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Why do girls feel the need to be pretty?

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From User Message Body
Post #395460
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4:19 pm, Jul 29 2010
Posts: 131

Because of the effects of immature people making fun of you.

But really, it boosts confidence when you feel you look good. Kinda like wearing sexy underwear but nobody knows it bigrazz

And it shows you have good hygiene and you know how to take care of yourself.

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Post #395461
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4:29 pm, Jul 29 2010
Posts: 1027

Because not-pretty is frowned upon by the western society.

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Post #395465
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4:49 pm, Jul 29 2010
Posts: 838

Because men like pretty girls, its a evolution fact, even if we are so brain developed we still have primitive instincts.

Why men like pretty girls? beauty is more important in girls than boys (boys instead use their energies in getting a fat check to impress girls) because the girls are the ones who give birth to the babies, some facts:

-We like nice breast => Where it comes the milk for a healthy baby
-We like girls butts => The hip width is very important during labor, so if a girl has a nice butt she will surely deliver babys with not too much effort
-We like guitar shaped waist lines => is a visual sign that girls give to the boys (primitive brain) that they are healthy and in their ready to deliver babys
-Most girls have long hair => Synonym of fertility, check your grandma or old women and you'll see they most have short hair like saying to us boys "I aint fertile any more dont bother"....... in most cases bigrazz
-Girls like to make up => Make up in the cheeks and lip stick are colors that suggest boys that the girl is fertile, when a woman is pregnant, her cheeks will naturally blush and her lips will be a bit pinkier (like a natural make up) to make (in primitive times) the father want her more and not let the girl alone with a baby waiting.
-During ovulation => the girls will be naturally beautiful, us boys can tell miles away (scientist still cant tell why we boys know that) by looking at her face that shes ovulating, also by the way she dress (lots of pink or show more skin than usual)

And over all is because girls dont ask us boys out or confess <3 as often as we so, so the must do all these things so they make us want to fall for them and ask her out or confess wink

So in summary: girls will use their body and looks as weapon of choice to get us boys....... and we boys just love it SO girls keep doing it <3 , and dont worry girls, where just not for the looks...... after you catch us with ur feminine ways, we will surely fall for what you girls are inside (personality, love, and that stuff bigrazz ) and thats what really counts wink

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Post #395469

5:03 pm, Jul 29 2010
Posts: 300

it's a little subjective. everyone's definition of "pretty" is varied.

i feel the need to be "pretty" and presentable just for myself. i like looking in the mirror and knowing that i do my best to look nice and that i do a darn good job doing it. nothing more. my definition of "pretty" isn't really extreme, though. i can't be bothered with makeup and just make sure my face is clean and my hair isn't out of place.

if others don't think i'm pretty then whatever, they can go to hell. as long as i think i look pretty for myself, then that's enough for me.

Post #395608
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Sovereign Grace

3:33 am, Jul 30 2010
Posts: 209

To look nice..., I guess. It brings out confidence and sort of affects the outlook you have of things (or yourself).

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Post #397988

6:05 pm, Aug 8 2010
Posts: 72

i watch alot of "the tyra bank show" and i thinks that girls want to look pretty because of guys(no offense). if not, then i'd say that the girl doesnt have enough self-confidence in them, but if you have too much you're just concident.

Post #397993

6:26 pm, Aug 8 2010
Posts: 12

To be the center of attraction, its like they want everyone to look at them like how attractive they are.They need attention.That's what its all about biggrin biggrin

Post #398038
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Angel of Sin

8:55 pm, Aug 8 2010
Posts: 314

I'm a girl, but I've been trying to understand this for a while too. I personally don't care much to look pretty (I don't wear make-up, I like baggy clothes, and I certainly couldn't care less about my hair) but there are times when I unconsciuosly feel the desire to appeal to people. I ignore the desire, but it bothers me that I have to care at all. I figure it's because of society, as many have pointed out. In my country and in most others, it's like a basic thing that girls should try to be pretty. They should always try to look their best and should strive to improve their looks. Well, I think that's a load of BS, and that's why I disregard it. I wish it wasn't so, but I guess since I grew up with that I still get a little bothered every once in a while to look better. I really just hope things change, at least a little, so girls don't have to spend so much time on their looks and feel so upset when they don't feel "pretty" enough. no

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Post #398041 - Reply to (#392182) by chibinekomata
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Sweetly Macabre

8:56 pm, Aug 8 2010
Posts: 1005

Quote from chibinekomata
Because we live in a society where girls who aren't deemed 'pretty' barely get anywhere unless they're very skilled or lucky. /: Sad truth.


I grew up in an environment where being pretty was incredibly important. And it had to look very natural: nothing was lower than a girl who ''wore makeup" (even though everyone did). Acting pretty was even more important. It was peer pressure from instructors and other girls.

Being pretty isn't just make-up though - it's your body, posture, facial expressions...

But to me, it's never had much to do with attracting men. There is a difference between pretty and attractive/sexy.

Post #398174
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8:20 am, Aug 9 2010
Posts: 370

I agree with what was said about it being a good confidence boost. I'd like to go out feeling comfortable with how I look without thinking that other people are going to be judgmental.

Post #398179
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Poet at Heart

8:45 am, Aug 9 2010
Posts: 2

Society. It's pressures and expectations.
Because we are tease and mocked if we aren't.
Because people are shallow.

That and being pretty is a good confidence booster. bigrazz

You know, I just remembered something, back in ollllllllllllllllllllllllllld China, small feet/hands were more important than a beautiful face. xP

Last edited by lambchopsil at 2:15 pm, Aug 9

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Post #398186
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Couch-Fu Master

9:46 am, Aug 9 2010
Posts: 160

I think it's because the majority of us dumb-ass males screwed with their heads for so many generations that they feel the need to be perfect on the outside (it's happened to us males as well), while slowly rotting on the inside.

This thread made me sad, should start remembering "appearances can be deceiving" and all that stuff grandma told me.

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Post #436362

6:05 am, Jan 2 2011
Posts: 22

What people said in the later posts are correct.
Usually *like the obvious* it's to get a guy to notice you.
Or.. sometimes it's for competition.
If there is someone more pretty then you, you have the need to look prettier than them.
It's sort of stupid.. I really hate people like that. but it's the truth.
I'm more of a tomboy but even sometimes I have the need to look "cute" or "pretty" (cause I would want to impress someone).
And girls are judged by how they look. There are a lot of guys in my school that won't get interested in you unless you're pretty. But more of the girls in my school just want guys with good personalities.
The "populars" in the school usually would dress up the prettiest. and by popular i mean... conceited people. They care about looking nice to attract attention from people that are so-called "lower" than them. (they just want followers). It makes them feel good to be superior.
I'm pretty sure someone might've already said what i just said.. but just wanted to tell you what i think.

Post #436567
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Manga Eater

8:32 pm, Jan 2 2011
Posts: 442

Everything we do is mostly based on survival and/or sex.
Why do we go to work? To make money so we can eat and shelter ourselves.
Why do we brush our teeth? To prevent fatal infections and also to look good for the opposite sex.

The difference is between now and millions of years ago is that things aren't as simple (and women's standards and significantly higher). A lot of girls like to believe they're doing it for themselves but in reality they're doing it for sex.
Styling your hair, wearing makeup, keeping slim (or atleast trying to prevent morbid obesity), etc, these are all for sex.
But what others say is true, as well. Too many people care what others think of them, so they don't want shallow, immature people pointing at them and saying "Haha, look, they're fat." or "Look, they have acne. Gross!" or "They're hair is horrible!" because it makes them feel miserable. So for the most of us, we try to prevent ourselves from getting acne or getting fat to the best of our abilities to nourish our meagre amounts of confidence. And those of us that can't conform (if we choose to), well... it sucks to live with today's standards, I can tell you that.

Another realistic fact though is that there are men out there who would do anyone or anything. If any of you women are worried you won't ever get laid (because it's supposedly a big deal), you'll find one of these guys. I can't guarantee him being STD-free however! cool

Go to work, send your kids to school;
Follow fashion, act normal;
Walk on the pavement, watch T.V.;
Save for retirement, obey the law.
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Post #436569
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8:37 pm, Jan 2 2011
Posts: 1021

A girl being pretty is society's normal standard, so making herself pretty is a way to keep from standing out in a "bad way".

Personally, I don't care overall (never worn make-up before), but to avoid weird looks from others, I wash my face, brush my teeth, etc. When I'm alone, I really don't care at all.

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