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Shinobi No Kuni

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10:52 pm, Aug 8 2010
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can someone tell me whats up with this manga, i read the first chapter and im waiting for the other for decades, so i know it must be coz no one wants to do this job but at least i would like to know if there is interest in this series coz i kind of liked it and now its only in an online view site coz it was hosted by Manga helpers and we all know that mangahelpers shut down their uploading manga part.

Thanks Hope there are some fans of this manga

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11:22 pm, Aug 8 2010
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If you want to discuss the series, use its own sub section:

Also, the groups that where scanlating it seem to have droped it (the last release was over 400days ago).

(Oh and be sure to check out the rules, we dont talk about scanlation status and places to get manga over here)

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