually really beneficial. You're more likely to get a job if you're pretty haha...

Post #392278 - Reply to (#392274) by Aristocrat
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5:55 pm, Jul 17 2010
Posts: 254

Quote from Aristocrat
Girls need to be prettier, however, to show up all the other girls around them. Anything after healthy weight and good hygiene is an effort for the ego and a self-esteem booster.

can't argue that and anyway what's so bad about wanting to look good? I like looking nice, but there's also a bad side to this. Most guys don't even bother trying to know me and be my friends first they only care that I look good.

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Post #392283
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6:27 pm, Jul 17 2010
Posts: 910

Because that's what other people and the media tell them to be.

Post #392316
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10:15 pm, Jul 17 2010
Posts: 753

To be accepted.
To be approved of.

Not to mention it's fun. It's a hobby.
Sure it is very superficial but it's exciting to perfect a certain makeup style or do a good job on a new hair-do. It's setting a goal, and then reaching it that makes it fun.

Quote from Aristocrat
So, a lot of girls go the extra mile because usually most of them are eying the same guy. Unlike girls that are naturally pretty for the most part, guys aren't... lmao.

I disagree, males need to depend on natural beauty since they can't wear things like makeup.
Plus you may not see it, if you aren't attracted to boys, but boys have their own things that make them gorgeous just naturally.

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Post #392318
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Lone Wanderer

10:50 pm, Jul 17 2010
Posts: 1852

Well...just another occasion where I realize how different I am from other girls. I used to worry about how I looked, but up recently, I realized that I don't give damn anymore. Of course, I wouldn't like it if I was horribly over-weight or something- but, since I'm not, I don't really care about the prettiness of my face or the perfection of my figure. I never wear make-up and I don't bother myself with 'fashion'. Clean, decent clothing is good enough for me, no matter how unfashionable laugh

As for my ideas on why women enjoy looking beautiful...I suppose because it's the way of the world to place looks and appearances before anything else. I for one think that if you used your beauty and 's.a' to attract you man, you aren't going to have a very lasting relationship, girl.
As for getting better jobs because you're good-looking...I suppose it's true if you're pursuing a non-academic career. But when getting a job where you actually have to study and make an impression through your knowledge and leadership qualities rather than your pretty face, it holds little water.

That's not to say this sad, superficial world of ours doesn't favour looks above anything else. Which is why some 'ugly' people, even though they have talent, are being over-looked in favour of someone who is more visually appealing no And in the case of females, there seems to be more emphasis on that- though I can't really say why.
Hopefully, my plain looks won't put me too far behind my better-looking counterparts...'Cause frankly, I can't be bothered to wear make-up, visit fashionable hair-stylists or waste my money on designer clothing. smile wink grin

Last edited by calstine at 12:12 am, Jul 18

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Post #392335

12:30 am, Jul 18 2010
Posts: 3

I didnt read every page, but basically everyone has a good point. The Media plays a big (but not the majority) of the role, magazines, toys(Barbie etc.), movies, music videos, etc. all have pretty girls WITH makeup/perfect sense of style or whatever and very few movies with overweight teens/adults (unless the movie focuses on that). Most girls feel they have to gussy up to have guys look at girls---and it's normal for guys/girls try to look their best for their counterpart, its just natural. (some guys worry a lot about their looks although hard to believe---but it's why some guys become muscle obessessed). And if you still don't think it's true---even animals have their own courtship dances and stuff that try to show off/become attractive to win a mate.

There are times that girls want to buy pretty things because they themselves think its pretty, I have bought one or two things in the past just because I loved the style and whether it was in fashion or not, I didnt care.
Other times, it serves as a confidence boost. I know for a fact that once someone loses some weight for example from 200 lbs to 150 lbs, or no matter how the difference, buying or even looking for a pair of pants 2-3 sizes smaller would make anyone crack a smile (unless you are already a size 0 and have weight problems).

I do think however, when a girl needs 2 hours to get their hair done every day, plus dressing up and stuff, is just in it of itself superficial, they feel they NEED to be accepted not only by guys, but girls themselves (or whoever they hangout with), and they probably feel that only pretty people can hang out with them or what not.
In my personal opinion, makeup is needed when something needs to be covered up sometimes (maybe a blemish when you're breaking out or whatever), on special occasions, if your job requires you to attend the public (not like a fastfood place, but proffessional jobs)-----to be honest, I know some people who looked for a different attending at a store because they werent so pleasing to the eye.....and for special first impressions, afterwards I think natural--to some bits of makeup here and there should be fine, besides don't want to spend too much $ on makeup, lol.

Post #392371 - Reply to (#392254) by Azuka
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3:11 am, Jul 18 2010
Posts: 1977

Quote from Azuka
I want to be 'pretty' because I want to make myself look nice for ME. I want to be able to look in the mirror and say: yeah, I like this.

Seconding. biggrin

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