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Favorite Piano or Orchestra Song/Piece

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5:57 pm, Jul 24 2010
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What's your favorite piano or orchestra song? It can be modern or classical, doesn't matter~

My favorite classical piano pieces are Debussy's First Arabesque and Chopin's Raindrop Prelude (Prelude Op. 28 No. 15). I also like Mars from Holst's The Planets. biggrin

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6:07 pm, Jul 24 2010
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anything by Nobuo Uematsu or Yasunori Mitsuda but if i had to chose id say
- Prisoners of Fate -
- Time's Scar -

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Slumbering Remnant

6:16 pm, Jul 24 2010
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Nocturne in E major, op.2 no. 2
Without you
To Zankarkland
G string on the air
umm..I know theres more but I can't remember. Well out of all of them I personally like Nocturne the best

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12:38 am, Jul 25 2010
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Ryuichi Sakamoto's Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence. Epic and grand in every sense of the words.
Especially love his solo piano version.

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7:03 am, Jul 28 2010
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Yeah... I'm a nerd...

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7:59 am, Jul 28 2010
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Paganini is the master of Violin ever...

and also anything by Vivaldi. They are both the best in my dictionary.

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8:18 am, Jul 28 2010
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Canon in D
Fantasy Improptu
Chopin's Revolutionary or Etude Op 10 in C minor
Debussy's Claire de Lune

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8:39 am, Jul 28 2010
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Yiruma aint bad (maybe too mainstream like?)

Yeah, I'm not the type for classic, though some are really good, like Moonlight Sonata

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8:54 am, Jul 28 2010
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ravel-boléro simple yet so powerful
beethoven-sonata pathétique 2nd movement

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9:21 am, Jul 28 2010
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debussy clair de lune
puccini operas
mozart lacrimosa
bach fuckingeverything, he's the man
rachmaninov, mussorgsky, prokofiev

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8:02 pm, Jul 28 2010
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Piano concert No 1 g major op 25 (Bartholdy) - especially the 3rd movement.
Just barely behind it comes "bolèro de ravel" smile
But then again, I pretty much like everything that's not too modern ...

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8:11 pm, Jul 28 2010
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I don't listen to much classical music. But I like Vivaldi - Four Seasons Spring
I have more of a thing for pianos. I have lots of Yiruma or piano versions of anime songs bigrazz

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8:16 pm, Jul 28 2010
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Pachelbel's Canon! I can rock to it all day long... <3

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8:20 pm, Jul 28 2010
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Don't know if this counts or not..

Asturias - Isaac Albeniz

This is the most beautiful piece I have ever heard, no doubt.

And I hope people don't hate me for these two because I think they are amazing:

Nuttin but stringz - Broken Sorrow

Nuttin' But Stringz - Thunder

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