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What's your real name?

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1:25 am, May 13 2014
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Thaís, well I hate the english way of saying my name but.. it's actually a simple and common name.

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6:52 am, Aug 31 2014
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Pretty simple. I'm a girl often mistaken as a boy because of the name.

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Seinen is RIGHT

4:36 am, Mar 29 2015
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I am Grigori, as every russian is related to Rasputin. Thanks to my move to Germany and a re-translation i am now Grigorij but i only use the j on formal documents.
It´s a name and no one can spell it. Eh. Grigorij Kashunovic Getahun is the full thing of you care as i have a public job so it´s on the web by default.
This should also explain my simple member name. I use this handle all over the web and in games too.

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I also read EU/US comics and am a librarian.
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5:13 am, Mar 29 2015
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my name's McKenna, but Elyzabeth is one of my other names (i have three middle names)

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7:59 am, Mar 29 2015
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8:02 am, Mar 29 2015
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10:10 am, Mar 29 2015
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My legal name is Mary Chen (it used to be my Chinese first name, which is now my middle name). There are enough Mary Chen in the United States, though a profile of mine is on the first page of Google when you search it. wink

Nulla in mundo pax sincera
"Always go too far, because that's where you'll find the truth." - Albert Camus
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12:13 pm, Mar 29 2015
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1:46 pm, May 26 2015
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My name is Jassim; I'm from Bahrain, Middle East or Arab Nation.
BTW, I'm pleased with name; I don't feel like it holds any meaning heavy... laugh

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3:20 am, Jun 22 2015
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My Name is Kawal, but I bet none of you can pronounce it bigrazz
The Ka is pronounced like the ca in the word Call
The wal is pronounced like the vel in the word travel (The w sounds like a v)

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8:36 am, Jul 10 2015
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11:46 am, Jul 10 2015
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Wow, there is a high variety of names, that's pretty interesting!

I'm Anja btw, nice to meet you smile

I'm not sure if I wanna do this
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9:37 pm, Jul 10 2015
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Janeé biggrin ( the nee is pronounced like "neigh")

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11:29 pm, Jul 10 2015
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Lookit em go!

2:23 am, Jul 11 2015
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No, seriously.

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